May 2024

Beware Cameron’s revenge!

Sadly, I expect that however little Cameron achieves in his fake ‘negotiation’ with his EU bosses, the British people will be so cowed by warnings of disaster by the Establishment – big companies, banks, politicians, mainstream media – that the majority will still vote to stay in the collapsing, corrupt, undemocratic, sclerotic EU.

After all, pretty much everyone in benefits-dependent Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will vote to stay in. It’s only the English who might have to courage to want to be an independent country again, rather than just an insignificant administrative region of a failing, bureaucratic, increasingly violent *sl*mified and religiously backward EUrabia.

But just imagine a majority of us did vote to leave the EUrabia. How would the slippery liar Cameron react? There are probably three main possibilities:

1. Twist the result Slimy liar Cameron might start claiming that “I hear people’s concerns about the EU” and “I understand the message people are sending” and “I will go back and get a better deal for Britain”. Then he’ll get a few worthless, empty promises from the scum who run the EU and keep Britain in, even though we voted to leave.

cameron liar


2. Sell Britain down the river Or Cameron could accept the result. But if he’s still Prime Minister, he’ll be the one negotiating the terms of our departure. And he’ll be pretty pissed off at us for not voting the way he told us to vote. So the departure terms he’ll ‘negotiate’ will be his opportunity to get his revenge on us. He’ll sell us down the river by doing things like agreeing to pay huge amounts into EU coffers even after we’ve left, giving EU fishing fleets access to our territorial waters, allowing in millions of Merkel’s M*sl*m rapefugees and maybe even agreeing to join a joint EU army supposedly to “ensure Britain’s safety in a dangerous world”


3. Act like a patriot and statesman Thirdly, Cameron could choose to put aside his personal rancour and decide to work hard to negotiate the best possible terms for Britain’s departure. He could……..Sorry, this third option is so unlikely that it’s not worth the bother describing what it might look like.


Conclusion Cameron is such a lying, duplicitous, europhiliac, treacherous, self-serving shit that, even if we vote to leave the EU, he’ll find some way of punishing us for disobeying his orders to vote to stay.

So, beware Cameron’s revenge. Even if we vote to leave the EU, he might still find some way to destroy Britain.

3 comments to Beware Cameron’s revenge!

  • David Brown

    Cameron was a key player in the destruction of Libya . An action which enabled African migrants to cross it to reach Italy.
    In 2013 using false pretext he wanted to bomb Assad and aid ISIS to take over Syria.
    Cameron by the scale of mass immigration 330,000 net last year demonstrates he has no regard for the interests of England.Which faces either demographic destruction or semi- civil war as planed by the elites alongside economic chaos to set up a police state .

  • right-writes

    The destruction of Libya and Iraq, had far more to do with the corporatist support of the FED system than a desire to see those countries get “western” democracy… Both Sadaam and Gadaffi had been involved in attempting to threaten the Fed based oil trading system, and corporatists like Cameron and Bush and Blair had to act.

    As far as his reaction to a “leave” vote by the British…

    That should be accompanied by a Cameron/Osborne resignation.

  • MGJ

    In the unlikely event that we voted for withdrawal and it was implemented then I suspect there’d be plenty of spiteful, resentful people looking to do as much damage as possible before they had to consider getting a real job. We see a similar thing when ‘cuts’ are implemented in the public sector. Retaining useless bureaucrats while firing nurses or doctors makes for a great ‘told you so’.

    However the alternative to leaving the EU is so much worse that it is a price worth paying.

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