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Sometimes statistics don’t lie. Obama wants Middle-East Christians dead along with the Jews

Who is most in danger since the *sl*mic uprising and establishment of the Caliphate? Christians or M*sl*ms or Jews? Tough question?

So, here are three sets of statistics which suggest that the politically-correct elites are willing to sacrifice pretty much anyone in order to appease Arab ‘anger’:

Statistic 1 Since the Paris terror attacks on November 13, the US State Department has admitted 237 Syrian refugees into the United States – 236 Sunni M*sl*ms and one Christian (0.4%), according to data from the State Department Refugee Processing Center.

The Christian, a Greek Orthodox individual, is the sole non-Sunni Mu*sl*m admitted to the U.S. since the attack, which fueled concerns that ISIS/ISIL may move terrorists into Western nations under the cover of refugee resettlement programs.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Christians accounted for an estimated 10% of the Syrian population and Sunni M*sl*ms for an estimated 74% when the conflict began in early 2011.

Statistic 2 President Obama plans to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. during fiscal year 2016. Since FY2016 began on October 1, a total of 528 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the U.S. They comprise 522 (98.8%) Sunni M*sl*ms and six Christians – three Catholic, one Orthodox, one Greek Orthodox and one simply described as “Christian.”

Statistic 3 Since the Syrian civil war began in mid-March 2011, a total of 2,401 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the U.S.  Of those, 2,241 (93.3%) were Sunni M*sl*ms, an additional 60 were described simply as “M*sl*m” and 13 were Shia.

Only 54 (2.2%) were Christian (including five Orthodox, one Greek Orthodox and four Catholics). The remaining religious breakdown was eight Jehovah’s Witness, six Zoroastrians, three atheists, two Baha’i, one Yazidi, seven “no religion” and six “other religion”.

So, what is happening? I think the Obama liberal ‘progressive’ appeasement mindset goes something like this:

Step 1 M*sl*ms are just like us. So there must be a good reason why they hate us so much. It must be the fault of Western (Christian) colonialism and interference in the Middle East and the Jews for ‘stealing’ Arab land

Step 2 If we let the M*sl*ms drive out or (preferably for a liberal progressive) kill all the Middle-East Christians and destroy Israel, then they’ll have nothing more to be angry about and will leave us alone

Of course, there’s only one small problem with the liberal ‘progressive’ mindset – M*sl*ms aren’t like us and the millions of *sl*mists among the world’s 1.5 billion M*sl*ms fully intend to impose a Caliphate and Sharia Law on the whole world even if that means slaughtering hundreds of millions of non-M*sl*ms and the ‘wrong kind’ of M*sl*ms in the process.

In a nutshell – liberal ‘progressive’ appeasement isn’t going to work and the sooner we understand that, the sooner we can protect what’s left of our civilisation. Ooops, Trump may be right – we need to stop all M*sl*m immigration “until we can find out what the hell is going on”.

What did you learn in school today, honey?

Oh, and while we try to teach our children English and Maths and Physics and Chemistry and Economics and, of course, how to live in a society that is being more multiculturally-enriched by the day, here’s a young M*sl*m lady showing what she learnt:

15 comments to Sometimes statistics don’t lie. Obama wants Middle-East Christians dead along with the Jews

  • Help

    Just a quick note to others, this Petition has over 210,000 it is the important one , please get others to sign it online, there is no point just grumbling ,we can do something now.

    Stop allowing immigrants into the UK.

  • Robert yaxley

    UK to lose control of its borders..

    Indeed, as the FT adds, “European leaders have discussed a common border force for more than 15 years, but always struggled to overcome deep-seated objections to yielding national powers to monitor or enforce borders — one of the core functions of a sovereign state. Greece, for instance, only recently agreed to accept EU offers to send border teams, after months of wrangling over their remit.”

    However now in the aftermath of the Paris suicide bombings and the indefinite emergency “pre-crime” laws instituted in France, conventional wisdom in Brussels is that Europeans’ eagerness to trade sovereignty (and thus liberty) in exchange for (border) security, is far greater.

    The result: a loss of border sovereignty, which would effectively make the customs union one big superstate controlled by Brussels:

  • Help

    This Petition is doing even better, 447,000 sign ups, sign it now and pass it on please.

    Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated.

  • joe soap

    Imam with two wives and 16 children is laughing all the way to the bank.

    After the bloody terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, France has closed three mosques because of hateful preachers and extremism, and more are expected to follow. Before police closed the mosques they searched them and found an arsenal of military weapons inside. The Imams stand to be deported.

    But one imam knows how to avoid being involved in anything. He will not risk being deported. He lives a luxury life on the French taxpayers’ money, the Danish newspaper Den Korte Avis reports.

    Called Imam Bouziane and preaching in the Omar Mosque in Lyon, he has a lot to lose in monetary terms.

  • joe soap

    Yes,ye keep brining in the Migrants, doesnt matter who they are or what the believe, ye ye.

    A new, shocking EU report warns: “The European Union and its Member States must prepare for the possibility of a chemical or biological attack on their territory by the self-styled Islamic State. CBRN materials are already smuggled into the EU.”

    CBRN stands for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials.

    The 10 page report also says that the Islamic State “already has the necessary knowledge, and in several cases also human expertise to use CBRN weapons for terror.”

  • joe soap

    When they say ISIS dont they mean the Muslim Army!

    ISIS releases ‘Kill List’ of US cities.

    The Pentagon has responded to a globally-released ‘Kill List’, asking law enforcement to give extra protection for military personnel whose personal information was released, News Channel 10 reports.

    CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports the Pentagon spent the weekend notifying the soldiers who appeared on the list, and urged city police departments and military police to increase patrol in the neighborhoods where the targeted live.

    Cities expected to increase in security due to the threat are below:


    Texas: Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, Kileen

    Indiana: Michigan City, Bolivar

    Michigan: Dearborn Heights, Lake Orion

    Connecticut: Barkhamsted, Manchester

    Nevada: Reno

    Georgia: Griffin

    Maryland: Upper Marlboro, Warrensburg, Lexington Park

    Arizona: Phoenix

    Louisiana: Shreveport, Bossier City

    South Carolina: Daniel Island, Charleston

    North Carolina: Fayetteville, New Bern

    Virginia: Burke, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Springfield, Norfolk, Chesapeake

    Colorado: Colorado Springs

    California: Manford, Solvang, San Ardo, Monterrey, Newberry Park, Carlsbad

    New Mexico: Farmington

    North Dakota: Minot

    South Dakota: Rapid City

    Florida: Merritt Island, Palm Coast, Saint John, Middleburg, Saint Augustine

    Washington: Colton, Cheney, Seattle, Spokane, Ancortes

    Nebraska: Bellvue

    Illinois: Orland Park

    Rhode Island: Newport

    Idaho: Bonners Ferry

  • David Brown

    sorry about lack of link but watch the video from
    Stormcloudsgathering on youtube Called

    The Paris Attacks Are Just The Beginning

    this is part of a plan for evil of which mass Islamic immigration is a component.

  • Help

    Quick Update on the Online Petition.

    Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated.

    Now up to 448,000 rising all the time, second biggest, soon to be biggest ever.

    Has been noted by Daily Mail today.Support rocketing..

    “Poll the BBC told you about… and the one they didn’t: Petition calling on immigration to the UK to be stopped until ISIS is defeated has almost as many signatures as one calling for Trump to be barred.”

  • Help

    Expect Government to make an excuse to take the Petition down, so SIGN IT NOW.

  • ricard

    Take Blair’s property Empire of him and give it to his Victims.

    Daughter of policeman killed by IRA bomb built with Semtex sent by Gaddafi turns on ‘insulting’ Tony Blair after ex-PM poses for pictures moments after Libya hearing.

  • ricard

    Yezidi Leader Tells Congress: ‘Because We Are Not Muslims…We Are Being Burned Alive’

    Chaldean and Yezidi leaders described the genocide of their people at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to members of Congress Wednesday at a hearing on assisting victims of ISIS.

    “Because we are not Muslims, and because our path is the path of peace… we are being burned alive,” Mirza Ismail, chairman of the Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International, told members of the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations.

  • Fred The Shred

    Grand Theft Auto – UK and EU Bank Depositor Bail-In Regime Implemented.

    Shares and stocks are tumbling around the world, with investors worried that the next global crisis has already begun. There is considerable uncertainty and nervousness amongst economists and trend forecasters. Government’s sooth jittery markets with misinformation in the hope that confidence does not evaporate and their legitimacy with it.

    If another crisis gets underway – do you think that the money you have earned, paid tax on and put in a bank for a rainy day or for an unexpected bill is safe? Because if you do, you’re wrong.

    Automated grand theft on an unprecedented scale has been agreed with unelected EU officials, the Bank of England and US authorities.

    In a Joint paper issued by the US Federal Deposit Scheme and the Bank of England dated 10th December 2012 a statement included the words; “deposit schemes may have to contribute to the recapitalisation of a failed bank”.

    “The U.K. has also given consideration to the recapitalization process in a scenario in which Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) liabilities do not include much debt issuance at the holding company or parent bank level but instead comprise insured retail deposits held in the operating subsidiaries. Under such a scenario, deposit guarantee schemes may be required to contribute to the recapitalization of the firm“.

    This 2012 paper puts in place procedures in the event of the failure of a systemically important bank. It clearly states that depositors are to be protected – that is, until options have ceased to exist. Next time, the state will be last in line, not first. Depositor bail-in schemes are now a reality.

    The issue at hand is the scale of the bank failure. US and UK authorities have now admitted that all deposits are subject to potential ‘haircuts’ involving any major bank failure. This is an admission by the British government that the £85,000 deposit guarantee scheme is flawed and that the British depositors protection promise is simply a sound bite and not financially supported.

  • Fred The Shred

    Italian pensioner commits suicide as government saves his bank but not his savings.

    The case of a pensioner who committed suicide after losing all his savings in a government operation to salvage his collapsing bank has caused outrage in Italy. Luigino D’Angelo hung himself after the €110,000 (£79,000, $120,000) he had put aside during a lifetime evaporated overnight with the approval of a government decree to save four small banks from bankruptcy.

    In a letter to his wife of 51 years, Lidia, who found the body at the couple’s home in Civitavecchia, near Rome, the 68-year-old explained he felt humiliated and swindled by his the bank, the Banca Etruria.

  • richard the lion heart


    Well this is cute. Remember the Muslim convert who stood outside Parliament last week, with a sign asking people if they were brave enough to hug him since wasn’t a terrorist?
    Yeah, he’s a terrorist. He’s facing jail time for threatening to blow up a MP’s house.

  • richard the lion heart


    While the media has framed Donald Trump’s rhetoric as hateful and inflammatory, leftists on Twitter reacted to the Republican frontrunner’s comments on Muslim immigration by calling for Trump to be killed.
    Trump is embroiled in controversy once again after he called for a temporary total ban on all Muslim immigration. After first suggesting that even Muslim-Americans would be barred from re-entering the country, Trump’s campaign clarified that the policy would only apply to non-citizens.

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