July 2024

We, the public, have been a great disappointment to our ruling elites

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We, the British public, have been a great disappointment to our ruling elites.

Many of us:

  • think the ‘wrong’ thoughts and so have to be policed to prevent ‘hate thought’
  • believe news that doesn’t come from the Establishment Brussels Broadcasting Corporation and other Establishment mainstream media
  • are influenced by supposed ‘populists’ like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, rather than swallowing the stories peddled by the over-paid, over-pensioned, arrogant parasites in the LibLabCon party
  • don’t want to remain as an impotent vassal region of an ever-expanding new German empire
  • don’t want to become a minority in our own country
  • don’t want Sharia Law introduced in Britain
  • don’t believe apostates and homosexuals should be killed
  • believe women should be equal to men and not oppressed and covered up like Darth Vader on a bad hair day
  • don’t want our under-age daughters brutalised by ‘Asian’ rape gangs
  • aren’t taken in by all the alarmist, “we’re facing catastrophe”, “we only have 12 years to save our planet”, Man-made Global Warming figure-fiddling tosh
  • are proud of our British heritage and of Britain’s historical achievements
  • believe British colonisation brought many benefits to millions in Third-World countries
  • aren’t ashamed of being white
  • vote the ‘wrong’ way

Given how stupid and misguided we the British public are, it’s only right that our progressive, virtue-signalling, Warmie, Izlumophiliac, Europhiliac elites should ignore the result of the 2016 EU Remain/Leave Referendum and keep us shackled to their beloved German Fourth Reich, wreck what little is left of our industry by imposing ever more ‘green’ taxes on the energy we use, leave our borders open to anyone who wants to come to Britain and try to replace us with people more likely to support our rulers’ great plan of creating a single, undemocratic European superstate in which bigoted, xenophobic, ignorant white people like us would be in a minority.

Here’s Douglas Murray explaining why we have so profoundly disappointed our ruling elites:

11 comments to We, the public, have been a great disappointment to our ruling elites

  • A Thorpe

    We need Spartacus to lead us to freedom.

  • Philip

    Unfortunately Douglas nobody in the establishment,whether the government, parliament, the monarchy ( a soap opera for octogenarians) the BBC or other media outlets, the Police, or anyone in any establishment institution wants to have a discussion about the self-evident collapse of western society and the British State in particular. Forget Churchill, I want the return of Oliver Cromwell.

  • loppoman

    Unfortunately, change will only come through violent action. Maybe looks unlikely atm but the pot is on the stove.

  • William Boreham


  • EuroTurd

    The New World Order NWO requirSe that Britain disappears into the Asshole of the EU and becomes a Shithole.

  • leila young

    I read Hammond has the petrol/diesel tax in his sights for a sizable increase. Surely this is our GJ moment?

  • JohnBull

    Unfortunately Philip all Wars are Bankers Wars, including Oliver Cromwell’s English Civil War.There will be no peace till we get rid of The Central Banks.

  • loppoman

    That t**t Lammy is comparing the ERG group to the Nazis. This is what’s wrong with the media. He gets to air his propaganda via the Express but the Express deems it inappropriate to allow comments in response. What a s**t country!

  • JohnBull

    Confused about Brexit? Here is One River’s Eric Peters summarizing everything you need to know in exactly 135 words:

    * * *

    “They’re all liars mate,” said my London cabbie. “May was a Remainer. How were we going to get a good deal when our negotiators don’t want to leave?” he asked.

    I shrugged. “They’ll stall until they can say it’s not what people want no more — happened in every country that ever wanted a referendum or held one,” he said.

    “The EU paid to move a Land Rover factory from the Midlands to Slovakia where they earn 5 pound for every 25 we make – so our boys are out of work and the company makes more profit. How’s that right?,” he said.

    “For every two pound we put into the EU, we get one back.”

  • JohnBull

    Once upon a time you would expect Britain to support and expect freedom of speech.Now we are just a lackey State with a historical record of the 5 worst Prime Ministers in our history, Theresa May trying to be the worst lapdog to Evil forces of them all.

    Julian Assange Is Guilty Of Only One Thing: Revealing The Evil Soul Of US Imperialism.

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