March 2023
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‘Cowardly little sh-t’ Ed Miliband: Egypt’s coming civil war: IRA ‘achievements’

The (in my opinion) ‘cowardly, lying, greasy little sh-t’ Ed Miliband will do or say anything to get elected. First he ‘admits’ Labour got it wrong on the economy, then he ‘admits’ Labour got it wrong on immigration. But if he deserves to be our leader, he must have known this for years. So why didn’t he mention his concerns about the economy and immigration when he was in government? Because that would have harmed this (in my opinion) ‘cowardly, lying, greasy little sh-t’s’ career. So he said nothing and did nothing. Do we really want a  ‘cowardly, lying, greasy little sh-t’ as PM? Trouble is, you’ll probably answer that nothing could be worse than the (in my opinion) ‘incompetent, self-serving, lying slimebags’ Cameron, Osborne and Clegg.

As the politically-correct BBC gushes on and on about the wonderful Arab Spring, it looks like Egyptians are gearing up for a wonderfully bloody civil war. Both sides in Egypt’s presidential election have warned of ‘dire consequences’ if the other side wins. I guess it’s time to buy some popcorn and a few beers, settle back in front of the TV to watch the action. Though no doubt the worthless liar Cameron and the multimillionaire Hague will start beating the war drums and claiming that we should send in British troops to be slaughtered by the mad Muslims. Mr Cameron and Mr Hague, if Egyptians want a civil war, sell them the weapons and let them get on with it – it’s not our problem.

As Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness prepares to meet the Queen, one could ask what all the years of IRA violence achieved. All I can see is very well-paid jobs for some Sinn Fein bosses as ministers in the Northern Ireland government and for five of them as Westminster MPs. This also gives the five Sinn Fein MPs the opportunity to claim hundreds of thousands of pounds (£21,000 a year each) of second home expenses on three properties in North London all owned by the same landlord, even though the fabulously wealthy five refuse to take up their seats in the House of Commons. But nobody dares say anything for fear of upsetting the fabulously wealthy five. As the Who warned us in Won’t Get Fooled Again – “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. Meanwhile ordinary IRA supporters got nothing from all the years of pointless fighting.

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