July 2024

The problem is – there are too many Syrians (and Yemenis and……………..)

Rejoice! Rejoice! Assad is winning! Obama is losing!

Be happy! Be overjoyed! There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation. The Western-educated, religiously-tolerant Syrian president Bashar ‘Basher’ Al-Assad finally seems to be making military progress against the crazy, inbred, IQ-deficient, West-loathing, rape-obsessed, bearded morons so eagerly supported by Hussein Obama and the rest of the supposedly ‘liberal, progressive’ Western leaders.

With any luck, Assad (helped by Putin) will soon crush Obama’s beloved, mouth-frothing, I-love-my-snackbar-screaming, violent lunatics. Oh what happiness to see the BBC so sad at the prospect of their Religion of Peace buddies being sent to Paradise by Mr Assad and Mr Putin.

Meanwhile, our screens are full of sad-looking luvvies appealing for us to give our money to save Syrian children while the luvvies hide away their own millions in clever tax-avoidance schemes.

So, let me say the unsayable. Why bother donating money to people who will grow up to hate and kill us? After all, there are already far too many Syrians. There are also far too many Yemenis and Egyptians and Somalis and Ethiopians and and and………….

Why does nobody ever mention “population”?

There is one common feature of all the countries where there is war and/or total misery. All the countries which are now sending their invading hordes of primitive subhumans to conquer Europe share one feature that you don’t see in developed countries. That feature is explosive population growth that far exceeds any possible economic growth.

As the Chinese realised when they introduced their one-child policy – if a country’s population growth exceeds economic growth, that country will become poorer and eventually collapse into a fight for limited resources between various warring factions. Thus, since the 1960s, China has managed to pull over 600 million people out of poverty. Meanwhile Arab and African countries have managed to breed around 600 million people into ever-worsening poverty

Here’s Syria’s population growth:


Notice the difference between *sl*mocrazy Syria and the more westernised Tunisia.

And here’s Third-World cesspit Ethiopia:


Yet all we hear from the luvvies is “give money, give money, give money”. I would give money if it was used for population control, not to further increase the teeming, increasingly impoverished hordes.

And here are some primitive, utterly corrupt, ludicrously misgoverned, basket-case, excrement-covered African countries:

population other african countries

And here’s the result of this overpopulation – the invasion of Europe:


The destruction of European civilisation:


It will happen. It cannot be avoided. The population growth charts prove this.

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  • David Brown

    The Green Party want to increase immigration into England which already has more people per square mile than any other EU member state and more than India or China.
    18 % per of migrants to the UK come from the Indian sub-continent mostly from the Muslim parts.Under family re-union Pakistanis males in England import their wives which results in chain migration. The UK Muslim population doubles every ten years by immigration and higher birth rates. 8% of primary school children are Muslim.

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