July 2024

“Women don’t want manginas – they want to be dominated and beaten”

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I just can’t bear to write about the great Brexit betrayal anymore – the uselessness and dishonesty of the worthless, cowardly, UK-hating treacherous Theresa May; the death by a thousand delays being used to stop Brexit by our Remoaners MPs and Establishment; the torrent of lies we have been fed day after day for almost 3 years promising a Brexit that none of our rulers ever intended to deliver; the anti-Brexit, anti-white Britain garbage rehashed month after month by the biased mainstream media; the list could go on forever.

And hopefully all readers now know that the parliamentary vote to block a no-deal Brexit won by only 313 votes to 312 – and one of those voting to block a no-deal Brexit was none other than the fragrant convicted criminal and disgraced Labour MP Fiona Oluyinka Onasanya who was still wearing her electronic tag when she voted. If she had been in prison, where she belonged, then the result could have been very different.

And then we hear that proceedings in the Commons had to be halted when a pipe burst. The deputy speaker immediately forbade MPs from taking photos. We’re told it was a “water pipe” that burst. But there are rumours it was a pipe from some toilets and that raw sewage was pouring into the chamber. And that’s why no photos were allowed. How symbolic of the last 3 pointless years if the House of Commons was now full of sh*t. Perhaps it always was?

Men – here’s how to beat your wives

But let’s move on to something else. I’ve already told you everything I know about chickens. So today I’ll move on to a subject I know nothing about – women. All I know is that I’ve forgotten every stupid thing I ever said to my modest series of long-suffering girlfriends and wives. But somehow they remember everything and manage to bring up my most inappropriate comments at the most embarrassing moments.

I know I need to become a better person, especially in my relationships with women. So I’ve turned for advice on how to behave with women to that famous Qatari sociologist Abad Al-Aziz Al-Kharzai Al-Ansar.

Here the learned sociologist explains that women like a strong man as head of the household – not some pusillanimous mangina. He goes on to explain that when women do something that displeases their man, – like leaving the house without their man’s permission – they expect to be beaten and he demonstrates, using a boy, how men should beat their women. We men should not slap or punch our women in the face or hit them over the head. No, that’s wrong.

Anyway, here’s the man himself explaining how to beat your wife. No, this is not a spoof by someone like Ali G. This is really how millions of our multi-cultural brethren think. I hope all my male readers will listen and watch carefully and from now on they will beat their wives in the approved way:

5 comments to “Women don’t want manginas – they want to be dominated and beaten”

  • William Boreham

    I’m afraid Islam is un-reformable. The extremists always win. Great leaders like Kemal Ataturk who secured victory over us at Gallipoli (1915) and went on to found the Republic of Turkey, attempted to turn that country into a modern, progressive secular state. But all his work was gradually undermined and now, under the virtual dictatorship of Erdogan, radical Islam prevails. Ataturk’s analysis of Islam is one of the best descriptions of the realities of Islam especially as it influenced Turkey (and maybe us in future) I have come across:
    “For more than 500 years, the rules and theories of an old Arab sheikh, and the abusive interpretations of generations of filthy and ignorant priests, have set in Turkey all the details of civil and criminal law.  They have regulated the form of the constitution, the smallest acts and gestures of every citizen’s life, his food, his hours of waking and sleeping, what he learns at school, his customs, his habits and until to his most intimate thoughts. Islam, this absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, is a rotten corpse that poisons our lives.“ 

    ‘A rotten corpse that poisons our lives’ – I like it.

  • Ms Guillotine

    More of your money is being poured into accelerating the invasion and greater shit hole status of Europe as a whole.Speed is of the essence you ain’t seen nothing yet .EU suicide gathers momentum,our leaders are traitors aa is Alastair Campbell himself who has been trying to up the anti on gagging free speech he is a pompous stuck up Traitor at that.I see his War criminal friend Tony Bliar begging for more mass immigration from Africa into the EU.WhY is he not behind bars for his War Crimes.More than 182,000 Iraqs civilians have died because of his lies why is he still free?

  • Ditch May now

    Most Brits Now Just Want To Leave With No Deal…Get Out While They Can; Poll Shows.

  • Justice

    A Russian father, who fled with his three daughters to Poland, going against Swedish social services which put the children in a Muslim foster family, finally received justice as a Polish court allowed the girls to stay with him.
    On Wednesday a Polish court decision, ruling that Swedish social services had violated an EU convention that forbids placing children in foreign cultural environments, ended a forced separation of a father and his daughters who are 12, 6 and 4 years old.

  • leila young

    Does one laugh or cry watching Ali x 4? The Bahrain leader is called an ultra right Islamist! no,no the actions of both these men are Sharia law already recognised in the UK by our poisonous government All to see clear as day what the future could hold.

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