February 2023
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Is Trump the man who can save America?

As our gutless Prime Minister and worthless, lying Chancellor do their best to sell our country out to German control, in America Donald Trump is smashing down his opponents to be president by standing up for America.

I don’t know what Trump’s policies are (if he has any). But I have grasped a few of his key opinions:

The sell-out – America has been betrayed by a political establishment that is only interested in enriching itself and is in the pockets of the banks (particularly Goldman Sachs) and the big corporations

The pointless wars – America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were led by incompetents and fools who had no idea what they were doing

The Iraq lies – The Bush administration lied to the American people about Saddam’s supposed WMDs to justify their invasion

Destruction of jobs – Hopelessly negotiated trade deals (especially with China, Japan and Mexico) have wrecked American industry, destroyed millions of American jobs and pushed down the wages of those still in work

Stop M*sl*m immigration –  M*sl*m immigration has been almost as disastrous for the US as it has for Europe and new plots by American M*sl*ms to kill Americans are being discovered every week

If I was an American, I’d be agreeing with everything Trump is saying.

Trump may be rich. Trump may have inherited a lot of his money. And like any dealmaker, some of his deals have been successful and some have been failures. But at least he’s not a corrupt, parasitical, self-serving, Washington insider. He represents the interests of the American people, not the elites. No wonder the Washington elites are so scared of him.

Here’s a short (4 minutes) quite eloquent video of New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, at a Trump rally in Texas a couple of days ago explaining why he supports Trump for president:

2 comments to Is Trump the man who can save America?

  • Anthem

    I’ve always thought that the best people to be in charge of a country are the people who actually have no real interest in being in charge but do it because they are sick of the trash that gets into the position.

    That requires someone who is already mega-rich and perhaps getting on in years.

    This means that they are less likely to be swayed by the odd “bung” here and there (they don’t need it) and any promises made to them of what it might mean for their future fall on deaf ears (been there, done that… I could tell YOU how it’s done).

  • NoMore

    Patriots not idealogues! Go Trump!

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