June 2018
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The most important pictures you will ever see?

(Weekend blog)

There’s lots of stuff in the mainstream news at the moment – Brexit, Windrush, Korea etc etc. And lots of biased reporting as usual. Perhaps the most disgraceful is the coverage of the North/South Korea meeting. Most media, especially the BBC, are trying to make out that the meeting happened in spite of […]

Turning London into Lahore?

(Monday blog)

Sorry, but I’m afraid it’s London again. I’m returning to the disaster that is London as a reader reminded me of some promises the new mayor made that he might be hoping we forget.

London’s (IMHO) vertically- and morally-challenged libtard mayor, Sadiq Khan, must be feeling more and more at home in what […]

Let us all congratulate Khan and Dickless

(Friday blog)

Just heard that there were 5 or 6 more stabbings and 2 shootings yesterday in mayor Sadiq Khan’s and Met boss Cressida Dickless’s diverse, multi-cultural paradise of London.

Perhaps we should congratulate Khan and Dickhead for successfully turning our once great and peaceful capital city into a violent, dangerous, gang-run Third-World sh*t-hole – […]

Lefties’ deafening silence over ‘British’ rapists

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Excellent article in the Spectator (Australian edition, I think) about the deafening silence from the lefty, libtards concerning the abuse, rape, torture and prostitution of thousands of white girls by you might be able to guess who.

In fact, I’m eagerly awaiting some comments from our (IMHO) most hypocritical virtue-signallers about the issue. […]

Those naughty “Oxford men”

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

There are so many great stories of multi-cultural enrichment during the last few days that it’s difficult to know which to choose for today’s blog.

There’s the 24-year-old German woman who is fighting for her life after being stabbed following an argument with 3 Syrian children aged 17, 14 and 13 – the […]

Australia has fallen! Adios Australia! It was nice knowing you!

(Monday/Tuesday blog and no, this is not about the cricket)

If you were to list the countries that you thought would resist the George-Soros- and UN-sponsored Third-World, multi-cultural-enricher invasion – Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic etc – you would probably include Australia in that list. After all, Australia started the policy of stopping the migrant boats […]

What to do if they have low IQs?

(Saturday/Sunday blog)

Apparently, it’s now illegal for the US military to accept any applicant with an IQ lower than 83.

Why? Because there is absolutely nothing useful someone with an IQ of below 83 can do in today’s military. Though one might suspect that during World Wars One and Two, the US military took just […]

Bye bye free speech! Bye bye Britain!

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I’m busy trying to get a new book sold to a publisher. But I have two heroes who dare tell the truth about what is happening to our country – Pat Condell and Paul Joseph Watson.

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson lamenting the death of free speech in Britain:

“I’m far more frightened of the Far Right than I am of Izlumic terrorism”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

The question for this blog is whether it’s possible to understand the stupidity of the progressive, lefty, libtardish, virtue-signalling idiots who are hell-bent on destroying what little is left of our country.

Here’s one of them explaining why she’s “far more frightened of the Far Right than I am of Izlumic terrorism”.

Good […]

I wonder who this man could be?

(Weekend blog – I’ll keep it really short)

I wonder who the man in the video (link below) could be?

I wonder if he’s a white, ethnic European or one of Merkel’s inbred, low-IQ, violent, misogynist, West-hating, parasitical imports?

I wonder what religion the gentleman might belong to?

I wonder why Twitter hasn’t deleted the […]