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Relax! Cheer up! Be merry! Only 16 million M*sl*ms want to slaughter us!

(Weekend blog) Let’s agree, M*sl*ms can be placed on a scale from moderate to *sl*mists. Moderates are generally law-abiding and some even have jobs (though not many). *sl*mists are dedicated to the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate, the destruction of Western Democracy and the imposition of Sharia Law on all people. The *sl*mists believe that anyone who opposes their dream of world domination deserves to be crucified, beheaded, shot or blown up. Moreover, they also believe that all non-M*sl*ms, who are allowed to live under the coming Caliphate, are second-rate almost subhuman citizens and must pay a tax – Jihyza – to their M*sl*m superiors.

I don’t think many people can disagree with the above.

The important question for us therefore is how many of the world’s 1.6 billion M*sl*ms can be considered ‘moderate’, how many are not *sl*mists but sympathise and support the *sl*mists’ views and how many are fully committed *sl*mists.

Our great rulers – Obama, Cameron, May, and Merkel and other such Koranic scholars – assure us that the ‘vast majority’ of M*sl*ms are peace-loving. (Stop laughing you there at the back!) But let’s for the moment accept our rulers’ blatant lies. So, what’s a ‘vast majority’? Shall we say 90%? That’s a pretty big majority. But if only 10% of M*sl*ms are *sl*mists, then that’s 160 million M*sl*ms who would willingly die to slaughter us and impose their Caliphate on us worthless, subhuman Kaffirs.

koranic expert


Or shall we say that 99% of M*sl*ms are peaceful? That’s a really ‘vast majority‘. That still leaves 16 million Jihadists who loathe us and are desperate to murder us.

And what about those in the middle – those who are peaceful, but secretly sympathise with the *sl*mist Jihadis? Most research suggests that about 25% of M*sl*ms living in Western democracies support the *sl*mists and want a Caliphate and Sharia Law. With about 52 million M*sl*ms in the West, that’s 13 million who support a M*sl*m takeover of the West and the imposition of Sharia Law.

If I remember correctly, over 70% of M*sl*ms in M*sl*m countries support an *sl*mic takeover of the world. That’s about 1.1 billion give or take a couple of hundred million.

So, a little simple arithmetic gives us at least 16 million *sl*mists who would happily die trying to subdue us and slaughter us in the name of their death cult and another 1.1 billion who passively support them and would take their side against any attempt to defeat them.

I’d say we have a problem. Our rulers say we don’t. I guess I must be really stupid.

And here’s the wonderful Brigitte Gabriel, author of Because They Hate. As a Lebanese Christian she has experienced *sl*mist hatred first-hand. So she probably understands the Jihadist mindset better than Obama or Cameron or any of the other lying, treacherous fools and buffoons who have somehow become our rulers. Gabriel explains that it doesn’t matter if most M*sl*ms are peaceful as the “peaceful majority are irrelevant” provided there are sufficient non-peaceful people intent on slaughter:

Meanwhile, back in 4th century Saudi Arabia

The most ludicrous story of the week must be the one about some prince or other from the primitive *sl*mic hell-hole Saudi Arabia – where public beheadings are the second most popular form of entertainment (raping Filipina servants being the most popular) – has criticised Donald Trump’s perfectly reasonable comments about keeping backward, intolerant, violent maniacs out of America.

And our mainstream media take the side of the blood-soaked murderous Saudi idiot!

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  • Bernard from Bucks

    You mention ‘moderate’ M*sl*ms but you are forgetting Taqiyya ― the Islamic principle of lying for the sake of Allah.

    The word literally means: “Concealing, precaution, guarding.” It is employed in disguising their beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and neutralising any criticism of Islam or Muslims.
    “Falsehoods told to prevent the denigration of Islam, to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of Islam are sanctioned in the Qur’an and Sunna, including lying under oath in testimony before a court, deceiving by making distorted statements to the media such as the claim that Islam is a “religion of peace”. A Muslim is even permitted to deny or denounce his faith if, in so doing, he protects or furthers the interests of Islam, so long as he remains faithful to Islam in his heart.”
    Like politicians and the BBC, I never believe anything a M*sl*m says. It’s best to judge them by their actions – not their words.

