March 2023
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We are NOT in this together

Liar David Cameron and Liar George Osborne have both told us “we are all in this together”. So what did they do as soon as they were elected? Cameron shoved 117 of his friends and cronies into the House of Lords so they could start stealing our money in expenses claims for the rest of their lives. As for Osborne, he immediately set up two new, utterly useless quangos to waste ever more of our money. There was the laughably titled ‘Office of Budget Responsibility’ which produces forecast after forecast – all of them hopelessly wrong. Meanwhile public spending and our debts climb remorselessly higher. And there was the Office of Tax Simplification which probably helped incompetent Osborne produce possibly the most farcical budget the country has ever seen with it pasty tax, caravan tax, granny tax and a host of other stupidities.

Moreover, Cameron has loosened the rules on MPs’ expenses so they can now claim much more money than ever before.

As government spending rockets while tax revenues plummet, we really are in it – at least up to the eyeballs and probably higher. But if you’re a friend or chum of Cameron or Osborne, you can happily keep on siphoning off huge quantities of taxpayers’ money into your own pockets till the end of your days.

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