July 2024

Would over a million new snowflake voters guarantee a Remain win?

(Thursday blog)

Yesterday’s blog about Britain’s “syphilitic whore” might have been a bit strong for some of my more sensitive readers. So today I’ll tone everything down. In fact, to calm everybody, here’s a nice picture of some puppies:


Over one million more snowflake voters?

Talking of puppies who know nothing about life, today I wanted to assess the effect on any future EU in/out Referendum of around 766,000 young people becoming voters each year and of half of all school-leavers going to Uni. (I believe it’s now called “Uni” because most of today’s graduates can’t spell a big word like “university”).

The vote in the 2016 EU Referendum was 17.4 million for Leave and 16.1 million for Remain. So, there were 1.3 million more people voting Leave than Remain.

Currently in the UK, there are around 766,000 people in each year age group from 16 to 20. In the 3 to 4 years between the first (2016) Referendum and the second (2019/2020) Referendum another 2.3 to 3.1 million young people would have got the vote. But how would they vote? Leave or Remain?

Of these 766,000 in each year age group from 16 to 20, around 380,000 start supposedly ‘studying’ at supposed ‘universities’ each year. Of course, many of these institutions calling themselves ‘universities’ are nothing like the real universities people in the 1960s and 1970s attended. Apart from about 50 to 60 well-known prestigious institutions, many of our 166 so-called ‘universities’ have dumbed down their courses to attract as many £9,000+ a year fee-paying students as possible or else are just jumped-up polys and technical colleges handing out often pointless degrees like confetti to anyone who can almost spell their name correctly. They were allowed to call themselves ‘universities’ so our rulers could congratulate themselves on how brilliantly they improved social mobility by hugely increasing graduate numbers. But in addition to offering a pale imitation of an education, many universities have become snowflake indoctrination centres spewing out graduates who all think alike, who are all progressive, libtard, globalist, hug-a-rapefugee, stop Global Warming, “we-love-EU” clones.

I think we can safely assume that at least 70% of these highly-educated, independent-thinking individuals would be bothered to vote in a second Referendum and could work out where the polling station was and even where to put their cross. Of these 70% I imagine almost all would be Remain voters. That gives us between 800,000 and one million more Remain voters than there were during the 2016 Referendum.

Then you have to add in all those who became voters but didn’t have the good fortune to attend one of our 166 snowflake indoctrination centres. Although I have no good data points, I’ll assume that 40% of these folks would vote in the second referendum and that two thirds of this 40% would vote Remain. That gives us another 300,000 to 400,000 possible Remain voters.

Then you have to factor in the 598,000 people in the UK who would have passed on to somewhere better each year between the first (2016) Referendum and a second (2019/2020) Referendum. A majority of these would have been Leave voters. But now they’ve left, they won’t be voting Leave again.

Of course, you can change these figures any way you want by making different assumptions about the percentage of people in each age group who would vote and how they would vote. But this simple number crunch does suggest that there would be sufficient numbers of new Remain voters and sufficiently fewer Leave voters by the time of a 2019/2020 second Referendum to ensure a Remain victory

Ooops – that’s not so good!

(Hey, I told you that, after yesterday’s “syphilitic whore” blog, today’s would be boring boring)


The “Three Options” trick

Then we have a little trick our rulers might play on us. Yesterday on the BBC’s Daily Politics a Remainer – a certain Baroness Kennedy, if I remember correctly – suggested there should be a second referendum with three options;

  • leave with no deal
  • leave with the Government’s proposed deal
  • remain in the EU

Smart huh? Running a three-option referendum would ensure the Leave vote was split between the two Leave options allowing our rulers to claim that the majority wanted to remain in the EU.

The good lady also suggested (as far as I understood) that, as there were many ‘very experienced’ politicians and businesspeople in Parliament, then they, rather than us useless, pig-ignorant, unwashed plebs should make the decision about whether the UK should remain in the EU.

Come on, admit it. We ordinary people have let the ruling elites down by voting the ‘wrong’ way in the 2016 Referendum. It’s now time for us to bow to the superior wisdom of our elites (like the aforementioned honourable Baroness) and let them decide our future for us.


