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The M*sl*m conquest of Britain – it’s not an “opinion”, it’s basic arithmetic

Following the piece I did a couple of days ago about the Lancaster Plan, I received an insulting email from someone who claimed they had been a lecturer for 25 years. I suppose the lecturer (and probable Guardian reader?) thought that their lecturer status meant that their views were in some way significant as if 25 years making many of our children illiterate, innumerate and unemployable was anything to be  proud of.

Anyway, this progressive, liberal, leftie dickhead disagreed with my statement that Britain would be taken over by M*sl*ms. He claimed that my “opinion” was wrong. Oh dear, clearly liberal progressive lefties don’t understand the difference between an “opinion” and basic arithmetic. So, I’ll dedicate today’s blog to giving a simple lesson for progressive, *sl*mophiliac, liberal, Britain-loathing lefties on the difference between “opinions” and elementary arithmetic.

Suppose I write “Jeremy Corbyn is a useless, unelectable Stalinist imbecile”. That would be an “opinion”. Though I appreciate that many readers might consider it a scientifically verifiable fact.

Now some arithmetic:

Addition: Suppose Labour MP Diane Abbott has managed to fiddle say £30,000 tax-free on her MP’s expenses and then Jeremy Corbyn bungs his former/current lover another £20,000 from Labour Party funds to help the fragrant but slightly gravitationally-challenged Diane to pay the private schools fees for her children, because New Labour have ruined all her local government schools, then Diane would have £50,000. That’s addition – £30,000 plus £20,000.

Subtraction: Suppose Diane “Hot To Trot” Abbott then pays £17,000 as the first term’s private school fees for her children, because New Labour have ruined all her local government schools, then Diane would have £33,000 left from her £50,000. That’s subtraction – £50,000 minus £17,000.

With me so far progressive liberal, *sl*mophiliac liberal lefties?

Multiplication: Now we get into some more complicated stuff – multiplication. But I’ll keep it simple for leftie lecturers and others of their ilk by only using the ‘two times’ table. Suppose that by the end of 2015 there were 3,500,000 M*sl*ms in Britain (mostly in England). And suppose the UK’s M*sl*m population doubles every twelve years due to open-door immigration and high birth rates, then by 2027 there will be 7 million M*sl*ms in Britain (mostly in England). By 2039, there will 14 million. By 2051 there will be 28 million. And by 2063 we’ll have reached 56 million.

Actually, I believe we’ll reach 56 million M*sl*ms in Britain earlier because the rate of increase of the M*sl*m population is accelerating due to a compounding effect. But I won’t go into that today as it’s far beyond the intellectual capabilities of progressive, Guardian-reading, liberal, *sl*mophiliac, Britain-loathing, Israel-hating lefties.

Hopefully, this explains the difference between an “opinion” with which people are welcome to disagree and a mathematical certainty which is proven by basic arithmetic.

It’s possibly slightly ironic that those who claim to be qualified to teach our children, like the lecturer who contacted me, seem to be those who are least capable of learning.

And if the British people fall for PR-man Dave’s fake EU negotiations and vote to stay in the EU (as they probably will), just watch the Germans, Swedes and others encourage millions of newly-arrived Muzzies to head straight for Benefits Britain. Then Cameron’s dream of Britain having a M*sl*m Prime Minister could happen a lot faster than most people could have imagined.

The problem is that when we get Cameron’s wet dream of a M*sl*m Prime Minister, we’ll probably also get a M*sl*m government. And that may not be quite so funny.

What interesting times we live in!

7 comments to The M*sl*m conquest of Britain – it’s not an “opinion”, it’s basic arithmetic

  • right_writes

    Ironic really, university used to be the place where bright young things went to learn to think…

    …Now it is the place where thinking is banned, and “groupthink” is the new black.

    Far cheaper…

    …Though you wouldn’t think so, to look at the debt burden that tertiary education inflicts on the great unwashed.

  • Brillo

    David send the idiot this brilliant lecture by Prof Bartlett. He might then be able to see the consequences of adding 2 + 2.

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Let’s face it we are well and truly screwed it’s not even up for debate anymore.

  • NoMore

    Us English non-muslims will need our own safe spaces well before 2063. They don’t do multiculturalism (or much in the way of culture itself) and religious tolerance. As soon as they get into positions of power M*slim immigration will increase dramatically as they take over control of our borders such as they are. Forced conversion, second rate jobs for non-Muslims unless you convert, white flight and people of other faiths driven out. Sorry I think I’m getting into differential calculus and division here which is far over the head of media studies lecturers.

  • Paul

    Tower Hamlets is a canary for what will happen.

  • MGJ

    Anybody coming out with the claim that they are right by virtue of their status rather than the strength of their arguments would do well to study epistemology before addressing specifics.

    However, as we are extrapolating into the future, it is a little unfair to say it is just arithmetic that matters here (although I tend to think your interpretation is at the very least a valid concern).

    BTW I agree the Bartlett lecture is excellent.

  • John Fields

    First, yes, Mr. Craig , your ‘opinion’ on Mr. Corbyn is correct. Two, what is the
    solution to our very serious Islamic problem other than mass deportation?
    although, I do believe that the answer may come from Germany. Remember, this was the
    race that slaughtered people like a stroll in the park.

  • John Fields

    May I clarify my ‘opinion’ on Mr Corbyn. If this man becomes Prime Minister then
    I will leave my beloved England. The leader of the Labour Party who classes Hamas
    and Hezbollah as friends. Who as attended rallies of these scum as an honoured
    guest. These organisations, whom he knows quite well have one aim, the
    elimination of Israel and the Jewish people. Even as I write this Hamas is
    extending it’s tunnel network for attacks on the Jews. I am a Socialist but my
    Labour vote is finished. I will not back a Party that has Mr Corbyn as leader.

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