December 2016
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More sickening media bias against Trump and Putin exposed

There has been little difference between Labour and Tories or Democrats and Republicans or the main French or German or Dutch or Spanish or Italian political parties over the last 30 to 40 years. They all supported a vaguely centrist ideology letting voters believe they were somehow in control while politicians, bankers, bureaucrats and business […]

From “Year of the Sore Loser” to “Year the Establishment Fights Back”

At this time of year, mainstream media pundits love to blether on about the year gone by and predict what will happen next year. So, here’s my pathetic attempt to summarise 2016 and predict 2017.

It’s clear that 2016 has been the “Year of the Sore Loser”. For the first time in 50 or even […]

She deserved it! She was out on her own!

Here’s a typical scene from today’s Germanistan. It shows an ordinary German woman being kicked down some stairs in the Berlin metro.

All I can say is that she deserved it, and worse. Maybe they should have raped her too? After all, even though she’s a Western woman, why wasn’t she wearing a veil?

In […]

Nobody lies quite as well as recidivist liar Obama

Here’s a new video you really should watch – it’s only about one minute. It shows the USA’s second most useless president of modern times (Carter was, of course, the most useless) lying and lying and lying.

In the video, Obummer claims there have been no terrorist attacks on the USA during his eight years […]

The problem is – there are too many Syrians (and Yemenis and……………..)

Rejoice! Rejoice! Assad is winning! Obama is losing!

Be happy! Be overjoyed! There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation. The Western-educated, religiously-tolerant Syrian president Bashar ‘Basher’ Al-Assad finally seems to be making military progress against the crazy, inbred, IQ-deficient, West-loathing, rape-obsessed, bearded morons so eagerly supported by Hussein Obama […]

The real Richmond Park story the BBC ‘forgot’ to tell you

Ooops. It seems my website might be working again. Who knows how long that will last?

So, just a short piece today

Richmond Park – the real story

Last week the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation went into orgasms of rapture when the (IMHO) pompous, self-regarding, egotistical, treacherous multi-millionaire scumbag Zacharias Goldschmidt lost his parliamentary seat in […]

Migration – perhaps quality is more important than quantity?

There was the usual huffing and puffing from left and right last week when the latest migration figures were released. These showed that over the last 12 months 633,000 people (12,115 a week) arrived in the UK while 306,000 people (5,885 a week) left giving a net migration figure of 327,000 (6,288 a week):

Apologies for ‘disappearing’

I’ve just tried to move my website from Webage, who were charging me £178 a year, to HostingUK, who charge about £40 a year.

I thought this would be simple. But as I found out from 12 years having to flog second-hand, not-fit-for-purpose IT systems for one of the world’s largest IT systems companies – […]

Afghanistan 2015. But is that 2015 AD? Or 2015 BC?

Here’s a heartwarming (for members of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace) video apparently of a 19-year-old girl being stoned to death for refusing to marry an older man.

It’s claimed that this was filmed in 2015. But would that be 2015 AD or 2015 BC?

Or perhaps the problem is that almost the whole […]