April 2019
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A bad day at work?

(Wednesday blog)

A bad day at work?

I imagine we’ve all had bad days at work. But I can’t help feeling a little sorry for the French workman who caused more than £600m damage to one of the most important buildings in the world, the 850-year-old Notre Dame in Paris, by either forgetting to turn […]

Notre Dame fire – clearly an unfortunate accident?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I believe that incompetence is the likely cause of the Notre Dame fire:

It does seem that the fire was caused by an accident during restoration work. Probably some dopey Froggy workman called Gaston throwing away a half-smoked Gauloise or something like that.

However, it may be […]

Hooray! Great news from Swedistan!

(Monday blog)

Today I thought I’d take it easy and just bring you a little snippet of good news from Malmö in Sweden. This is a good news story the BBC and C4 News might ‘forget’ to mention.

You know Sweden – a once peaceful, laid-back, tolerant, almost crime-free country.

A country of endless forests:


We, the public, have been a great disappointment to our ruling elites

(weekend blog)

We, the British public, have been a great disappointment to our ruling elites.

Many of us:

think the ‘wrong’ thoughts and so have to be policed to prevent ‘hate thought’ believe news that doesn’t come from the Establishment Brussels Broadcasting Corporation and other Establishment mainstream media are influenced by supposed ‘populists’ like Nigel […]

A challenge to Westminster’s gutless liars

(Friday blog)

I have decided to try to do today’s blog as a short (2 mins) YouTube video.

Phew – finally made it. But as I couldn’t work out how to stop and start recording, I had to read the whole thing in one go, which isn’t ideal.

Also, I spent a lot of time […]

Would over a million new snowflake voters guarantee a Remain win?

(Thursday blog)

Yesterday’s blog about Britain’s “syphilitic whore” might have been a bit strong for some of my more sensitive readers. So today I’ll tone everything down. In fact, to calm everybody, here’s a nice picture of some puppies:


Over one million more snowflake voters?

Talking of puppies who know nothing […]

Britain’s “syphilitic whore” humiliatingly prostrates herself

(Wednesday blog)

Britain’s “syphilitic whore”

Some of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the corrupt, sclerotic, undemocratic EU may have difficulty finding words to adequately describe the ever-worsening utter humiliation of our country as the possibly worthless, lying, duplicitous, incompetent, cowardly waste of skin PM Theresa May prostrates herself at the feet of […]

Multi-culturalism? No! We want “super-culturalism”!

(Tuesday blog)

Today I’d like to follow on from yesterday’s blog about how the affluent West is sinking into decadence, moral atrophy and its own (probably very bloody) demise.

It seems amazing that the vast majority of people have no idea at all of how the West is committing suicide. I guess this is what […]

Enjoy the “Age of Decadence” – while it lasts!

(Monday blog)

I wanted to write something profound today about the era of sefishness, self-obsession and decadence which we are in.

We see the signs of this all around us – the glorification of shallow media personalities, the obsession with sexual identity, the complete loss of a moral code, the weakness of our leaders, the […]

“Women don’t want manginas – they want to be dominated and beaten”

(weekend blog)


I just can’t bear to write about the great Brexit betrayal anymore – the uselessness and dishonesty of the worthless, cowardly, UK-hating treacherous Theresa May; the death by a thousand delays being used to stop Brexit by our Remoaners MPs and Establishment; the torrent of lies we have been fed day after […]