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‘Horrible Hamish’, the great doctors’ leader, you really are a ‘pointless prat’

Yesterday on the Daily Politics I saw the pathetic sight of BMA chairman Hamish ‘Misery Guts’ Meldrum, a truly depressingly miserable and charisma-free Scot, trying to argue that although we are all living longer, doctors’ £68,000 or so a year pensions should be protected by giving them huge wads of taxpayers’ cash. Hamish, it won’t wash. Ordinary people are being savaged by the recession, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs, tens of thousands have lost their homes. Wake up Hamish, nobody believes your moaning and complaining. Under the utterly incompetent fools Brown and Balls, doctors got huge pay and pension rises for doing less work. Most doctors are now getting over £100,000 a year for rather fewer working hours than ever before. In fact, doctors are earning so much money that just the whiff of an income tax inspector is enough for many to quickly hand over about £300,000 each following ‘mistakes’ in their income tax declarations.

So, Hamish, why not shut it and go back to work? You really are (in my opinion) a miserable, charisma-free, depressing, selfish, truth-denying dickhead – a true ‘Horrible Hamish’

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