November 2018
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Afghanistan 2015. But is that 2015 AD? Or 2015 BC?

Here’s a heartwarming (for members of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace) video apparently of a 19-year-old girl being stoned to death for refusing to marry an older man.

It’s claimed that this was filmed in 2015. But would that be 2015 AD or 2015 BC?

Or perhaps the problem is that almost the whole world is living in the 21st Century AD but our 1.2 billion friends from the One and Only True Religion are, unfortunately, still living in the 21st Century BC?

4 comments to Afghanistan 2015. But is that 2015 AD? Or 2015 BC?

  • MGJ

    No doubt the Social Justice brigade will find some way to blame white racism as they run to their safe spaces and whine about how mentioning this sort of thing weally hurts their feelings.

  • Roy Hartwell

    It might be time to wheel out the tactical nuclears !

  • NoMore

    What will happen first, Brexit or the first stoning on European soil by Afghan invaders?

  • PoppaBear

    O/T but I was worried that you had been ‘disappeared. as every time I tried to access this site I got a message saying ‘DNS not found’. So Glad you are back again !

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