May 2024

Fifty years of lies from Britain’s biggest charities

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Don’t give any more of your money to the overpaid, over-pensioned, self-serving, bare-faced liars at Oxfam, Save the Children, Christian Aid and UNICEF!

Why not? Because these charities (along with most aid agencies) are partly responsible for Africa’s poverty and the millions of uneducated, low-intelligence, unemployable, violent migrants that are now pouring out of basket-case Africa into Europe.

How do I get to this ‘crazy’ conclusion? Here’s how:

Since 1965, Africa has received foreign aid and charity money worth around $20bn a year (in today’s money) each year. After World War II, under the Marshall Plan Europe received around $20bn a year (in today’s money) for just five years and this kick-started the reconstruction of Europe and fifty years of prosperity for most Western Europeans.

But what happened in Africa which received the equivalent of ten Marshall Plans over the last fifty years? Where are the highways and factories? Where are the gleaming new cities? Where are the world-class hospitals and schools and colleges and leading universities and Nobel prizewinners? Where’s the prosperity that $20bn a year for fifty years should have brought?

Over 80% of Africans somehow manage to survive on less than $2 a day. Most of the money we’ve given for fifty years has been either stolen or wasted. Fifty years after money started pouring into Africa, we’re still being pressured to donate for clean water, mosquito nets and other basic items that should no longer be necessary had our money actually achieved something.

After the equivalent of ten Marshall Plans, most Africans live in squalor without electricity or running water. Most hardly get any healthcare at all. Moreover, most African children hardly get any education – no wonder the average IQ of the continent is around 70 (compared to around 100 in Europe and 103 in some parts of Asia).

For fifty years the main charities and aid agencies claimed they were achieving tremendous progress with our money. It was all lies. More Africans live in abject poverty now than before the great foreign aid and charity deluge started.

What the well-paid executives at the big charities and aid agencies didn’t tell us was that nothing was being achieved because of poor governance and corruption.


They didn’t tell us partly because they were afraid of being seen as racist if they criticised Africans and partly because they didn’t want to lose their well-paid jobs with big cars, big houses with servants and generous expense accounts while on international assignments.

The solution

Instead of lying to us for fifty years, what the charities and aid agencies should have done to try to force Africa’s failing poverty-trapped countries to reform would have been to impose conditions for receiving aid. For example, donor countries could have created say three levels of aid.

Level 1 would be emergency aid available to any country suffering a major famine, war, earthquake or other disaster.

Level 2 could be help to build schools, hospitals, roads, clean water supply and other basic infrastructure and would be dependent on that country meeting various targets in how it spent its revenues and agreeing to an external body controlling any transfer of money above perhaps $100,000 out of that country. Moreover, no citizen of that country would be allowed to hold a bank account in a foreign tax haven.

Level 3 might be assistance in power supply, sanitation, universities, house-building and agriculture providing that the country had an effective programme of population control, a democratically-elected government and at least one peaceful change of government.

Had the charities and aid agencies admitted that our money was being wasted and changed to way they worked to force change in Africa, the continent could now be prosperous and its impoverished hundreds of millions would have no need to flee to Europe. But the charities and aid agencies lied to us for fifty years.

Stop giving your money to the charlatans, cowards and liars at Oxfam, Save the Children, Christian Aid, Red Cross etc.

They lied to you for fifty years! They’re still lying to you!

And for anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s my short (3 mins) YouTube video about the foreign aid farce:

3 comments to Fifty years of lies from Britain’s biggest charities

  • NoMore

    I have pretty much. The invader crisis has even put my female relatives off donating to the likes of the Red Cross too.

    I think people resent charity after a while and grow to hate the donor – Africans tend already to have a big enough chip on their shoulders due to perceived injustices stemming from colonisation, slavery etc. and tend to see the endless aid money pouring into the sieve as their due and are not grateful for it.

    Charity to Afica from now on should focus on self-help, education and family planning – those not directly funding these 3 objectives should be starved of donations and support.

  • David Brown

    NOMORE Family Planing is the crucial factor if women in Africa have four children on average that means a doubling of the population.It should be a rule that nothing is donated either taxpayers money or by aid agencies to any country which does not have a family planing programme.

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