July 2024

The real Richmond Park story the BBC ‘forgot’ to tell you

Ooops. It seems my website might be working again. Who knows how long that will last?

So, just a short piece today

Richmond Park – the real story

Last week the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation went into orgasms of rapture when the (IMHO) pompous, self-regarding, egotistical, treacherous multi-millionaire scumbag Zacharias Goldschmidt lost his parliamentary seat in a completely unnecessary by-election.

The (IMHO) treacherous, UK-hating Goldschmidt knew that the Government, he supposedly supported, only had a 12-seat majority. Yet he was more than happy to allow that slender majority to be reduced just to satisfy his own hyper-inflated ego. Thank goodness this piece of excrement is now gone and hopefully the useless, spoilt Goldschitt brat will now concentrate on wasting the millions his father gave him and stop trying to play at being a politician.

Anyway, enough of Goldscum, back to the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

When gleefully drooling over Goldschite’s defeat by a Europhiliac LibDem, the BBC quickly mentioned that “the other candidates lost their deposits”. But who were the other candidates who “lost their deposits”? This is where the story get more interesting.

Those who lost their deposits because they got less than 5% of the vote included the Monster Raving Loony Party, the Christian People’s Party and the One Love Party. So, no surprise there.

But, hold on a minute. There was one other party standing. Yup, it was none other than Her Majesty’s Official Opposition – the Labour Party. In the 2015 General Election, Labour got 7,296 votes – 12.3% of the votes cast. In the totally unnecessary 2016 by-election, Labour’s vote dropped to 1,515 – a mere 3.7% of votes cast.

There you have it folks – the party loved by the Guardian-reading BBC, the party that is meant to be the official opposition, the party led by Jeremy ‘Karl  Marx’ Corbyn saw its vote collapse by around 80%.

Of course, Goldturd’s defeat to the LibDem was the main story of the Richmond Park by-election. But it is astonishing that neither the BBC nor Channel 4 news nor any other mainstream news channel spent any time at all reporting on the massively embarrassing collapse of the Labour vote.

Meanwhile in the cities of Englandistan

I sometimes look at a website called BareNakedIslam. It’s hopelessly biased, of course. For example, to supposedly show British M*sl*ms’ hatred of dogs BareNakedIslam featured a photo of a notice saying “No Dogs – May to September”.


Unfortunately for the truth, this notice didn’t appear in a M*sl*m area of one of our cities. It was actually on a beach and it is quite normal in Britain for dogs to be banned from beaches during what we optimistically call our ‘summer’.

However, I did notice that BareNakedIslam used a chart I produced a year or so ago to show the *sl*mification of our major cities:


Within some of our lives, and definitely within our children’s lives, there will be two Englands. The white England of small towns and the countryside and our increasingly Third-World, violent, backward *sl*mic cities where white English faces will be a rarity.

3 comments to The real Richmond Park story the BBC ‘forgot’ to tell you

  • Chris

    There’s another story too, Apparently someone (perhaps connected to the Lib Dems) tried to bribe the Green Party not to stand. Caroline Lucas was reportedly tempted by a £100,000 donation!

  • Moham-Abdul

    u r so full of hate
    islam is the religion of peace
    the only thing people need

  • John Fields

    As a lifelong labour supporter I will never vote for them
    again as long as the present leadership considers
    terrorist groups to be their friends.

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