July 2024

Nobody lies quite as well as recidivist liar Obama

Here’s a new video you really should watch – it’s only about one minute. It shows the USA’s second most useless president of modern times (Carter was, of course, the most useless) lying and lying and lying.

In the video, Obummer claims there have been no terrorist attacks on the USA during his eight years pretending to be president.

There are two things to note. One is how brazenly the useless Obummer lies.

The other is the contrast between the two main parts of Obummer’s audience. There are the paid Obummerphiliacs who whoop and scream like demented, emotionally-incontinent apes at whatever the Great Obummer says. The other group are American servicemen who look decidedly unimpressed at the heroic, terror-fighting Obummer’s ludicrous claims.

Oh, and just in case Obummer wasn’t aware of it, while he was pretending to be president there were 16 Religion of Peace attacks on American soil killing over 100 innocents and wounding over 300. But why would Obummer care? These won’t affect him and his family. He’ll live like a multi-millionaire for the rest of his life and will always be protected by taxpayer-funded security guards against the crazies he invited into America to kill Americans and wreck American society.

Here is the lying Obummer:

1 comment to Nobody lies quite as well as recidivist liar Obama

  • zx80

    Obamas just like every other prostitute of the tongue so Im hardly surprised by any of the sewage that spills out of his front facing orifice..

    Ive had a train of thought of late regarding politicians and the lie that theyre here to serve us, their adoring public, that goes along these lines.

    Politicians are as we are all aware, quite fond of reminding us how theyre simply where they are in order to “represent” our views and work for us to deliver the type of country WE want.
    Obviously theyre supporters of the democratic process and of the whole idea of democracy itself.
    Or are they?
    Well it seems not, in the case of brexit for example there are a number of them who are actively seeking to go against the wishes of the public and quite rightly they need to be expunged from the positions they hold so dear to them and us…
    Exploring the idea of politicians supporting democratic decisions and representative democracy itself id like to posit the following scenario.
    The public begin to see the destruction of their country via the introduction of self segregatory ethnic groups and their religion and demand a wholesale clearout of such groups and their pernicious influences.
    The publics views become ever more severe and against the politically held opinions of those in parliament.
    Now, are they in the houses of parliament going to do as the majority of the public want (represnting their wishes)and start to remove the aforementioned groups and all vestiges of their presence, or will they allow their own political leanings to govern their actions in frustrating the publics will?

    I suspect I know the outcome already and it wont be a good day for so called representative democracy.

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