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Triumph and disaster at the UKIP conference

I’ll keep it short as I’m up in London at the UKIP conference.

You may have seen the papers by now. The first day of the UKIP conference was going well and Nigel Farage’s speech was mesmerising. Perhaps much of the strength of Farage’s speech is that, like Thatcher, he is a “conviction politician” – he is doing what he does because he sincerely believes that Britain would be better off as an independent country outside the suffocating, bureaucracy, waste and corruption of the Brussels political establishment. This makes him the opposite of the conviction-free, directionless, cardboard cut-out career politicians like Cameron, Clegg and Miliband

Then disaster struck. The increasingly unpredictable MEP Godfrey Bloom opened his mouth calling some people at the conference “sl*ts” and also apparently lightly hitting a journalist with a rolled up copy of a UKIP magazine. This gave the pro-Cameron and pro-Miliband media the excuse they were desperately looking for to portray UKIP and its members as jokes rather than as a serious political force. This has been a good day for the greedy, arrogant, lying chancers Cameron, Miliband and Clegg and their sycophantic supporters in the media.

Bloom has been suspended from the party and will face a disciplinary hearing. But the damage has been done. I’ve no doubt that Farage and UKIP will work hard up till the 2014 EU May elections to repair the damage done by Bloom. But the press smearing and hounding of UKIP is only going to get worse and more ferocious as the political establishment becomes ever more afraid of UKIP disturbing LibLabCon’s comfortable grip on power and privilege.

UKIP are going to have to understand the relentless pressure they will be under and seriously up their game if they’re going to survive the tsunami of misinformation and smears that the establishment will try to use to destroy them as a political force.

4 comments to Triumph and disaster at the UKIP conference

  • David Jones

    Farage speech was very good and at least Bloom is not a Westminster clone like LibLabCon repeating politically correct scripted nonsense like the other parties they don’t believe and will never fulfil

    Sign petition to allow UKIP to participate in 2015 General Election TV Debates. Almost 22,000 have signed. At 100,000 it goes to Parliament

  • Paris Claims

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories as a rule, but it would not surprise me in the least if there were not a few plants within UKIP whose job it is to discredit the party. Probably not this Bloom idiot, I expect he’s just a complete berk.


    My Dad once said We need berk’s speaking their mind (‘Makes us look good son’)

  • Antony Altoft

    Such a shame no-one seems to be able to use a dictionary these days. Below are some samples from various dictionaries.

    1 a woman who has many sexual partners
    2 a woman who is very untidy or lazy

    1 a woman who has many casual sexual partners.
    2 (dated) a woman with low standards of cleanliness.

    Slut first appeared in the written language in 1402, according to the Oxford English Dictionary , that great repository of language information. At that time, slut meant roughly what one sense of slattern means today: a slovenly, untidy woman or girl. It also apparently meant “kitchen maid” (”She is a cheerful slut who keeps the pots scrubbed and the fires hot.”)

    My mother, who is in her 70’s, only knows the meaning listed under “2” in the first two examples. Godfrey Bloom’s mistake was to be not that much younger than my mother.

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