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Don’t waste your money on these fake charities

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

While writing my recent book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL, I became convinced that many of Britain’s larger charities have sadly become job creation schemes for their bosses and bureaucrats. And many smaller ones are just frauds where the founders use their charity to fund their multi-millionaire lifestyles while doing little to nothing to help those they’re supposed to be helping.

But, here are a few supposed ‘charities’ you really should not waste your money on:

Cancer Research UK

This bunch of buffoons employs 2,553 people in administration and fundraising, but just 1,411 in ‘charitable activities’. Seems like a paradise for useless over-paid, over-pensioned bureaucrats.

Age UK

Looks like another heaven on earth for desk-jockeys and paper-pushers. Age UK raised around £174m, but had just £71m available for ‘charitable activities. I wonder where the other £103m went? Executives, managers and bureaucrats? Fancy offices? Generous expense accounts?

Sue Ryder

These self-serving clowns spent £47m on themselves, but just £37m on ‘charitable activities’. So, around £5.60 of every £10 raised went on the comfort and well-being of bosses, managers and bureaucrats.

British Heart Foundation

OK, you’ve probably guessed by now. Yup, a gloriously generous £172m on themselves, but just £114m on ‘charitable activities’.


I could go on with some of Britain’s best-known names. But it would just be more of the same. Most of the money disappearing into the bulging bank accounts of executives, managers and bureaucrats. While less than half the money we give goes anywhere near ‘good causes’.

If you want to give to charity, choose small local charities that only use volunteers. But avoid the self-serving, wasteful, over-bureaucratic ‘big beasts’ of Britain’s bloated charity industry.

And please, ask your contacts to go on to YouTube and view my latest short (3 mins) video – CHARITIES: CAN WE TRUST THEM?

7 comments to Don’t waste your money on these fake charities

  • David Brown

    British Heart Foundation shops are very pricey for donated goods. They often have someone with standing there with a tin to collect cash.My guess is that the promoters cynically calculated that people who had lost a loved one would donate stuff.Same goes for Cancer research.
    Wonder if any of the best donated stuff is creamed off to antique outlets.
    Anyone scene the ads for the Tinkerbell Trust. ” What would you give to save fairies. Just three pounds a month to save one. Just text -I believe in Fairies.”

  • Help

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    Home Office


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  • B Jones

    I’ve plugged your book to many David but I get the same sort of reply from most average white Christians, “if some of the money gets through to the deserving then it can’t be all bad”, or comments along those lines. I despair and I’m glad I’m nearer the end than the start.

  • MGJ

    Heart UK is another I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

    Heart UK advise us all to eat shredded wheat. Have you guessed their first sponsor yet?

    Heart UK DEMANDS the government must provide the useless but expensive PSCK9 inhibitor drugs free to all and sundry. Guessed a couple more sponsors yet?

    As for their general advice on what makes for a healthy heart, I wouldn’t offer it to my worst enemy.

  • Joe Schmo


    Nearly 300 allegedly spent just 10% on charitable activities in three years
    And Lloyd’s Register Foundation used only 1% of money on such causes
    Other accused charities include the British Heart Foundation and Age UK
    They have been branded ‘utter disgrace’ following release of new report.

  • Joe Schmo

    Published on Dec 13, 2015
    Bill Holter from JS Mineset joins to slice and dice the mainstream lies about as well as anyone can. And Bill says before the next economic collapse there will be yet another big 9/11 style event. As we near Christmas, may God bless you and your family. Prepare.

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