June 2024

Notre Dame fire – clearly an unfortunate accident?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I believe that incompetence is the likely cause of the Notre Dame fire:

Image result for notre dame firs

It does seem that the fire was caused by an accident during restoration work. Probably some dopey Froggy workman called Gaston throwing away a half-smoked Gauloise or something like that.

However, it may be worth drawing readers’ attention to an article published in the Guardian newspaper on 9 September 2016:

Cell of French women guided by Isis behind failed Notre Dame attack

A French police officer patrols in front of Notre Dame cathedral, in Paris.

A cell of radicalised French women guided by Islamic State commanders in Syria was behind a failed terrorist attack near Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral last weekend and planned another violent attack this week before they were intercepted by police, the Paris prosecutor has said.

The women, aged 19, 23 and 39, were arrested in Boussy-Saint-Antoine, a small town 19 miles (30km) south-east of Paris, on Thursday night after they were linked to the discovery of a car packed with gas cylinders parked near the cathedral last weekend.

It may also be relevant to mention that in 2017, 1,045 of France’s 42,258 churches were vandalised and desecrated. That’s around 20 a week. In 2018, the figure was 875 French churches vandalised and desecrated – ‘only’ 17 a week.

Oh, sorry. In its extensive reporting of the Notre Dame fire, did the BBC ‘forget’ to mention the daily attacks on French churches? How surprising!

These attacks tend to include smashing statues and crosses, breaking stained glass windows, smearing excrement on the walls often in the shape of a cross and the occasional bit of arson. Of course, we don’t know who is responsible for this historically high level of attacks on France’s churches. They clearly have nothing to do with ever-increasing immigration by members of our favourite religion. To suggest that would be racist and inciting hatred.

Oh, and to finish, here’s a nice picture of Paris’s historic Saint-Sulpice church from 17 March 2019:

Clearly this fire and the Notre Dame fire are not related in any way. And I assume it would be somehow illegal for me to feature here some ISIS propaganda showing major landmarks in Paris, London and Berlin engulfed in flames?

Anyway, if the Notre Dame fire was caused by our friends from the Religion of Wonderfullness, we’re unlikely ever to be told the truth for the usual obvious reasons.

6 comments to Notre Dame fire – clearly an unfortunate accident?

  • A Thorpe

    Interesting information, but if not correct, it was probably still due to incompetence of a workman, just like Windsor Castle. On the other hand it might have be Quasimodo, the bells just got too much for him.

  • William Boreham

    The way France is headed, they will have rebuilt Notre Dame just in time for it to become a mosque. As will St Paul’s a short period later.

  • chris

    BBC Travel Programme of a few weeks ago reported the crumbling of Notre Dame and the millions needed to restore/repair. BBC has now removed the video from its website.

  • Tommy Rot

    Chris someone said the same thing about the World Trade Centre Twin Towers(Asbestos problem in the construction) er and WTC 7 the third tower(no where near the other two) that fell without being struck by an aircraft that no one is supposed to know about,oh and don’t tell anybody will you.The BBC are good you know,er I think they announced that WTC7 tower fell before it did, must have been clairvoyent eh?

  • Andrew

    Dr Paul Craig Roberts is interviewed here recently,he is very highly respected.

    He is absolutely damning of the UK and the US, he says we are in greater peril than during WW2 and the Nazi threat,he is right of course.Very sobering interview we are indeed headed into a Great Tyrannical Dark Age.It makes me feel sick to my gut.

    Paul Craig Roberts Interview Julian Assange Arrest, Brexit, Venezuela.

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