November 2018
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She deserved it! She was out on her own!

Here’s a typical scene from today’s Germanistan. It shows an ordinary German woman being kicked down some stairs in the Berlin metro.

All I can say is that she deserved it, and worse. Maybe they should have raped her too? After all, even though she’s a Western woman, why wasn’t she wearing a veil?

In fact, why was she out on her own at all? She should either have been at home producing mini-jihadis for some primitive, inbred, low-IQ, violent, intolerant rapefugee or else she should only have gone out accompanied by a male relative.

When are German women going to understand the new way of life Angela “Mad Cow” Merkel is imposing on their country? When are German women going to learn how to integrate with the ‘new Germans’?

Naturally and understandably, although the police had clear images of the woman’s attackers, they took no action.

The attackers were actually only helping the police by imposing Sharia Law – German courts have recently ruled that Sharia patrols and Sharia justice are now lawful in Germany.

So watch out German women. Stay at home or risk the consequences:

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