June 2024

Liar and thief David Laws: Useless Charles and Edward VIII

It looks like self-confessed liar and thief Lib Dem David Laws is trying to get his job back as a government minister. This liar and thief has just written an article in some magazine claiming there should be more cuts and some major changes to the tax system. In today’s Daily Telegraph, there’s a sycophantically gushing article about liar and thief Laws and his views. The brown-nosing journalist calls liar and thief Laws “respected” and a “Liberal Democrat heavyweight”. Hold on, the guy is just (in my opinion) a lying, thieving, self-serving scumbag. He should have been sacked when caught lying and stealing our money. But instead he was allowed to resign from the Cabinet and keep his MP’s job with its big salary and easily fiddleable expenses. Highly respected, my a..e! Heavyweight, pull the other one! Yet such is the morality (or lack of morality) of all our lying, thieving politicians of all parties, that I’ve no doubt Laws will soon be welcomed back in government. After all, he’s one of them – the lying, thieving elite who couldn’t give a toss about the people stupid enough to vote for them and pay their huge salaries and expenses.

A TV programme on the BBC last night about Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII reminded us of a few things that we might have forgotten. That Edward VIII was a boring, stupid, self-obsessed, lazy, constantly complaining, selfish, social and sexual inadequate who could only get it on when with an older, uglier woman. Does that remind you of anyone, Prince Charles? But at least the worthless Edward VIII did have the good grace to abdicate and bugger off with our money to his French chateau. Unfortunately for us, the pointless Edward VIII clone, Prince Charles, actually wants to become King even though this will do more to destroy the royalty than Oliver Cromwell ever achieved. Sadly, none of Charles’ advisers (hi Fiona!) has the balls to tell this delusional buffoon that nobody respects him, that most people think he is a joke and that, if he becomes King, Australia, Canada and New Zealand will quickly become republics – they don’t want Charles’ stupid face on their currencies and they certainly don’t want to pretend they respect him. So, Charles, here’s some free advice – much cheaper than that the fragrant Fiona is giving you – just p… off to your estates and stay there making your biscuits and cheese and whatever for Waitrose. Then Granny Elizabeth can retire and dream couple Edward and Kate can take over representing ‘The Firm’.

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