June 2021
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When are ‘crooks’ Barclays Bob Diamond and RBS Fred Goodwin going to prison?

Bob Diamond’s Barclays have been caught cheating their customers yet again. A year or so ago they were exposed as having defrauded tens of thousands of often elderly savers of many millions by selling them high risk garbage (totally rubbish Aviva funds) while claiming they were low-risk and safe. Now Barclays have been caught defrauding both savers and people with mortgages by fixing bank lending rates at artificial levels. And Barclays still have to be investigated for allegedly defrauding many small businesses by mis-selling them complex interest rate insurance which cost businesses many tens of thousands of pounds and drove some into bankruptcy. So what is Bob Diamond’s reaction? He’ll pretend to give up a bit of his bonus till the storm blows over.

As for Goodwin – if I remember correctly, he orchestrated a massive share sale at RBS using ‘dodgy dossier’  figures to possibly defraud (in my opinion) investors shortly before RBS went bankrupt. That is (in my opinion) false accounting, obtaining money by deception and fraud.

So when will Inspector Knacker be investigating these two (in my opinion) ‘crooks’? Never! Because both Diamond and Goodwin have friends in high places and so can ignore the laws that the rest of us have to obey.

Meanwhile over in Ireland, their bank bosses are getting away with outright theft. Hundreds of millions of euros of loans made by Ireland’s bankrupt banks were to bank bosses and their friends. These loans will never be repaid. And Irish taxpayers are footing the bill for these crooks’ theft. But have any been prosecuted? Not a hope – they’re protected by the Irish political mafia who all benefited from the scams that bankrupted the country.

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