May 2024

Population replacement – the fatal flaws

(Monday blog)

Hopefully readers looked at my weekend blog and understand from the UN report I featured that the idea of diluting and then replacing white, indigenous Western populations is a conscious policy of our rulers and not some crazy, right-wing conspiracy.

So, today let’s summarise the thinking of our rulers and then expose its fatal flaws and how it is likely to lead to the next series of wars.

Our rulers’ mindset:

1. Countries are responsible for wars

Our rulers look back at the 20th century and conclude that the two world wars and the slaughter of maybe 100 million people were due to the existence of countries. Thus, they believe that if they abolish countries and replace them by transnational organisations like the EU and even the UN, then wars are less likely. Just in the last few weeks both Adolf Merkel and her French poodle – the miniature, necrophiliac French banker, Emperor Emmanuelle Macron – have been sounding off about the dangers of ‘nationalism’

2. Replacing an ageing population

Our rulers keep being told by their ‘experts’ that, as the advanced West’s population ages and decreases, we need to import people to work and pay taxes to support the increasing numbers of the elderly. Moreover, by importing millions of Third-Worlders our rulers hope to dilute the concept of countries, belonging and patriotism. What the  ‘experts’ forget to mention is that increased automation and use of artificial intelligence mean that we actually need fewer workers to support our ageing populations and that there are ever fewer unskilled jobs for migrants.

The fatal flaws

1. Countries are not responsible for wars

The two world wars were not caused by nationalism. Instead they were caused by German and Japanese fascism, a racial superiority ideology and a genetic need to dominate and slaughter all those the Germans and Japanese considered to be inferior races. And now we’re in the 21st century, the Germans are at it again. But this time (thankfully) they’re using their economic power, rather than their military might, to dominate and rule Europe.

But by replacing the concept of countries, which people feel they belong to, with utterly corrupt, wasteful, supranational, globalist organisations like the EU and the UN run by a privileged hereditary bureaucracy our rulers are not going to bring us perpetual peace. Instead they are going to alienate people and lead to protest, violence and conflict

2. Mass migration will lead to new wars

Bringing in millions of Third-Worlders is a disaster because most of those being imported are often illiterate, often uneducated, often low-IQ, often violent, often intolerant men of military fighting age. They’re not coming from their impoverished sh*tholes to work and pay taxes to support an ageing Western population. In fact, (if comparative studies of IQ levels are to be believed) far too many of them have an IQ that is too low for them to function in a modern Western society.

Rather than integrating into Western societies, many of the imported millions intend to live parasitically off the work of the indigenous white populations. Meanwhile, as the Third-Worlders increase their numbers through UN-encouraged, open-border migration and through prolific breeding, they intend to take over the West and transform it into the same kind of violent, impoverished sh*tholes they have come from:

The future is war

As historians look back on the 20th and 21st centuries, they’ll see in the two great wars of the 20th century Europe committing ethnic suicide through the slaughter of the brightest and best in the European gene pool. Historians will then be able to trace how this genetic suicide led to a cultural, economic and racial suicide as an impoverished gene pool left a population unwilling and unable to protect its own culture and wealth from a Third-World invasion.

Rather than bringing us peace, our rulers are sowing the seeds for social disintegration, racial conflict and probable civil war in several countries. The former communist East-European countries and probably Austria will avoid the coming civil wars as they have seen the future and refuse to allow invasions of their countries. Other countries – Sweden, Belgium, Holland and maybe even Spain – will surrender to the invading Third-World armies and hand over control of their countries without a fight.

The interesting issue will be whether Britain, France, Germany and Italy will fight to preserve Western European culture or whether their populations too have become so cowed and cowardly that they will also submit to the invading hordes.

Though, given that Treacherous Theresa May has refused asylum in the UK to the Pakistani Christian – Aasia Bibi – because of her fear of upsetting you know who, perhaps we should place Britain in the group of countries like Sweden and Belgium which will submit to invasion and takeover without a fight?

Fun times ahead.

6 comments to Population replacement – the fatal flaws

  • Eddie John

    Looks to me that once again it will be either France or Germany that kicks it all off again.
    Both are power mad and at the moment the granny sh*gger is pushung for yet another smack in the mouth.
    Regretfully , or may not regretfully , when it happens there will not be an England to save Europe from its own madness this time.
    If you plough back through history nothing has changed. Going back a millennium it is the same old story with France and its over ambitious leaders.

  • loppoman

    Yes David, all true but the British are brainwashed and sleepwalking. Is violence the only way out?

  • David Craig

    Those who wish to take over our country are not inclined to live in peace with anyone as is demonstrated around the world. The only alternative to violence is submission. Which do you prefer?

  • Stillreading

    Excellent post, not racist, not extremist, not subversive, merely stating the truth. Much as I love my life, I am relieved I shan’t be around when the worst arrives. Unlike past conflicts, there will be no way back since the enemy will be irreversibly established within nations’ borders. Given the enthusiasm with which the political leaders of the major nations of Europe (including the UK) are actively manipulating their populations to bring about this appalling future, there will be no effective, collective way of fighting it. Individual acts of terrorism by all conflicting sides will inevitably increase in frequency, as the only means of eliminating the perceived enemy. For myself it is largely irrelevant. Even for my children largely so. But for my grandchildren and the children they will have, I fear the worst. Not that they can see the danger of course, so indoctrined into the ethos of multiculturalism have they been by the education system. They sincerely believe that I and those who think as I do are antediluvian dinosaurs, so I assume they will submit without a murmur of protest.

  • What a sad thought, @Stillreading… I look at my children and weep at what’s coming, for their sake.

    I think the main author is missing something. What if this is intentional to create a war? Remember, Leftists are missionaries; they believe – with “Marxianic Zeal” (my term!) that the great Socialist Utopia is inevitable.

    What if this is done with malice aforethought to create what their faith believes are the necessary preconditions?

    Socialism’s Gateway Drug


    Somehow I got to thinking… if this is planned, and I don’t have any doubt it is planned and deliberate, then what’s the end goal? Mere self-hatred of one’s own race/culture is definitely a motivating force, but there has to be more.

  • A Thorpe

    As the saying goes, “In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve”. How about putting the blame for this where it really belongs? With all of us.
    It seems to me that the policies now in place are those of the Frankfurt School and their purpose is world socialism through the disruption of civilised society. The socialists have been very successful in using equality and human rights which appeal to the younger generations.
    Have you asked why “the brightest and best” in Europe fought in the wars started by our leaders? Women in WWI branded their husbands, brothers and sons as cowards if they did not volunteer. The only response of intelligent people to our war mongering leaders is to refuse to fight.
    Also if the immigrants are so dim how can they take over the west?
    When the economies crash, Germany, Italy and France will come out reasonably well and the UK will be destroyed. Look the gold reserves of each to see why.
    Don’t blame the immigrants. Blame our polticians and the people who vote for them.

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