June 2023
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Go green? Starve the already starving and wreck the planet!

Thursday/Friday blog

Biofuels – a crime against humanity

When the EU passed regulations mandating that biofuels should make up 2.7% of all transport fuel sold, the UN’s special rapporteur on food called this policy “a crime against humanity”. The Biofuel Directive set indicative biofuel penetration targets of 2.7% by the end of 2005 and 5.75% […]

What, if anything, do our police actually do?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Wonderful news from our police bosses

Hopefully, you’ll have been as excited as I was to learn about our police bosses’ latest brilliant plan – the Police Race Action Plan.

Our police proudly announced their great idea a few days ago:

The Police Race Action Plan has been developed jointly by the National […]

Three unconnected issues

Friday/Saturday blog

Is having Sky or Netflix essential to preserving life?

As our financially-incontinent chancellor splashes around money which we don’t have, I began to wonder how impoverished the supposedly ‘impoverished’ really are. The professional bleaters and moaners in the mainstream media (MSM) warn us of an ‘apocalypse’ from rising prices, in particular energy prices. […]

Are Blacks who murder other Blacks “racists”?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

We all know that we ghastly white people are all racists. Apparently, we’re either ‘conscious racists’ or ‘subconscious racists’ or perhaps both at the same time. Who knows?

And we all know that US police are even more racist than anyone else as they all leave home each morning for work hoping they […]

A checklist to identify your level of “Artificial Stupidity”

Friday/weekend blog

As readers will be aware, we in the West are moving into an era of thought-totalitarianism in which there is only one accepted viewpoint on every issue facing us.

Here are just twenty three of the most widespread beliefs we must agree with if we are to be an accepted member of society. […]

Democracy is extraordinarily rare and should be cherished

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday blog

I find the attitudes of the woke, West-hating, virtue-signalling, Greta-worshipping, anti-progress, globalist, self-styled supposed progressives more than incomprehensible. What we have in the West is far from perfect and is open to criticism, particularly due to the depressingly low quality of our kakistocratic leaders. But our reasonably-functioning democracy is such a rarity that […]

Why are so many ‘Times’ readers so bitter and so ignorant?

Friday/weekend blog

Below are just a small sample of the comments made by Times readers to an article about tennis player Novak Djokovic being denied access to Australia to play in the Australian Open which he has won about 9 times.

– Great decision to deport NoVax – Bye bye entitled bar steward. Australia is […]

Why aren’t you in a non-binary, multicultural, gender-fluid relationship? Because you’re transphobic racists?

Wednesday blog

I was busy swotting up for an interview on TalkRadio yesterday evening. So I didn’t have time to do any research for a blog.

So I won’t mention of climate change today. I won’t mention the farce in Glasgow. I won’t mention of my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS. I won’t […]

Dear Mr Putin, please come and take over Britain. We need you to save us!

Monday/Tuesday blog

Here’s a short extract from a speech our supposed ‘enemy’, Russian president Vlad ‘the impaler’ Putin, recently gave. In it he explains his ‘bemusement’ at the way we in the increasingly woke West are wrecking our own civilisation by erasing our history, destroying the family and even trying to abolish the idea that […]

Dear Merseyside police – is this a parody?

Monday/Tuesday blog

You can’t be serious, can you?

Below is a short (less than 2 minutes) video apparently put out by the Merseyside police in support of a LGBT++ day or week or month or year or whatever.

When I first saw it, I assumed it was a parody mocking our increasingly progressive, liberal, intersectional, […]