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How wonderful to hear someone dare say what they really think!

Recently I was in an Asian country where they probably haven’t heard of political correctness. In fact, they would probably be surprised to learn that in the ‘developed world’ people who say what they think risk getting destroyed either by being fired from their jobs and/or being harassed and prosecuted by the police.

Anyway, after I’d done a mile in the swimming pool, I fell into conversation with a French guy who tends to swim at around the same time as me. It turned out he was a former French soldier who had spent most of his military career in the worst hell-holes of the Middle East, Equatorial Africa and North Africa. Part of the time he was fighting. But most of it was as a ‘casque bleu’ – on UN monitoring and peacekeeping missions.

Moreover although he was French, he didn’t go to live in France till he was almost eighteen years old as his father, who was also in the French military, spent much of his career in the same hell-holes. The point I’m trying to make is that, as this guy had spent over thirty years growing up in and then working in the world’s most excrement-covered, violent, hopeless, basket-case countries, he probably understood more about the people and their mentality than a BBC or Channel 4 correspondent flying in First Class, staying at the best hotels, eating and drinking at the best restaurants and filing their reports always claiming that whatever savagery or human misery they were seeing was always the fault of the West and never the fault of the locals.

After discussing swimming, exercise and the meaning of life, we got talking about Africa and the Middle East. The French guy had a very clear view of things. In his opinion, most Africans and Arabs are stupid, incompetent, violent, corrupt and lazy. There was no use building factories or other useful facilities for them, he said, as they didn’t want to work. All they wanted was free handouts. And if some development agency or Western company did try to build say a factory or a power station or a sewage works, then within a few months everything of any value would be stolen and the building or power station or sewage works or whatever would be left to rot.

Of course, the politically-correct would claim this guy is a just an ignorant racist bigot. But let’s look at some facts:

Europe and the Marshall Plan: After the disaster of World War 2 (caused as usual by the Germans’ determination to rule the whole of Europe) European countries received around $20bn a year (in today’s money) for five years under the Marshall Plan. This was enough to kick-start the reconstruction of Europe and bring in a period of fifty years of prosperity for most Europeans that has probably never been matched in human history

The development aid disaster: Since 1965 Africa has received around $20bn a year (in today’s money) in aid to help the continent develop. That’s fifty years of getting a similar amount that Europe only received for five years – the equivalent of ten Marshall Plans. But where has all the money gone? Where are all the factories and power stations and highways and sewage works and the thriving middle classes? Over 80% of Africans still live on less than $2 a day. Most African countries are still violent, excrement-covered, backward, worthless hell-holes. For fifty years we’ve been paying for the same wells to provide drinking water, vaccinations, food for the starving, medical supplies and hardly a day goes buy without one of our more than 195,000 supposed ‘charities’ doing a TV appeal telling us we have to give and give and give to help impoverished Africans.

So, although I don’t have the same experience as the French guy, there seems to be ample evidence supporting his view that “most Africans and Arabs are stupid, incompetent, violent, corrupt and lazy”. The problems for us is that until a couple of years ago, these subhuman scum just spent their worthless lives wrecking their own countries. But now (invited by Angela “Mad Dog” Merkel) they’re invading Europe and will eventually turn our cities and towns into the Third-World hell-holes they have come from:

we've ruined our countries

And talking of political correctness, here’s an article you must read from the Daily Torygraph about how the creator of the children’s figure Fireman Sam was detained at Gatwick airport for making a comment about security checking a woman wearing a veil.

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