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Written in Brussels, by Brussels, for Brussels

(Thursday blog)

UK surrenders to Germany

Yesterday I tried to explain that treacherous, lying, duplicitous Theresa May’s supposed ‘deal’ was a complete capitulation to the EU. Throughout the whole supposed ‘negotiation’ May has sidelined her two supposed ‘Brexit secretaries’ and instead huddled with Remoaner civil servants to concoct an abject surrender to the German-run EU – a surrender written in Brussels, by Brussels, for Brussels..

So, my thanks to a reader for providing a link to this article from the Spectator which explains in legalistic detail just 40 of the worst horrors hidden away in May’s surrender

To paraphrase a real leader “never in the history of human affairs has so much been given away so easily by so few at the expense of so many”.

And now, with the weight of the whole ‘Davocracy’ establishment behind it, it looks likely that May’s capitulation to Germany will be pushed through by our globalist, UK-hating rulers condemning us to be a vassal state under the control of a German Fourth Reich run from Brussels in perpetuity

What a betrayal of the Leave vote! What a disaster for Britain!

Arleene, Arleene, Arleene, Arleeeeene

And here, to cheer us up, is traitor Theresa begging the DUP to support her plan:

7 comments to Written in Brussels, by Brussels, for Brussels

  • Stillreading

    Have others observed how the dismissive contempt most senior politicians evidently feel for us is exemplified by the way in which in broadcast interviews they invariably refer to us as “they” or “people”, thus separating themselves from the electorate? Unintentional presumably, but very revealing. “They” think this, “people” want that. Not even “THE people”, a collective which invests the term with at least some dignity. The majority of us are not a subspecies of ignorant rabble. We are the Electorate who put the politicians where they are. We pay their salaries. They are indebted to us for every interview they give. No politician knows what I or the rest of the electorate are thinking or wanting at any particular time in any specific context, so how dare he or she speak apparently authoritatively for me and my opinions and wishes? If senior politicians, the sort who are regularly interviewed on broadcast media, were to get out more amongst their electorate and listen to the views of we who put them where they are, they might begin to understand how WE feel, not THEY. Just a thought. I doubt Theresa May has the slightest idea of the utter rage simmering right now in the minds of a large proportion of traditional Tory voters over the Brexit Betrayal. WE are incandescent and many of us may well never vote Tory again.

  • david brown

    Telegraph today latest immigration figures released from the Office of National Statistics from outside the EU , year end June, in 12 months over 240, 000 more people came into the country than left . This figure excludes EU nationals.
    How many of these extra 240,000 are from Muslim countries?

  • loppoman

    ITV news last night gave us a dramatic report into bullying suffered by an Syrian schoolboy and his sister. “What kind of society have we become” was the newsreader’s comment.
    Whilst in no way condoning this behaviour it is not the frustrated public who are to blame. The blame lies squarely with the British government who have allowed excessive immigration from Africa and the ME. The people had not been consulted whether these incomers would be welcomed and, clearly, this incident and many others demonstrate that, generally, they are not welcome for various cultural and other reasons.
    Just today we learn that net migration from outside the EU is the highest for 14 years.
    I rest my case.

  • Stillreading

    248,000 according to BBC news a few moments ago. In other words, close on a quarter million. And those are only the ones we know about! As to their cultural affiliations, as they are non-EU one draws one’s own conclusions.
    Meanwhile, our Government refuses to offer asylum to ONE beleaguered Christian Pakistani woman whose life will remain in constant immediate danger as long as she remains in that appalling country.

  • Stillreading

    I too saw the news about the Syrian schoolboy being bullied, and very unpleasant it was. I am totally confident that none of my grandchildren would ever take part in such savagery. However, having witnessed the boy being kicked around, we were then told that the boy’s sister, at the same school, is now suffering the same sort of thing, having decided to start wearing a hijab to school. Provocative, or what? Knowing how the son was suffering, for the daughter deliberately to single herself out, at the same school, seemed rather ill-advised at best. What is the parents’ role in their host country? Do they want their children to be victims?

  • William Boreham

    If both May and the EU agreed to this deal, then we KNOW it cannot be other than a total calamity for our nation and people.

  • ross2

    Come on am I the only one who saw this coming a mile off. It all started when Gina Miller won the high court case in 2016 to give parliament a final say.

    Seems innocent enough until you realise its stacked with remainers, itching to engineer a roadmap to a 2nd referendum which they have:-

    1. Labour creates some impossible demands or it wont accept vote for the deal

    2. They say they will reject the (any deal) then demand an election (unlikely)

    3. Failing that a 2nd referendum, they even admitted so yesterday.

    4. Project fear in fall steam pumping out its end of the world porn to tilt the vote when the time comes.

    Am I the only one that can see this, why is nobody seeing this??

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