June 2024

See an ‘activist’? Look for the narcissist

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I don’t understand

In spite of having worked in almost 100 organisations in 15 countries and in spite of having written more than 10 published books, I admit I don’t understand. I don’t understand why our rulers and so many self-styled ‘activists’ are so intent on impoverishing us making our lives more miserable, shorter and much less enjoyable.

Western society has provided the largest percentage of their people with the best quality of life ever seen throughout human history. Yet rather than recognising this and celebrating this, part of our societies are trying to destroy this. I think it has something to do with the fact that many of our rulers and supposed ‘progressives’ and ‘liberals’ and ‘activists’ view us with undisguised contempt and see us as what Neil Oliver calls ‘useless eaters’.

What I do understand

But there is something I think I do understand. It seems like every day we have some woke, howling, vein-throbbing, mouth-frothing self-styled ‘activist’ screaming at us about their latest cause:

Last weekend, around 118 of these ‘activists’ were arrested for trying to disrupt the Grand National. Today some (IMHO) crazy individual was quoted in the Times saying she was ‘thrilled’ that the Brecon Beacons management has decided to change the park’s name to something Welsh and unpronounceable in the battle against climate change. Quite how changing a national park’s name will help the fight against climate change was not immediately obvious to me.

But whatever the cause, however ridiculous, you’ll always find a herd of these woke ‘activists’ having what look like emotional breakdowns as they scream and rant and harangue us about their particular (usually utterly trivial) crusade:

I sometimes wonder if anyone does any real work anymore or if a huge part of the population spend much of their lives on ‘activism’.

Wanting to understand what drives these self-styled woke  ‘activists’, I Googled the word ‘narcissist’ and found these 9 traits of a ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ (NPD):

  1. Sense of self-importance
  2. Preoccupation with power, beauty, or success
  3. Entitled
  4. Can only be around people who are important or special
  5. Interpersonally exploitative for their own gain
  6. Arrogant
  7. Lack empathy
  8. Must be admired
  9. Envious of others or believe that others are envious of them

Another description of narcissism I came across was:

The word narcissism gets tossed around a lot in our selfie-obsessed, celebrity-driven culture, often to describe someone who seems excessively vain or full of themselves. But in psychological terms, narcissism doesn’t mean self-love—at least not of a genuine sort. It’s more accurate to say that people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are in love with an idealized, grandiose image of themselves. And they’re in love with this inflated self-image precisely because it allows them to avoid deep feelings of insecurity. But propping up their delusions of grandeur takes a lot of work—and that’s where the dysfunctional attitudes and behaviours come in.

Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behaviour, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding. This way of thinking and behaving surfaces in every area of the narcissist’s life: from work and friendships to family and love relationships.

Or there was this list:

I guess that the point of today’s blog is to suggest that activism and wokeism are most usually just narcissism – needy and emotionally unstable people desperately looking for a cause (any cause) to fuel their own exaggerated sense of moral and intellectual superiority. So every time you see an ‘activist’ don’t bother listening to what they’re saying as their supposed ’cause’ is probably just a convenient vehicle for their own self-righteousness and self-aggrandizement.

Next time you see an ‘activist’,  look for the narcissist.

3 comments to See an ‘activist’? Look for the narcissist

  • Carolyn

    Did you see that shrill, hysterical piece of work with pink hair on GB News a couple of weeks ago? A narcissist if ever there was one – I’m dying my hair bright pink so that you can’t miss me and I’m going to shriek very loudly so I don’t have to listen to your arguments because I’m right and you’re wrong. My fingers itched to slap her.

    So yes, you’re bang on these “activists” are just narcissists. I blame the parents! These brats have been spoilt rotten from day one, told they are precious and whatever they do/think is absolutely the right thing. The bible is correct with “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. They’ve been sparing the rod for decades now and look what we’ve ended up with. Climate hysterics and seemingly an entire generation of kids desperate to change their gender so that they can become the centre of attention. Although don’t forget the brainwashing by the teachers to get them into this mind set.

    Did you also hear on the news yesterday that a teacher has been suspended or sacked from a girls public school for saying “good afternoon girls” to her class. One little snot complained and the teacher is punished. No wonder they are narcissists if they’re pandered to so much. In my day, I’d have got a clip round the ear for cheek.

    As an aside, all your narcissistic traits describe Meghan Markle to a tee. Another spoilt brat.

  • Paul Chambers

    They are undoubtedly attention seeking and keen to impress mummy and daddy who often are very well off. They don’t need to worry ever about feeding themselves or even working to earn a crust.

    They are hugely assisted by the media who desperate for click bait to drive dwindling ad revenues will present a fringe minority out of context and on a equivalence to any other viewpoint. Yet if they are ever challenged they refuse to debate as apparently everything is settled – the posh girl on the Jacob show couldn’t even be bothered to learn the religious argument she just said she wasn’t a scientist which was accepted. Yet surely the whole point is experts are unreliable and very politicised these days so do not deserve an easy ride.

    With no argument they should be told to sling their hook but multi billion pound media companies refuse to do this. They are keen to use them to stir controversy and attract engagement to their sites purely to raise advertising revenues. So many issues being discussed these days in the so called Overton window are hard left minority opinions which no normal working person has any real interest other than to oppose it as ridiculous and non-commonsensical.

  • A Thorpe

    We live in a democracy so the first question should be to ask why so many people vote for rulers who impoverish us and allow activists to interrupt our lives. The rulers have given rights to the activists because in turn it gives them more power over us. Our fundamental rights are life, liberty and property. The rights today are given to groups of people without any regard to the fundamental rights. The rights given to activists to disrupt our lives take away our rights, for example not to have roads blocked. What do the police do in most cases – nothing.

    Carolyn’s comment reminds me of something a cousin told me. We grew up in a small village and we regularly saw a policeman on his bike, called Bobby Bond. One of the lads in the village swore at a woman and she reported it to Bobby Bond, who knew all of us and when he saw the lad he give him a clip round the ear. When do any of use see a policeman outside of city centres today?

    Narcissism unites the activists and politicians. It suits politicians to do nothing because they can use the activists concerns to enforce their own agendas and it is propaganda that brings them together, along with many non-activists. This is exactly how Hitler came to power.

    Many activists like the Just Stop Oil woman mentioned above claim to be students, others have created charities and are supported by donations. It seems to me that the brainwashing behind most of this, like climate alarmism, starts in schools.

    The activists have no idea about human history as pointed out. They never consider that if their demands had applied in the past we probably would not have even got to the stage of using animals for ploughing fields. Politicians conveniently forget this as well and are blinded by the concept of old technologies somehow being modernised and replacing the technologies of the industrial revolution.

    It is almost like having a jigsaw with various pieces related to ideas of today. The basic ideas are understandable but it is impossible to fit the pieces together to make any overall sense.

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