July 2024

Britain’s “syphilitic whore” humiliatingly prostrates herself

(Wednesday blog)

Britain’s “syphilitic whore”

Some of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the corrupt, sclerotic, undemocratic EU may have difficulty finding words to adequately describe the ever-worsening utter humiliation of our country as the possibly worthless, lying, duplicitous, incompetent, cowardly waste of skin PM Theresa May prostrates herself at the feet of her German boss Merkel and her boss’s fawning French poodle Macron. One Tory MP said “the Maybot has gone haywire and no one can find the off switch”. But I found this rather less flattering and rather more colourful description of the ghastly May’s latest antics floating around cyberspace:

During the Brexit surrender, May has acted like a syphilitic whore trying to get her pimp to take her back. Why should any European Leader or the EU itself have any respect for the UK when we send Mad May out to represent our country?

(I, of course, believe that Theresa May is a totally honest, supremely talented individual who never lies and who should be kept as our PM for the next 2,000 years)

But some cynics may feel that May is more than desperate. Such people may believe that May knows her political career is over. She knows she’s a political and social leper. Once she’s thrown out as PM, nobody will want to go near her. There won’t be a seat in the Lords. There won’t be a well-paid job with a six-figure salary in an American bank for the useless, treacherous, dishonest Theresa May. She’s a failure. She must know she’s a failure. She must know she’ll go down as the worst prime minister in British history. Lord North, previously viewed as Britain’s worst ever PM, only gave away the American colonies. Theresa May gave away her own country. With Brexit, Britain needed a Churchill, but we got a Chamberlain. We needed a patriot, but we got a quisling – a duplicitous quisling promoted far beyond her level of competence.

However, rather than honourably admitting her failure and bowing out to hand over to someone more competent, May is prepared to do anything (however damaging this is to Britain) to be able to claim that she ‘delivered Brexit‘.

Whatever European leaders demand – BBBJ, CIM, Pearl Necklace, OWO, ATM, DP, TP, DVDA, Golden Shower, Pig Roast, RTF, Roman Shower, WT – Britain’s leprotic, “syphilitic whore” will prostrate herself and do anything just to get something she can claim vaguely looks and smells like Brexit.

How could a once great country like ours have sunk so low?

The Tories have misjudged us

As for the Tories, they think they’re going to get away with their betrayal of 17.4 million Leavers. The Tories believe that, once they get rid of May and install a new leader, voters will forgive and forget. They imagine that at the next election, faced with the likelihood of a Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott government, voters will hold their noses and vote Conservative.

Well, I have a message for them – you’ve misjudged us. We’re not going to forgive and forget. We’re not going to hold our noses and vote for you to avoid the disastrous left-wing fanatic Corbyn. In fact, millions of once loyal Tory voters are so angry at your lies and incompetence that even the prospect of Corbyn turning Britain into a European version of Venezuela will not be sufficient to get them out to vote for you.

The Tories have not only destroyed Brexit, they have destroyed themselves and probably Britain too.

If I was Corbyn, I’d already be surfing the Internet to choose the curtains and furniture for Number 10.

9 comments to Britain’s “syphilitic whore” humiliatingly prostrates herself

  • Peter Hardcastle

    Last two posts spot on! No holds barred,say it as it is,the truth will out.As an ex Conservative activist who saw the light when Maggie was stabbed in the back,on EU orders,I shall do everything I can possible, to deny the pretend Conservative Party of today access to any level of power.Labour,Lib Dems,Greens all culpable.If you vote,vote for only genuine brexiters and parties who believe in an independent,sovereign,FREE Britain.My father fought in and survived two world wars? If he was still alive I am sure he would wonder if it was worth it.Financial resistance is something that needs to be seriously thought about because it is all Remainders think about.It is also something very cross,less physically active people are still able to instigate.Resist or die!

  • Mark

    Maybe we deserve a Corbyn government at least the tide will go out and show us we have no money and we cannot afford to import people from all over the world to live off borrowed money.


    In 2017 and early 2018 I posted on Telegraph comments that Treason May was acting for the EU not us and was out to sabotage Brexit. The first thing she did on becoming PM was nothing. In 1982 a Task Force took three months to sail to the Falklands, liberate them and return. It took Treason some nine months to send a letter to Strasbourg -article 50- notice of leave, intentionally giving time for legal challenges to be mounted. In my comments I said Treason would sooner Corbym and his marxist Chancellor McDonnell dameged our economy than we left the EU.
    People reading this blog can post link to it on Telegraph comments also the could plug it on Mirror and Sun readers comments as they are not pre- moderated

  • William Boreham

    The Huns and Frogs must be over the moon to have a British PM grovelling to them on her bended knees. I’m a bit concerned that a sizable proportion of the British public will do exactly the same should another referendum occur, which is on the cards now. Just today, another scare story: “Britain will have a two-year recession after a No Deal Brexit and lose 3.5 per cent of its GDP, warns IMF.” This generation haven’t half the balls (and patriotism) of any previous generation in our history. Remember the old ditty: ‘Briton’s never, never, never shall be slaves’? Seems a bit sick now.

  • chris

    In light of Merkel’s, Macron’s & Rutte’s attitude to the UK, I am constantly surprised that we buy so many german cars, french cheese & wine etc. There are alternatives which are mostly better. If we stopped importing stuff from countries which wish us economic harm at least we would be voting with our wallets.

  • Alan Thorpe

    We only have to look back to the way the EU treated Cameron when he tried to get better terms. He came back with nothing. It is hardly a surprise that May has been treated the same way. What is wrong with people who think that Brussels and Merkel listen to anybody?

    I would like to do as Peter Hardcastle suggests on voting, but if we vote for a candidate who favours leaving it is not going to help with the Commons in chaos. Also, most MPs say they are respecting the referendum results. The only ones we can trust are the ones who say they don’t and who wants an MP that does not agree with a democratic vote. Voting for UKIP is OK for European Elections but I would not want them to form a government.

    Our decline set in with our dreadful car industry. They did not make a car worth buying and that is when the imports of cheaper and better cars, initially from Japan started. The British do not support their industries because they were basically rubbish, which is why we don’t make anything. How can a country survive when it has to depend on imports of goods and food and apparently people to do the jobs we don’t want to do?

  • chris

    Alan, I was only advocating the boycot of German and French stuff. Japan, Korea, China make excellent cars and electronics. As for cars made in the UK just look at Honda, Nissan and Toyota. Even Land Rover is very successful. Yes they are not owned by English nationals but they are still made in the UK and (based on personal experience) far from rubbish. So we do make good stuff. As for imports of food I agree. We should not allow immigration beyond that which we can comfortably feed.

  • Julia Green

    Bloody funny, maybe a bit OTT for your lady readers but richly deserved.

  • Davy

    “useless, treacherous, dishonest Theresa May.“

    I disagree. That could only be the case if she was actually working for the UK

    If you just think she is working for the EU the she is the most brilliant undercover agent the world has ever know and has done a fabulous job…. for the EU

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