July 2024

From “Year of the Sore Loser” to “Year the Establishment Fights Back”

At this time of year, mainstream media pundits love to blether on about the year gone by and predict what will happen next year. So, here’s my pathetic attempt to summarise 2016 and predict 2017.

It’s clear that 2016 has been the “Year of the Sore Loser”. For the first time in 50 or even 100 years, the electorates in Britain and the USA refused to vote the way they were instructed by their intellectually and morally superior rulers. This caused shock and horror among the Establishment.

In fact, the Establishment and sycophantically ‘progressive’ mainstream media still don’t accept the results of either the British EU referendum or Trump’s election. In Britain, there’s a veritable convoy of court cases being launched by well-funded Establishment stooges to try to prevent Britain leaving the corrupt, undemocratic, failing EU superstate. Meanwhile in both Britain and the USA, every single word Trump utters and every action he takes (however sensible they are) are met with a storm of mainstream media derision.

But while 2016 may be the year us pig-ignorant plebs voted for freedom, sadly 2017 will be the year the Establishment fights back.

As we’ve just seen in Austria, stupid, square-headed, ‘ve vere only obeying orders’ Krauts (sorry, slip of the finger, I meant our “enlightened Germanic friends”) always vote the way they are told by their superiors. Hitler proved that. In Austria they’ve just elected a lefty, *sl*mophiliac, West-loathing traitor as president and in 2017 Germany will once again elect Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel – the Destroyer of Europe – as German chancellor.

In France and the Netherlands, the Establishment (left and centrist parties) will unite to prevent Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders getting anywhere near power. And the bankrupt, financially-incontinent Italians, Spanish, Portuguese and Greeks will be told in no uncertain terms that, if they wish to continue suckling hungrily on the tumescent teats of stupid German taxpayers’ largesse, then they will have to fall into line by admitting the inbred, low-IQ, violent, invasion army and by silencing any person who dares ctiricise the EUSSR or the Third-World invasion and destruction of the West.

Oh, and here are some jolly headlines from the last few days proving that mass migration from the world’s worst cesspits benefits us all:

Austria – in Vienna M*sl*m migrant stabs two men killing one

Sweden – migrant serial sex offender will not be deported

Germany – migrant used Amazon gift cards to buy materials to make a bomb

Egypt – bomb kills 29 Coptic Christians, most of Egypt celebrates

ISIL – boy raped by ISIL commander thrown off a roof and then stoned to death

UK – migrant planning terror attacks cannot be deported (or even named) as this would breach his human rights

Austria – number of female Jihadists higher than expected

Greece – migrant shoots police officer

USA – suspected hate attack on mosque turns out to be a M*sl*m man setting fire to his local mosque

UK – migrant dodges deportation and begins rape spree

Sweden – migrants masturbate, urinate and defecate in Swedish churches

Germany – three youths convicted of bombing at Sikh wedding. Bomb materials bought on Amazon

3 comments to From “Year of the Sore Loser” to “Year the Establishment Fights Back”

  • NoMore

    I am hoping that in 2017 the establishment will realise that you cannot stop a la King Canute an idea whose time has come. Too many people of Europe have now woken up (still many somnambulists of course) and moving the political spectrum further towards if not the Right then Patriotism. The Internazis will try and fight back but my great hope is Italy – if 5Star and Lega Nord get in power early next year the Euro will start to fall and hopefully bring the whole rotten project down with it.

  • MGJ

    Trump and Brexit won because of social media exposing the lies of the MSM within minutes of their appearance. So whatever else 2017 brings, I think it will be the year of mass censorship.

    With Twitter and Facebook already already deleting the accounts of anybody that contradicts their narrative and a MSM bombarding us with lies, they can only be effective if the Internet can be controlled and sites telling the truth are shut down or intimidated.

    On a brighter note, propaganda – as with hypnosis – only works on those who already want to believe. Despite the best efforts of our terrible state education system, there is still a good number of people capable of thinking for themselves.

  • Judd

    I wouldn’t take too much notice of which way Germanic people vote, they’re just making sure history repeats itself to bring about another round of self destruction, they seem unable to break this cycle of self ruin.
    We’re better keeping them at arms length, and hopefully Brexit will see that happen.

    The establishment would dearly love to cram the internet genie back in its bottle, too late, too many people have had their eyes opened and millions now realise the state broadcaster is the propaganda arm of that self serving elite.

    Censorship will only confirm the 17 millions soul’s conclusions that our country is in peril, if they want to see what 17 million pissed off Britons are capable of then do your worst, in a way i’d like to see them scupper Brexit, high time our political and cultural gaolers found out what we really think of them.

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