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Migration is good for us! Diversity is our strength!

(Friday blog)

Wow, it’s so exciting! I almost can’t wait! Less than two weeks to go before Britain signs up to the wonderful United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Yipppeee!

Of course, some countries have leaders that are patriotic and understand they have been elected to represent the interests of their citizens and so have refused to sign this brilliant agreement. So far, countries that have pulled out are the United States, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Israel, and Estonia, with Australia, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland likely to follow. But these countries are run by what our Davos globalist heroes like Merkel and Macron and Soros and suchlike contemptuously call “nationalists“. You have to realise that “nationalists” are bad, “globalists” are good!

Britain will, of course, sign.

And naturally there are waaacccissst, cynical critics who have dubbed the agreement a ‘suicide pact’ that will destroy Western culture and civilisation because migration to the wealthy West will become a human right for hundreds of millions of usually illiterate, usually ignorant, often low-IQ, often violent, often intolerant, usually unemployable, frequently deeply criminal Third-World migrants.

Critics have also pointed out that:.

  • the word “right” appears more than 100 times in the agreement
  • the word “democracy” doesn’t appear once
  • migrants are given legal rights to everything from social services to health care
  • migrants are given the legal right to bring all family members with them, no matter their skill or fit

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to erasing international borders, this UN deal also targets any local citizens who might object to their country being turned into a massive refugee camp.

  • it requires pro-migrant information to be part of school curriculums
  • it requires governments to “sensitize” and “educate” the news media, and to punish any media that don’t support mass migration

An earlier United Nations report gives suggested levels for migration for the years 2000 to 2050:

Germany – 40 million; Italy – 35 million; the EU – 153 million; Europe in total – 235 million.

The USA and the UK get off quite lightly in this total catastrophe with the USA scheduled for 44 million (because the US has already been so thoroughly enriched by migrants and criminal gangs from Latin America) and the UK getting a mere 13 million (I guess because we have so many multi-cultural enrichers here already busy raping, robbing and murdering while getting benefits, free housing, free healthcare, free everything). Though the one person Britain won’t allow into our country is Pakistani Christian Aasia Bibi who will be slaughtered by our friends from the world’s most farouritest religion unless she can find asylum in a safe country.

Some backward, prehistoric fools in the West have even suggested that the more diverse a country’s population is, the less cohesive that society will be and that too much diversity can lead to civil war as different groups fight for that country’s resources and political power.

But I’m a brain-dead libtard snowflake and so I don’t believe any of that negativity. “Tear down the borders!” I say, “let everyone in!”

Our future is so exciting with all these excellent people coming to enrich our lives in the West.

Here’s a United Nations video telling us how wonderful things will be. Although, this agreement is so fantastic that almost all the Western mainstream media have chosen to avoid mentioning it.

Hooray for migration! Hooray for the United Nations!


6 comments to Migration is good for us! Diversity is our strength!

  • loppoman

    I have sent emails to the BBC, ITV, Channel4 stating that as all media claim to report news in a fair, accurate and balanced way, I and other listeners/viewers, very much look forward to in-depth discussions and comment on this important signing.
    Let’s see what it brings.

  • William Boreham

    We are all doomed anyway; I think it was Niall Ferguson who sad that Europe is committing demographic suicide, systematically depopulating itself in the greatest sustained reduction in European population since the Black Death in the fourteenth centuy. Muslims and Africans are filling the vacuum and as of now, there is nothing to stop them. Can anyone see a single European leader capable of leading the fightback?

  • A Thorpe

    It is looking increasingly like the last 2000 years or so of human existence has been a blip and we are heading backwards to the real dark ages.

  • Jerry

    This is the end of the UK – everything we fought for, everything we built and invested in. All gone if this goes ahead.
    Social services, education and the emergency response teams already cannot cope; this will break them.
    I am very very worried

  • ruts

    To quote a certain Mr Daltrey, “I hope I die before I get old” as I’ve no wish to live through the destruction of my once proud nation. Will anyone, can anyone, come forth to save us from this great betrayal…?

  • Stillreading

    I am in quiet despair. I’ve worked all my life to build a financially secure, although certainly not affluent, lifestyle, with the intention of eventually leaving what I have accrued to my children, so that their lives and those of my grandchildren may be that bit more comfortable. I fear that when the flow of highly educated, law-abiding, hard-working, eager to integrate, culturally tolerant immigrants increases uncontrollably – as it will when this document has been signed – the only way in which the Government will be able to provide for them everything to which they will be entitled will be by confiscating everything accessible from the indigenous UK population. They won’t call it confiscation of course; it will be done in the form of augmented taxation on anything material the Treasury can get its hands on.

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