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Why are IQ levels falling? Because of “Merkel’s morons”?

(Tuesday blog)

McNamara’s Morons

I don’t think I’ve told you about “McNamara’s morons”. During the Vietnam War, the US military was desperately short of manpower. Large numbers of young men didn’t want to get killed and so found ways of avoiding the draft. So, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara had a cunning plan. It was called “Project 100,000”. The idea was to accept 100,000 men a year who had much lower intelligence levels than the US military had been prepared to accept in the past.

By the end of the war, McNamara’s program had taken 354,000 such men into the armed forces — 71% in the Army, 10% in the Marine Corps, 10% in the Navy, and 9% in the Air Force. Among the troops, these men were often known as “McNamara’s Morons” or “the Moron Corps” or “McNamara’s Boys”.

Many of these men were illiterate and, in spite of intensive training, many never learned how to shoot a rifle or throw a grenade and were more of a danger to themselves and their fellow soldiers than they were to the enemy.

Now the US military will not accept anyone with an IQ of below 85.  The average IQ in most advanced Western countries is, of course, around 100 and about 16% of the population will have an IQ lower than 85:

Falling IQs?

Here’s a small part of a report from the Times:

The IQ scores of young people have begun to fall after rising steadily since the Second World War, according to the first authoritative study of the phenomenon. The turning point marks the end of a well-known but poorly understood trend known as the Flynn effect, in which average IQs have risen by about three points a decade for the past 60 or 70 years.”

The decline, which is equivalent to at least seven points per generation, is thought to have started with the cohort born in 1975, who reached adulthood in the early Nineties.

Nothing to do with immigration

Scientists have given many excellent explanations as to why IQ levels appear to be falling. Some say that the deterioration could be down to changes in the way maths and languages are taught, or to a shift from reading books to spending time on television and computers.

Others have argued that the nature of intelligence is changing in the digital age and cannot be captured with traditional IQ tests.

The one issue nobody dares mention is immigration – could falling IQ levels in any way be linked to the fact that we may be importing millions of migrants from countries with much lower average IQs than we have in the West?

This takes us to a chart I have used many times which suggests that there are significant differences in IQ levels between different parts of the world and it links average IQ levels to GDP per head:

If we go back to McNamara’s Morons and if we believe the figures in the above chart, then it looks likely that we are importing many people with IQs close to or even below 85. This means their IQ is too low for them to function in an advanced Western society however much training and help they are given.

Merkel’s Morons?

And here’s a rather boring, but worryingly factual, video from Germany in which we get two rather conflicting views of the ‘benefits’ migrants will bring to Germany. One ‘expert’ thinks the migrants are highly educated and will make a huge contribution. The other explains why most of the millions imported by Merkel – (“Merkel’s Morons”?) – will be a massive burden on German society for their whole lives not to mention all the many tens of thousands of crimes and rapes they’ll commit every year:

3 comments to Why are IQ levels falling? Because of “Merkel’s morons”?

  • A Thorpe

    The reason Africa has a low income is because of corrupt governments and the lack of investment since nobody is going to invest there. Who can blame the people wanting to leave and many have proven that they are intelligent.

    Is IQ of any real value anyway. Many millions with a high IQ believe in God but there is not one piece of evidence to prove that God exists. What does that tell you about IQ? Some of these fools sit in the House of Lords.

    Isolate a group of people with the highest IQ in the rainforest and they will soon be dead, but people with a low IQ by our measure survive.

    Many people and every government believes that we are Gods and that we can control the climate and make the earth’s average temperature anything we want. The masses are idiots that don’t realise that an average temperature is completely meaningless. Education has been wasted on them. Even Stephen Hawking, Brian Cox and Richard Dawkins believe that we are changing the climate and can control it.

    The proof is simple. Take two lumps of metal and weigh them. Add the two masses together. Then weigh the two together and the weight will be the same as the sum. The same thing applies to the length of two pieces of wood. Work it out. Mass and length are properties determined by the size of an object. Because the total means something an average can be calculated. It does not mean than much. Not much can be said about the number and weight of the items from the average. Average mass can be used to determine loading on planes and the average height could be used to decide the headroom and seat spacing.

    Now consider two containers of water of different size and temperature, say 30C and 6C. Their total temperature is 36C but it is utterly meaningless because temperature it not determined by the size of the system. The average would be 18C but that is equally meaningless. Mix the two containers together and the temperature will not be 18C. If they containers are left in a room at 20C they will both reach 20C. The new average is 20C, so have they increased in temperature by 2C. Of course not but that is how climate scientists inflict their fraud on us. Take the average temperature of the tropics and the poles. It is meaningless and it is still meaningless if more locations are added to the average. So what is the point of a high IQ when people are incapable of rational thinking.

    The entire fake science of climate change is effectively based on average temperatures. The fundamental law of physics – conservation of energy – is changed to a new law based on energy balance, which is not the same at all, and it is not even based on energy. It is based on energy density. It is more or less like adding temperatures and believing that the total means something.

    A high IQ does little for Western thought.

  • william boreham

    Busy day, just seen this above:

    “The reason Africa has a low income is because of corrupt governments and the lack of investment since nobody is going to invest there.”

    What nonsense – the low IQ of blacks was been understood from everyday observation long before it became established by intelligence tests. For instance, in the eighteenth century David Hume wrote that “I am apt to suspect that Negroes are naturally inferior to whites. There is no ingenious manufacture amongst them, no arts, no sciences”. The first explorers of Africa reached the same conclusion. Mungo Park, who visited west Africa in 1795 and made his way up the Gambia and Niger rivers, noted that the African peoples had no written language and little that could be described as civilisation. He described the Africans as living in “small and incommodious hovels: a circular mud wall about four feet high, upon which is placed a conical roof, composed of bamboo cane, and thatched with grass, forms alike the palace of the king and the hovel of the slave”.

  • Carlos

    Of course immigration is one of the big factors but there is another one that has to do with the fluoridation of water. Several clinical and experimental studies have reported that the F induces changes in cerebral morphology and biochemistry that affect the neurological development of individuals as well as cognitive processes, such as learning and memory. F can be toxic by ingesting one part per million (ppm), and the effects they are not immediate, as they can take 20 years or more to become evident.

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