September 2018
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“A few hundred right-wingers” the lying BBC reported

(Thursday blog)

Last weekend, there was the annual city festival in a German town called Chemnitz. Last year, it was overshadowed by several rapes and massive sexual molestations, done by Arabs and Afghans, and the same happened also this year. In one case, about a dozen “young men” (newspeak for our Moozerlum friends) tried to […]

I promised I wouldn’t show this barbarity, but………….

(Tuesday blog)

Yesterday’s blog

I hope everybody had the time to read yesterday’s blog about the difference in prison sentences given to Class A drug-dealers who were white British and those who were multi-cultural enrichers. The white Brits got an average of 15 years while the multi-cultural enrichers got an average of 3 years.

I […]

Integrate? No, we will dominate!

(Monday blog)

Our rulers constantly bleat about it being the fault of us nasty, waaaccciiiisssttt Westerners that Third-World multi-cultural enrichers from the world’s most admired religion haven’t managed to integrate into our advanced liberal Western societies. And we’re forever being told that we need to do more to welcome the invading armies and we need […]

Miguel’s retirement plan vs M’hammed’s retirement plan

(Thursday blog)

The lunacy of our lame-brained leaders

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) run by wrinkled French prune, Christine Lagarde, has just issued a new report on Spain’s economic future:

According to the wrinkled Froggy prune Lagarde’s great organisation, Spain must open its borders to more than five million migrants over the coming decades in […]

Lefties quickly change their tune on the burqa!

(Wednesday blog)

The Westminster car crash

I suppose I should mention what the BBC is still calling the “Westminster crash”. It’s wonderful how the BBC still maintains it was a “crash” in spite of the fact that the driver drove around London for over half an hour looking for a decent-sized crowd to drive into.


Those silly billies in America don’t understand the joys of multi-culturalism

(Tuesday blog)


I’m going to be busy for the next month as I have to send around 150 emails a day trying to push up sales of my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON. (I expect to sell only about 2-3 books for every 100 emails sent, so […]

What use is a university degree in Total Bollox?

(Sunday/Monday blog)

More wonderful news from that bastion of Christian civilisation and common sense – Hungary.

Last week, Hungary’s government stopped universities from offering courses in Gender Studies, saying there is no need for graduates in the labor market and they take taxpayer money away from other programs.

In a statement, Hungarian government spokesman […]

Hey, Lammy and Warsi and C4 and BBC! Where’s your outrage?

(Thursday blog)

The (IMHO) liberal, progressive, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, attention-seeking elites have been desperately crawling over each other in order to prove who is the most outraged over Boris Johnson’s rather benign but accurate comparison of letter-boxes and burkha babes. Johnson should apologise! Johnson should resign! Johnson should be thrown out of the Tory Party! Johnson […]

Yet more manufactured lefty supposed “outrage”

(Tuesday blog)

Letter-box scandal – millions outraged!

Here we go again. Lefties screaming and howling with prepubescent outrage over some perfectly innocent remarks made by Boris Johnson.

Commenting on new laws in Denmark about banning the burkha or niquab or whatever multi-cultural enriching women’s made-in-China Darth Vader outfits are called, Boris Johnson actually spoke out […]

I’m Ursula – please rape me, please sodomise me, please kick and hit me!

(Tuesday blog)

On September 9th, there will be a general election in Sweden. The good news is that the patriotic Sweden Democrats are now polling their highest ever results – around 25% of voters (the yellow bar on the chart) say they’ll vote for them:

However, that means that around 75% of […]