December 2017
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Stupid, more stupid, unbelievably stupid

(weekend blog)


Two days ago I was watching the last few minutes of a TV quiz called Tipping Point. A lady, who must have had some education as she is a former nurse, was asked the following question:

Q: “Which of these political parties could be called ‘left wing’? Is it the Greens, the […]

Will the BBC’s lies about Trump ever end?

(Monday/Tuesday blog) One of the main headlines on the BBC’s world news and business news at the weekend was “US jobs data disappoints” and “US jobs growth below forecast”. The Trump-loathing BBC’s implication was, of course, that Trump was failing to boost US economic growth.

But at the same time, I got an email from […]

Racial discrimination? Yet more total bollox!

I thought that by writing about Transgenderism, Izlumophobia and Man-Made Global Warming yesterday, I had dealt with the three areas of biggest bollox being forced on us by our virtue-signalling, West-hating, politically-correct ruling elites. How wrong I was. I forgot about supposed racial discrimination.

As you probably know, yesterday the UK government has published what […]

Which is the biggest load of bollox?

There are at least three great new ‘truths’ we’re all expected to believe in:

Transgenderism Izlumophobia Man-Made Global Warming

But the question I’d like to pose today is – which of these three is the biggest load of total and utter bollox?

Let’s start with the latest of these ludicrous fads being foisted on us […]

Poor wee Michael O’Leary and poor wee libtards

(Welcome to – the blog that never offends even the most delicate, sensitive snowflake)

Weekend blog – As I try to fathom how one can write a current affairs blog under Britain’s new Stalinist censorship laws (see my blog of two days ago about supposed “hate crimes”), I thought I’d turn to something a […]

I’ve been to talk to Plod

As promised, I’ve been to talk with my local Plod to try to find out what I am now permitted to write in my blog in the new Stalinist State of Britain. Since the (IMHO) totally useless, politically-correct, Islamophiliac, treacherous Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, decided that writing something negative about some person or […]

Occupation by deception – the story of our time?

(I’d like to leave this up for a couple of days as it’s such a brilliant exposure of the new reality that we’re living in)

This article seems to be appearing on the Internet. I’m not sure where it came from. I found it in an English-language expat newspaper. But I suspect the writer ‘borrowed […]

I’m off to talk to Plod

You’ve probably seen the story. Following a US air attack in April on ISIS militants, a university student – a white male – wrote on his blog or FaceBook or whatever: ‘I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins’. The student had previously written other comments on social […]

Free speech is dead! The truth is a crime! The libtards have won!

A couple of days ago, I listed the three steps towards totalitarian thought control in Britain

1. Invention of the “hate crime”

The first step towards the imposition of Britain’s totalitarian-state repression of free speech was the invention of the totally spurious concept of the “hate crime”.

A “hate crime” is defined as an offense […]

Some great stories today…….

But as I’ve had to stop blogging due to Britain’s new oppressive libtard censorship laws (see yesterday’s blog) I’ll have to stop.

Is that OK, constable? Or are you still going to arrest me, harass me and try to destroy my life on the instructions of your promotion-hungry chief superintendent as he tries to kiss […]