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In America there’s still freedom of speech

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Here’s a short (3 minutes) clip of a US radio presenter giving his considered views on the religion of tolerance and peace:

You may agree with him. You may not. But what’s important is that he’s still allowed to say what he thinks.

If a British presenter ever dared say anything like this, first there would be what I believe is now called a ‘Twitterstorm’ as tens of thousands of politically-correct, holier-than-thou idiots express their manufactured outrage.

Then there would be an on-line petition signed by hundreds of thousands of these prats demanding the presenter’s sacking. After that, the presenter would be sacked, investigated by the police (who clearly have nothing better to do) and prosecuted for a ‘hate crime’ or ‘*sl*mophobia’ or ‘waaaccciiisssmmm’ or whatever.

Over the ages, quite a lot of people have fought and died to win freedom of speech. It’s a pity that we’ve allowed it to be taken away from us without even the slightest protest.

15 comments to In America there’s still freedom of speech

  • JimmyJ

    When in Rome do as the Romans do.Or as in Christian Britain do as the Christians do.

    Malaysia launches ‘Shariah-compliant’ airline.

    KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia’s first Islamic-compliant airline Rayani Air began operations Sunday with its maiden flight taking off from the capital to the resort island of Langkawi, local media reported.

    Malaysia’s first Islamic-compliant airline Rayani Air began operations
    In-flight meals served on board its flights are completely halal, with alcohol consumption strictly prohibited.

    Muslim flight crew must don the hijab while non-Muslim crew are to be decently dressed, managing director Jaafar Zamhari told reporters.

    There will also be prayer recitals before take-off.

    “We are the first Malaysian airline to be shariah-compliant based on guidelines by relevant authorities. We are proud of this,” Jaffar was quoted as saying by The Star newspaper.

    “The shariah-compliant aspects will be refined as time goes by,” he added using the Arabic word for Islamic law.

  • Simon

    I don’t know what to saw. I could weep when I think what has become of this country. there is no freedom of speech. The schools are pumping put propaganda to the kids all the time. It’s indoctrination pure & simple. I’ve got to the stage I keep quiet in conversation on any “sensitive” topic, I don’t discuss anything openly in public any more. Head down, mouth shut, act ignorant & keep working seems to be the order of the day-that’s not living, that’s an existence.

  • MGJ

    Somewhere near the middle of the clip is a gem summing up political correctness/cultural Marxism:

    “Don’t believe what your mind tells you, believe your government!”.

  • Peter Riley

    Twitterstorm tactics:

    Our investigation was triggered after it was claimed leftwing activists were bragging on social media that they had signed the petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK as many as 50 times each.

    Anyone for vote rigging?

  • Joe Grouty

    Good for him ,I bet he is not a Dhimmi that pays Jizya(benefits), Like Cameron.

  • John Trues

    Yes its that Religion of Peace again.

    This attack happened in Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm. The two Swedes told them not to vandalize flowerpots – and as a response they got beaten up for it

    Maybe the Cultural Marxists should give them a leaflet telling them how to be good like nice little Swedes? That’ll teach em…

  • John Trues

    Yes and I think these need some leaflets too, and quick, got to change they way they think too.Maybe a speech by our Europhile, Islamophile Cameron might help, what do you think that might do the trick?

    Vicious Muslim migrant mob attack Swedes on the streets of their own country

  • Tony Potts

    Seriously is any one in our so called Government taking notice?

    Germans Scramble To Buy Weapons Amid Nationwide Spike In Migrant-Driven Crime.

    The scramble to acquire weapons comes amid an indisputable nationwide spike in migrant-driven crime, including rapes of German women and girls on a shocking scale, as well as physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies and burglaries — in cities and towns throughout the country.

  • Mike Jones

    no need to mention the daily rape rate in germany rose 600% this year alone,

  • David Brown

    Cameron is pushing for Adult Sites, that is sex and porn, to be required to obtain proof of age. That is customers would have to provide credit card or other ID details passport / driving licence on line. Not only could all this than be stored by GCHQ but other Government agencies could use it.

    The so called family friendly filters such as netnanny engage in political censorship eg is classified as a hate site which is not.What this is all about is restricting people from accessing truth rather than the MSM main stream media narrative.

  • Mike Jones

    For anyone under the Illusion that we are rich and can afford to carry the cost of all these Migrants. Better watch out for yourself instead.

    The Next Global Crisis And Collapse Has Just Been Ignited
    Emerging market funds and bank loan funds also had massive outflows. Eric this is just the beginning. Junk bonds are now yielding 17% and soon we are heading into the next sub-prime crisis. Energy loans, car loans and student loans will all collapse and lead to the next panic in the debt markets.

    Yellen is of course aware of this. In the Q & A session after the Fed meeting she said that higher rates give the advantage of having more of a margin to reduce them if necessary. She also mentioned that the Fed is studying the negative interest rates in Europe. This is a clear indication that the Fed is aware that this might soon also happen in the United States.

    Eric, I would not be surprised to see major problems in credit markets in Q1 of 2016. This will set off the next banking crisis crisis which will be of a much greater magnitude than 2007-9.

  • Simon

    I work self-employed as a carpenter/joiner. I am now 50. When I started out you could drive round housing estates & they were like ghost towns-pretty much everybody was out at work. Now I see perfectly fit & healthy men & women sat at home, young women pushing prams around, loads of folks on benefits, our honey hued brethren from overseas hanging around on street corners doing drug deals, tattooed youths wandering about with all the time in the world & fewer & fewer people actually working. Many tradespeople I know have either left the U.K. or are seriously considering a move. I have plenty of work on so this is not a rant or a moan, just an observation that it’s such a shame that this country has gone the way it has.

  • Maturecheese

    I agree with the point you are making and quite frankly it’s sad that we are/were so meek at protecting the values we used to have. We are literally building our own funeral pyre as the great man said. I notice though that in the video, Michael Savage says Bush (just past 2 mins) and not Obuma so I’m guessing the video is a few years old. I’m wondering if he would get away with his free speech rant in todays more ‘progressive’ USA?

  • Tony Potts

    The Crumbling World Order and Who Will Pick Up the Crumbs? Hugo Salinas Price.

    In the last fifteen months, from August 1, 2104 to November 27, 2015, International Reserves, as calculated by Bloomberg, have fallen three-quarters of a trillion ($752 billion) dollars, or 6.52%. International Reserves peaked at $12.032 Trillion on August 1, 2014, and have fallen since then to $11.28 Trillion on November 27, 2105.

  • Alex Feltham

    We’ve still got Pat Condell! At least ten times smarter and less annoying than Savage.

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