March 2023
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Is Merkel’s cover-up of her M*sl*m migrant mayhem unravelling?

We all now know some of truth about what happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve – at least 500 robberies and sexual assaults carried out by gangs of M*sl*m migrants; no action taken by the German police to protect German girls and women; blatant lies put out by the German authorities claiming the New Year celebrations had been largely peaceful; five days of the elites – police, politicians and media – desperately battling to cover up what happened; then finally the truth started to leak out. And even when we were starting to discover what happened, Cologne’s left-wing mayor tried to put the blame for what happened on the German women, not the M*sl*m migrant men.

Now it appears there has been a massive nationwide cover-up of the scale of crimes being committed by Merkel’s M*sl*m migrant men. The German elites have repeatedly claimed they had no statistics about the number of crimes committed by migrants. But it appears that the German police had been keeping a secret register of the number of crimes committed by migrants.

Now a patriot has leaked the report from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency revealing that refugees committed over 208,344 crimes over the last 12 months. That’s around 570 a day. These crimes were mainly robbery, violence and sexual assault. And these are just the crimes that were reported and recorded. Who knows how many thousands more were not reported because the victims knew the police would do nothing or because they tried to report them but the police dissuaded them?

I rather suspect that this cover-up will not be reported by the British mainstream media as they’ll have been instructed to suppress any negative stories about migrants till after the EU in/out referendum

As the Empress of Europe, Merkel, swans around her continent giving orders to her cowering subjects while she is protected by tight security, I suspect that ordinary Germans are seeing their cities and towns being transformed into violent, dangerous slums:

If we don’t get out of Merkel’s German-controlled EU horror, then this will be Britain’s future too!

4 comments to Is Merkel’s cover-up of her M*sl*m migrant mayhem unravelling?

  • David Brown

    England needs not one but two outs/

    England out of the EU.

    Islam out OF England.

  • MGJ

    Overwhelming evidence of the policy’s suicidal consequences may make a small difference but not much.

    With the BBC and most of the MSM screaming waaciiist not just at opinions they don’t like but at facts they don’t like, and with young people having their ability to think destroyed by 15 years of state education I fear little headway will be made. In such circumstances, just repeating ‘no it isn’t’ Monty Python style seems to be all that is required to rebut any unfortunate facts that come along.

    On a related topic, I see that following the referendum announcement the BBC is being every bit as impartial as one would expect.

  • John Fields

    Thank you Peter King for an enlightening article. Free speech is one of our most
    important rights. I have come to the conclusion that UKIP is our life line to our
    English way of life. They will need to take a scrubbing brush to the present
    political system because both main parties have proved to be obsolete.
    They will need to be ruthless with our other serious problem, Islam.
    Or, will they turn out to be just another damp firework lacking the balls to do what
    is necessary, a complete reform of the Establishment to give us back our England.

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