July 2024

Will Neil Oliver be Ofcommed?

Monday/Tuesday blog

I have actually written a new blog. But I thought it better you used your valuable time listening to the latest Neil Oliver video rather than reading anything I might write.

I wonder how long it will be before Neil Oliver will be Ofcommed by the UK-loathing, migrant-hugging, BBC-loving, perv-promoting, Tory-hating libtards at our supposed ‘media regulator’ just like happened to the brilliant Mark Steyn?

It seems that if you’re GB News, just one questionable comment about the ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ untested fake vaccines can get you fined and banned. But if you’re the BBC, years of sexually abusing children like Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris and the latest unnamed star did, then Ofcom thinks you’re great.

Funny old world we live in!

6 comments to Will Neil Oliver be Ofcommed?

  • Stillreading

    Neil Oliver is magnificent, but how long before Ofcom persuade GBNews to throw him too under the “Misinformation” bus? I’m sure readers of this blog know that Mark Steyn continues to produce a full one-hour show several nights of the week, available on line. Not via YouTube of course, because that august branch of Google has also set itself up as judge and jury over what we mere plebs are permitted to view and have outlawed Steyn, but a simple connection cable, available for under a fiver from any TV or computer store, connects laptop to an HDMI socket on the TV. As for the latest BBC paedophile scandal, remarkably coy aren’t they now it’s one of their own? Pity they didn’t show the same sensitivity and decorum when they hunted down poor Cliff Richard, even deploying the use of helicopters to over-fly his home, on the merest whisper of some sort of improper activity. Totally without substance as it turned out and although this was a good many years ago now, Cliff has openly spoken about how the trauma has adversely affected his life. And this is the organisation that targets and prosecutes and obtains CRIMINAL (not Civil) convictions for non-payment of the Licence Fee against single mothers and pensioners. The BBC is beyond contemptible.

  • A Thorpe

    Doesn’t history show that it has always been “them and us”? In Roman times anybody saying the wrong thing found suicide their best option, but that was amongst the elites. Say the wrong thing in Henry VIII’s court and you lost your head. Oppose the views of the church and you faced torture and death from the inquisition. Fail to go to church on Sunday in feudal Britain and you would be prevented from leaving the village as punishment. When have we not been tightly controlled by the elites?

    As discussed in previous blogs the freedoms of the latter part of the 20th century were probably just a blip. There is a big difference now because in the past people knew who was in control and now they are difficult to identify. There is also much more information from different sources and it spreads round the world in an instant. For many species being part of a herd keeps them safe and it seem it applies to humans but in what they believe. It seems that our knowledge has not made us more rational, perhaps it is too complex for most, and so ideology has taken over and has become more like a religion, but one with no clear leader to identify. The elites lost control after the world wars and their new approach to take it back is to make it difficult to oppose them by using other groups. The gay liberation movement has gone from wanting tolerance to being intolerant. The net zero activists are apparently receive government supported.

    I saw a brief video of David Ike speaking in 1994 based on his book “The Robot’s Revolt”. He asked the question why are there so many wars when nobody wants them, why the emphasis on growth and production when most of it gets thrown away through obsolesce. This is a man who is branded a nutcase but the brief clip I saw made sense to me and and that was said 30 years ago.

    There is only one conclusion and that is those who speak out against the accepted narratives of the elites, those who want to control us, will be silenced in some way or another. Now they are making life difficult by closing bank accounts. We can only fight back if we know who we are fighting and whoever it is now controls the media.

    I agreed with Neil Oliver’s “faith, family and freedom”.

  • Paul Chambers

    Neil Oliver is a true hero but i feel he is treading on thin ice and his show on Saturday revealed once again the void between establishment beliefs and the reality. Sadly because of his profile and social media reach he is i fear a high risk for gb news who do not have unlimited resources to fight the dead hand of the state/wef/global elites single handed.

    The broadcasting acts were always left leaning hence GB news is now full of morons being given space to air their beliefs and feelings. Some are just activists and their funding is always a huge answered question not least as it regularly appears they are tapped into taxpayer money so have effectively unlimited resources. For this type it is probably better than being unemployed or serving tables fuming with resentment at life for failing to roll out the red carpet to them.

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for the link. GB News has been largely unwatchable on my tv for the last 10 days thanks to atmospherics ????. Analogue to digital switch: Another technological advance that was worse than the thing it replaced. Heat pumps anyone?

    I agree it’s only a matter of time before Neil Oliver is removed, I’m amazed he’s still there, given that he is more vitriolic than Mark Steyn! If Ofcom can’t get him on something (I wonder if they have a lawyer look at his monologue beforehand?) they can always shut down his bank accounts.

    As far as not knowing who the ringleaders are, I am personally convinced that if they closed Stonewall down 90% of this transgender rubbish would disappear. Stonewall has morphed from a charity for gay people into a terrorist organisation with its tentacles in most companies and institutions, even getting them to pay for the privilege. How they have infiltrated so many organisations will forever be a mystery to me.

  • NoVaxxholeMe

    Neil Oliver spoke about the mental nihilists blocking out the sun while covering the ground with solar panels.

    I live in the middle of Essex. In October 2022, I noticed that aircraft were criss-crossing the sky all day and every day leaving chemtrails. That was definitely not the case in previous years. It is still happening.

    The reason I noticed that was due to watching videos by that specialises in climate engineering. It states that modern aircraft do not leave chemtrails, only aircraft fitted up to leave chemtrails do.

    And now, ever since October 2022, I have not seen a clear blue sky, just a very high smooth blanket blueish white background under which the clouds appear. I just looked out of my window to make sure that it was still there and it is.

    Have you ever wondered what they are doing with the huge amounts of our money they have filched? – This geoengineering must be costing a huge amount of money.

    I am wondering why Dave or anyone else is not exposing this.
    It produced some days so cold last winter that my heating oil tank cracked and several plants that never had a problem with winter were damaged or killed.

    Make no mistake, in my opinion, we are all fighting for our lives now.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Watch the following video by Simon Webb.

    By court order, Boris Johnson has to hand over all of his diaries and paperwork that have to do with the Covid lockdowns to the Covid Enquiry. Simon Webb suggests the following…

    Who is the BBC presenter? – A neat distraction from the government’s actions in the COVID-19 enquiry –

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