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Debunking the Tories’ desperate “a vote for UKIP is a vote for Miliband” lie

EU stooges Gay Dave Cameron and his panicking Tories have realised that they have nothing to offer voters at the 2015 General Election. So, they’ve decided on a strategy of trying to scare possible UKIP voters into supporting the Tories. The constant refrain we’re going to hear from the Tories up to the 2015 Election is that if people vote for UKIP, that makes it more likely that the useless Miliband and the sociopathic liar Balls will win. But is this actually true?

In Scotland, there are 59 parliamentary seats. Just one (yes one) is held by a Tory. So anyone voting UKIP in Scotland will be taking votes from Miliband’s Socialist Party, not Gay Dave’s fake Conservative Party.

Then there’s Wales. The Tories hold just 8 of Wales’ 40 seats. So in Wales, voting for UKIP will mainly be taking votes away from Miliband’s Socialists.

And there’s the North of England and the Midlands. Of the 124 urban seats in the North and the Midlands, Europhiliac Dave’s fake Conservative Party hold just 20. So here, votes for UKIP will mainly be votes against Barroso’s and McCluskey’s glove puppet Miliband and his Socialist Party.

That just leaves the South. What might happen there? Well, in the last by-election, Eastleigh, UKIP came second beating Euro-Dave’s phoney Tories into third place. And if the campaign had gone on for just one more week, UKIP probably would have won (click to see more clearly)

Between now and the 2015 General Election, we have the not insignificant matter of the May 2014 EU Elections. Indications are that UKIP will secure more seats than Euro-Dave’s pretend Tories or Red Ed’s rabid Socialists. That will convince many doubters and waverers that there is a real alternative to Euro-Dave’s fake Tories and Red Ed’s ghastly Socialists. I think and hope that the 2014 EU Election and the 2015 General Election are going to be a disaster for the ConLabLib Party’s comfortable grip on power and privilege. They will be a “plebs revolt” against our arrogant, incompetent, self-serving, thieving rulers.

Don’t believe Euro-Dave’s lies and smears and scare tactics. A vote for UKIP is just that – a vote for UKIP. And a vote for UKIP is a vote against our smug, self-serving and useless ruling elites who have been running the country into the ground for so long.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Euro-Dave, as usual not standing up for Britain:

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8 comments to Debunking the Tories’ desperate “a vote for UKIP is a vote for Miliband” lie

  • John

    David. I for one am so sick of the Con/Lib/Lab self seeking parties where the children running those parties only interest is to have Pm on their cv so that they can earn really good money when they stop being an MP and get a non job working for monopoly money in the city or in Brussels. Something has to change or this country is finished and perhaps the last chance it has is UKIP. So I don’t care what they tell me I will vote for UKIP and if that means Labour get in well really could it be much worse?

  • This was one of the key messages from UKIP’s recent conference.

    I think it says something about how messed up the system is when the people in charge actually use faults in the system as some kind of argument.

    And, as you rightly point out, makes them look quite desperate.

  • Paris Claims

    I’m sure some people will be scared into voting tory to stop labour and vice versa, after all that’s what’s been going on for generations. However the general feeling seems to be NuLab/BluLab what’s the difference?

  • John Fields

    What are UKIP’s policies on our crippling National Debt, that monstrosity, the
    House of Lords and M.P.’s perks, i.e., second jobs and too generous expenses?
    I am a little suspicious, because at the moment UKIP sounds too good to be true!

  • Paris Claims

    Ken Dodd and the Diddymen would be better than the liblabcon

  • Annoyed

    I’m just reading your latest book, I have to say its annoying the poop out of me, it’s a scandelous indictment of the thieving that is going on at our expense. Even if we just kept our own crooks in parliament and got rid of the entire euro we would be better off by miles.
    The chapter on the eu, CAP and Strasbourg alone made my stomach churn!

  • Re Cameron gay is he more of a Blair clone than we thought. 5/02/2006 The Independent On Sunday had an article about a gAy list of homosexuals the Conservative leader is keen to see in parliament.It was being drawn up for their most winnable seats.

  • right_writes

    The best party to form a government or hold an influential position is the party which allows business… ALL BUSINESS (not just massive international corporations) to operate.

    In other words the party which eschews the idea that microscopic regulation of every single competitive angle, which would include wages, which would include working conditions, which would include partial European harmonisation, which shuts down as many of the non-jobs in the public sector faster than new jobs are created in the public sector, which bloody leaves people alone to take their own risks (be they employees or employers)…. Which refuses to inflict one size fits all solutions to non-problems, which refuses to interfere with the pricing of a company’s goods or the price of a mans labour… Yeah that party… Is the most fit to govern and gain our vote…

    And if people had been at the UKIP conference and witnessed a non-UKIP speaker and peer of the realm “Lord Digby Jones” point this out, there would be no doubt…

    Even if Jones did represent the international corporations, let there be no doubt that it is business and business alone which lines everyone else’s pockets, as opposed to the rent seekers and sinecurists that currently regard our vote as theirs… Those with their snouts in the trough, need a little dose of brimstone and treacle.

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