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How the stupid will inherit (and destroy) the earth (last day)

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I’d like to leave Tuesday’s blog with the three maps up for another couple of days. The reason – I was quite pleased with how three studies by independent, non-political bodies came together to tell a story that no mainstream media would dare to cover.

The conclusion – Europe is being invaded by armies of ignorant, intellectually-subnormal, uneducated, violent, religiously intolerant, backward, unemployable, barely human garbage. Anyone who tells you these scum are going to settle down, adopt our values, get education and jobs is a liar. What’s really going to happen is that Merkel’s millions are going to turn our cities and towns into filthy, crime-ridden, dangerous Third-World slums.

In case you’re interested, here are the IQ scores by country:


The average IQ score of a developed Asian or Western country is around 100. Arab countries tend to be in the low 80s. And the average IQ score of African countries is below 70. Oh dear – did the BBC and Channel 4 ‘forget’ to tell you that?

Think back to your schooldays. Remember the stupidest kid in your class or school? The child who disrupted everyone else’s education because he or she was too dumb to understand what was being taught? The child who probably became a bully at school and a worthless layabout after leaving school? Well that thick-as-ten-planks child was much more intelligent than most Arabs and was a positive genius compared to most Africans.

Here’s Donald Trump being lambasted for predicting – correctly in my opinion – that immigration will lead to the collapse of Europe and, though he doesn’t mention ‘civil war’, that may be our future:


The only way Britain can isolate itself from the coming disaster is by leaving the EU.

Anyway, here are the three politically-incorrect maps and one politically-incorrect video showing how the stupid will inherit the earth and destroy Western civilisation in the process.

IQ: First an IQ map of the world. Of course, we know that IQ is an imperfect measure. But it is at least a useful data point:

iq scores map

Our friends in African and Arab countries don’t score particularly well.

Educational achievement: Now a map of the world showing performance of different countries in the PISA test:


The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a worldwide study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in member and non-member nations of 15-year-old school pupils’ scholastic performance on mathematics, science, and reading

As you’ll see, our African and Arab cousins perform so poorly that they’re off the scale.

Fertility: Thirdly a map of the world showing fertility rates – the average number of children per female:

fertility rates

This is the one area Africans and Arabs manage to beat the West.

Invasion: And finally, here a shortish (5 mins) video giving a glimpse into the reality of the invasion of civilisation by masses of ignorant, violent, religiously-backward, illiterate, intolerant morons. (just watching a couple of minutes will give you a flavour of the whole video)

And whenever there are large numbers of low-intelligence, educationally-underachieving, prolifically-breeding Africans and/or Arabs social breakdown, poverty and war inevitably follow as night follows day.

Oh dear, this isn’t looking too good. But, of course, nobody can say what is really happening as they would be immediately branded as “waaaacccciiiisssstttt!!!!” and probably prosecuted by our politically-correct police:


2 comments to How the stupid will inherit (and destroy) the earth (last day)

  • Kensington Chubb

    So all the untold billions that Africa has received in state aid has had absolutely zero impact in improving anything other than their breeding rate yet our “leaders” seek to throw more and more money (aided and abetted by the virtue signalling “celebrities” such as Geldof and Bono) into a problem that can never be solved.

    But they won’t of course as they are so keen to demonstrate their own right-on credentials and now as well as continuing the flow of cash they accelerate our own downfall by importing untold millions sub-normal intelligence cretins.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • NoMore

    What reslly improved Africa was British colonisation which brought law and order, education, democratic frameworks and stability to formerly benighted “countries”. Interesting how Sierra Leone is very much the outlier in Africa with its comparatively MENSA-like average IQ of 91.

    Unfortunately the largely Musl!m Africans and Middle Easterners have lots of young men and plenty more on the way thanks entirely to Western medicine and charity whilst we just have old folk and treasure. As there is no political will to repel them they will naturally come first to take, then to take over. We are the stupid ones.

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