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Another scorcher from Neil Oliver

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Here’s another real scorcher from Neil Oliver.

One thing you might notice is that many of the better articles on sites like The Daily Sceptic and ConservativeWoman are written by experts in their fields who are now retired. Being retired, they’re not risking losing their jobs if attacked by the cyber-pitchfork wielding woke Twitter mobs. One thing I respect about Neil Oliver is that he dares to speak out about what he believes is the truth knowing full well that this probably means career suicide in that it is unlikely he will ever be commissioned to present any more TV documentaries as his views are probably unacceptable to the progressive, liberal, woke establishment which runs the media, academia, politics and most of our government services.

4 comments to Another scorcher from Neil Oliver

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t often see Neil Oliver but I did watch that one. But I’m getting to the stage where it is just too depressing to watch, mainly because there is nothing complex to understand but the information does not appear to be getting though to people. Earlier I saw part of an interview with Ian Plimer about past climate pointing out that views on whether the climate is warming or cooling depends on the year you start from.

    How is it possible that when education is supposedly better than ever that people seem to be less informed and unable to analyse information? What is really frightening is that some of the quotes from the Nazi leaders about how they used propaganda are equally valid today.

    Neil Oliver makes an error about rare earth minerals. It isn’t because they are rare, it is because they are more evenly distributed and difficult and expensive to find. They do clump in a few locations and that is where they come from.

  • Val Manchee

    It doesn’t matter whether one is frightened of the evil cabal, or whether one takes them seriously, they have the money, the power and enough useful idiots to implement their megalomaniacal schemes and there is no James Bond, Batman or Wonder Woman to stop them.

  • Stillreading

    Phase one of power rationing (other than the already existing one of excruciating cost) started today, with bribes of a derisory amount to get people to switch off electricity between 5 and 6 p.m. I am repeatedly pestered by my power supplier to have a “smart” meter and I am resolutely declining. Well, I don’t even respond to their emails. I delete them. Those less savvy than I are certainly, though, being bullied into compliance. The latest barrage – four within a week – tried to give the impression that the installation was obligatory. I know that it is not. As of now, the choice is still with the customer. It won’t be for much longer though of course. We shall all be forced to have them and then we can be deprived of power as and when supply is inadequate – as it will increasingly be as the idiotic drive to net zero accelerates. Neil Oliver is magnificent. He hits the nail on the head every Saturday at 6 p.m. Good for him for refusing to be frightened of “cancellation” for daring openly to proclaim the truth. I don’t know what the young think their future will be but I’ve a feeling they aren’t really facing reality. They have been thoroughly indoctrinated – conditioned, shaped like lab rats, call it what you will – by the UK Education system. All my grandchildren are wonderful young people – well educated, hard-working, loving children and grandchildren – yet while they subscribe verbally to all the greenie idiocy, they are very joyfully passing their driving tests and immediately buying their first (decidedly second or third-hand) cars for personal transport. I marvel at their evident absence of consistency, but am pleased they are taking personal responsibility for getting around, since to depend on public transport is literally a hike to nowhere!. I listened to R4 today, a discussion starting at mid-day on the predicament of non-car owners in rural Wales, where bus services are being ruthlessly cut and people cannot access basic services like hospital appointments. Welcome to our Brave New 21st century World.

  • Marc Ager

    GB News – Mark Dolan Tonight | Friday 20th January –

    Mark Dolan interviews Carol McGiffen in a piece called
    WEF – WTF? Very good. The interview starts at 32 minutes
    into the video. You can move the slider up to 32.

    I tried emailing the above to two other people with gmail addresses and they both bounced. It finally got through and all I had to do was remove WEF – WTF, so gmail must be bouncing emails with WEF in the text.

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