February 2024
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Hey paedophiles! Wanna have fun? Then convert to *sl*m!

Rotherham: about 1,400 underage white girls raped maybe 100 times each, gives us 140,000 rapes that the police, local politicians and authorities knew about but tried to cover up as they didn’t want to offend Rotherham’s M*sl*m community. As for how many M*sl*m men were involved – we don’t know, but probably more than fifty.

So, using simple arithmetic, if there are say another 20 towns like Rotherham, then possibly around 2,940,000 rapes were committed against underage white girls by over a thousand M*sl*m men and all were covered up by the police, local politicians and the authorities. That’s really quite a lot of rapes and rapists.

Of course, once the story broke and the cover-ups were exposed, the police pretended to do something and about 20 M*sl*m men have been arrested and convicted. So, for 2,940,000 rapes by over a thousand rapists only about 20 M*sl*m men were convicted. The message to paedophiles should be clear – if you want to rape underage girls, convert to *sl*m and you’ll be allowed to get on with your favourite hobby undisturbed.

Meanwhile up in Norway

And now we have a heart-warming story of multicultural happiness from Norway. Journalists there have recently found out that in 2015, M*sl*m men living in Norway imported 59 ‘wives’ under the age of eighteen. The 59 cases – girls coming mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq – break down as follows:

  • One girl was just eleven years old
  • Nine other girls were aged between twelve and fifteen
  • Forty nine girls were sixteen and seventeen  years old
  • At least two of the girls under eighteen were expecting their second baby

There you have it, paedophiles. Convert to *sl*m, buy yourself a child bride, have unlimited boom boom and it’s all allowed as part of multi-culturalism.

How to avoid being raped in Finland

And another story from the snowy North. Here’s a 57-second video released by the Finnish state broadcaster teaching Finnish women how to avoid being raped. No, it’s not a spoof:

Sadly this impressive  video only shows how to deal with a single rapefugee. It doesn’t make clear if the procedures advised also work with a gang of ten to twenty rapefugees.

Finally – here’s a comment from a total idiot

Some time ago I wrote a blog explaining that Russia should be our friend against our shared enemy – *sl*m. Here’s a comment I’ve just received from a reader.

If this gentleman’s understanding of world events is correct, then……………good grief, I’m lost for words!

This is a stupid one-sided post

I’m sorry but any informed intelligence agent knows that the problem wasn’t ever Islam, but the raise of Israel that started the war in the middle-east in the process of its inception. Fuck you and your counterintelpro blog. 

The reason is obvious: Once Israel became, the middle-east were outraged. In the process of attempting to cancel out their pressure against Israel, the 9/11 event happened – which again was made and perpetrated by Israel. Don’t Believe me? Search Up Rebekah Roth – Methodical Deception.

Now when 9/11 occurred the hate fulled the world against the middle-east and therefore, the middle-east were attacked unprovoked – shattering the unison of the Arabs by hitting a guilt trip on them that one of their tribes were responsible behind 9/11. 

Now, in the midst of all this, the infamous Al-qaeda/Taliban/ISIS came along for the past 20 years. All for what? To defend Israel. All roads go back to Israel. So fuck you and your shitty blog. Not to mention, Putin was raised by Jewish Parasites during the Soviet Union years.

1 comment to Hey paedophiles! Wanna have fun? Then convert to *sl*m!

  • NoMore

    So much Jew-hatred in the comment I can’t decide if this 9/11 truther is a Mozzie or a Neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist.

    If a tiny desert country of 8 million souls causes so much outrage the rest of the Middle-East cannot do anything except froth and shake its fists for 70 years perhaps they have too much time on their hands and have read their hate manual for too long. Use Israel as a template to make your own “countries” better and get over it.

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