February 2016

How could this happen?

And here’s how Hitler reacted when he heard Corbyn had been elected Labour leader:


Mad bearded moron explains what your 72 virgins will be like – no, this is not a spoof

Beware Cameron’s revenge!

Sadly, I expect that however little Cameron achieves in his fake ‘negotiation’ with his EU bosses, the British people will be so cowed by warnings of disaster by the Establishment – big companies, banks, politicians, mainstream media – that the majority will still vote to stay in the collapsing, corrupt, undemocratic, sclerotic EU.

After all, […]

My computer has collapsed – so I can’t do a proper blog, but here’s…..

My computer seems to have ground to a halt and I don’t have access to a spare one and can’t do a proper blog.

So, here’s Nigel Farage demolishing Slippery Dave’s great EU renegotiation:


We know who you are! We know what you think!

In the ‘good old days’ of communism, the KGB in the former Soviet Union and Stasi in East Germany had informers in every apartment building, factory and village telling the authorities about anyone daring to say anything negative about the wonderful governments of those two unfortunate countries. Say the wrong thing in the company of […]

How the stupid will inherit (and destroy) the earth (last day)

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I’d like to leave Tuesday’s blog with the three maps up for another couple of days. The reason – I was quite pleased with how three studies by independent, non-political bodies came together to tell a story that no mainstream media would dare to cover.

The conclusion – Europe is being invaded by […]

How wonderful to hear someone dare say what they really think!

Recently I was in an Asian country where they probably haven’t heard of political correctness. In fact, they would probably be surprised to learn that in the ‘developed world’ people who say what they think risk getting destroyed either by being fired from their jobs and/or being harassed and prosecuted by the police.

Anyway, after […]

Dave asked for virtually nothing and didn’t even get that!

(Weekend blog)

The great negotiator?

It’s difficult to know whether to laugh or cry. Britain had an incredibly strong negotiating position with the useless, corrupt, undemocratic, collapsing EU. If we left, this would be catastrophic for the EU for two main reasons:

Firstly financially: Britain is the second largest contributor to EU funds:

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Hey paedophiles! Wanna have fun? Then convert to *sl*m!

Rotherham: about 1,400 underage white girls raped maybe 100 times each, gives us 140,000 rapes that the police, local politicians and authorities knew about but tried to cover up as they didn’t want to offend Rotherham’s M*sl*m community. As for how many M*sl*m men were involved – we don’t know, but probably more than fifty.


The M*sl*m conquest of Britain – it’s not an “opinion”, it’s basic arithmetic

Following the piece I did a couple of days ago about the Lancaster Plan, I received an insulting email from someone who claimed they had been a lecturer for 25 years. I suppose the lecturer (and probable Guardian reader?) thought that their lecturer status meant that their views were in some way significant as if […]