December 2023
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Liar Cameron tries to protect the crooks at Bob Diamond’s Barclays

As we gradually find out that Barclays and other banks have been defrauding us of billions, the political elites are struggling to look like they’re appalled while at the same time protecting their friends, donors and masters at the big banks. Our lying PM, David Liar Cameron, hopes to fob off public anger by looking Churchillian and saying ‘Barclays have very serious questions to answer’. By this he probably means, ‘don’t worry Bob, I’ll do what I can to look after you, as long as you give George and I wonderful, well-paid jobs when we get thrown out of office in 2015’.

Dear Mr Cameron, if Barclays have ‘serious questions to answer’ then why not send in the police, have ‘crook’ Diamond arrested and have him charged for fraud? And you could have Goodwin get the same treatment. But, of course, Liar Cameron will do nothing as the political and banking elite are ‘all in this together’, all getting rich by stealing our money while austerity is just for oiks.

But we have a chance to bring the thieves and fraudsters at Barclays to their knees. If every Barclays customer wrote to their bank demanding a detailed statement of how much they have personally lost due to Barclays defrauding them and demanding compensation, we could deluge the Barclays fraudsters and bring their worthless bank to a grinding halt.

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