Welcome to EU Democracy

This is not Democracy, this is EU Democracy.

There are just two options with EU Democracy should we plebs dare to or be stupid enough to vote the ‘wrong’ way:

  • make us vote again and again till we get the ‘right’ answer
  • just ignore the result of our votes

8 comments to Would over a million new snowflake voters guarantee a Remain win?

  • John Bull


    If only he were here today, A Giant amcompared to the Political shills of today.

  • Stillreading

    Many Brexiteers predicted well before the Referendum that if the self-styled politically, educationally and socially elite didn’t like the result, we’d have to do it again. And again. Even again, until we delivered the vote they wanted. And what a surprise! It’s happening just as predicted! Yes – given the inevitability of the deaths of ever more of those with pride in our nation and recollections of how things once were and their replacement at the ballot box by millions of poorly-educated, self-absorbed snowflakes, the outcome is clear. To ensure it beyond any doubt, just bring the voting age down to 17 or even 16. Well, I guess that to us Brexiteers it matters less and less as time passes. We too shall pass, taking with us our memories of a once Great Britain. Given that it’s taken 3 years to get absolutely nowhere and that Treason May has just been granted a further 6 months’ procrastination, having crawled cravenly on her despicable belly to Merkel and Macron, it’s probable that it’ll be the best part of a decade before a pale imitation of the Brexit we envisioned actually takes place, if it ever does at all. By that time we shall be past caring. So the best of luck to all you snowflakes. You’re going to need it as you grow into true intellectual and emotional maturity and are forced to confront and cope with the consequences of Europe’s control of its endogenous populations, as individual nations surrender ever more of their autonomy to the Eurocrat machine. Incidentally, the youtube video is no longer available. Presumably its ongoing availability risked melting the tender sensibilities of a few snowflakes! Sinister though. Another swipe at Free Speech.

  • loppoman

    John Bull – “video unavailable”.

  • A Thorpe

    I’ve never liked the use of “uni” but finally you have given it meaning. It is the appropriate word for those institutions masquerading as universities. But you are completely wrong about students paying fees. These are loans that will never be repaid and the taxpayers will pickup the bill.
    We see result of conversation to uni’s with the three option trick. Rational thinking has been abolished and the snowflakes have been brainwashed into believing this nonsense is democratic. It isn’t EU Democracy; it is the dictatorship of the Fourth Reich.

  • david brown

    would leave with a deal and leave without a deal both count as leave?
    Trump when he was here – as can be found on BBC website- told Treason May how to handle the EU over the so called deal. He said to counter sue them for trillions. Its often a good tactic to make a counter claim in business against someone suing.
    PS the National Union of Students has as its head – ticking three boxes – woman not white and Muslim. According to article in the Telegraph she looks forward to England becoming Islamic

  • Stillreading

    “the National Union of Students has as its head – ticking three boxes – woman not white and Muslim. According to article in the Telegraph she looks forward to England becoming Islamic” I didn’t know that David. Not surprised though. Don’t all these nominally Christian or agnostic or atheist youngsters, the young women in particular, have sufficient knowledge or sheer imagination to visualise how life will be for THEM when Islam becomes the National religion? No more belts masquerading as skirts, no more bikinis on the beaches of Europe, no more discos, no more getting legless on Saturday nights, no more Rap (if you happen to like that; I find it abominable!) no more birth control. Certainly no more “womens’ rights” or gender equality or equality of opportunity between the sexes. Certainly no more LGBT and any other acronym that happens to turn you on! As I wrote earlier, Good Luck snowflakes. You’ll need it! Seriously though, are they truly so deluded, so ignorant, so indoctrined, so blinkered that they can’t see the future that’s looming for them?

  • chris

    Who, exactly, are these snowflakes which you all deride?

  • brian rodney harwood

    I don’t apologise for mentioning yet again the presence, in UK universities,of 350 ‘ Monnet professors ‘ ( out of as total of approx 1,500 of the blighters over the whole of the European Union ). I think that it can be taken as read that they have been implanted there with the full connivance of the university managers ( or whatever they are called ) and one doesn’t require a degree to see what is expected of these ‘ professors ‘.

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