  • joe soap

    Did you think we were still an independent nation with control of our own borders, think again! The Swedes say the are full up and want some dumping elsewhere a bit too late for that Swedenistan.

    Refugees to be moved from Sweden by EU.

    Sweden will soon benefit from a “relocation” programme for some of its asylum seekers, the European Commissioner of Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos has said.

    “Sweden is among the group of member states that has welcomed the highest number of refugees this year,” Avramopoulos said at a press conference in Stockholm on Monday, adding that Sweden had made “tremendous efforts”.

    In September, the EU unveiled a plan for redistributing nearly 160,000 migrants and refugees from frontline states Italy and Greece although so far only a small number have been relocated. These include 19 people from Eritrea who were sent to northern Sweden.

    But earlier this month Sweden asked Brussels to relocate to other EU countries some of the asylum seekers arriving by the thousands in the country, after revealing that it could no longer guarantee accommodation to all of those fleeing violence in their home nations.

    “Sweden has asked to become a beneficiary of the relocation mechanism,” Avramopoulos said. “We completely understand this.”


    Did you notice what he said? benefit from getting rid of them. I thought George Osborne said taking as many as possible for us was beneficial to us.
    I wonder what his EU Commissar boss Obama Bin Cameron Ban Christmas cum Ramadan would say?

  • joe soap

    Prince Of World Beheading Champion Saudi Arabia Calls Trump “A Disgrace To America”

    You know you’ve ‘made it’ when the prince of one of the world’s biggest human rights abuser (and leading ‘beheader’) nations calls you a “disgrace to America.”

  • joe soap

    More on Swedenistan from the IMF, taking notes George Osborne you might learn something ,you Old Bullingdon Boy you?

    IMF: Record immigration will fuel unemployment.

    “Rising migration inflows pose upside risks to unemployment for some years,” said a report by the IMF, which has previously criticized Sweden for its gap in employment levels between natives and immigrants.

    Based on past experience of the pace of integration “the unemployment rate could rise to about 8.5 percent by 2020, and remain elevated for some years before declining”, added Wednesday’s report.

    I think those figures are rather optimistic, but what are Stats for if not for manipulating?

  • peter trenton

    As for the Moderate Muslims, once Dar Es Salaam ( The House of Peace.has been achieved i.e. removal of all opposing Politics and Religions ) ,they to will then feel the wrath and fall into line.

    Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and
    Contemporary Threat

    by Dr. Peter Hammond (2008)

    Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete

    Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military
    components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components.

    Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a
    country to agitate for their so-called ‘religious rights.’

    When politically correct and culturally diverse societies agree
    to ‘the reasonable’ Muslim demands for their ‘religious rights,’ they also get
    the other components under the table. Here’s how it works (percentages source
    CIA: The World Fact Book (2007)).

    As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given
    country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to
    anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for
    their colorful uniqueness:

    United States — Muslim 1.0%

    Australia — Muslim 1.5%

    Canada — Muslim 1.9%

    China — Muslim 1%-2%

    Italy — Muslim 1.5%

    Norway — Muslim 1.8%

    At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic
    minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and
    among street gangs:

    Denmark — Muslim 2%

    Germany — Muslim 3.7%

    United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%

    Spain — Muslim 4%

    Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

    From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion
    to their percentage of the population.

    They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic
    standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will
    increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along
    with threats for failure to comply. (United States ).

    France — Muslim 8%

    Philippines — Muslim 5%

    Sweden — Muslim 5%

    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%

    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%

    Trinidad &Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

    At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to
    allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal
    of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the
    entire world.

    When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase
    lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions ( Paris
    –car-burnings) . Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in
    uprisings and threats ( Amsterdam – Mohammed cartoons).

    Guyana — Muslim 10%

    India — Muslim 13.4%

    Israel — Muslim 16%

    Kenya — Muslim 10%

    Russia — Muslim 10-15%

    After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia
    formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:

    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror
    attacks and ongoing militia warfare:

    Bosnia — Muslim 40%

    Chad — Muslim 53.1%

    Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers
    and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as
    a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

    Albania — Muslim 70%

    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%

    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%

    Sudan — Muslim 70%

    After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:

    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%

    Egypt — Muslim 90%

    Gaza — Muslim 98.7%

    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%

    Iran — Muslim 98%

    Iraq — Muslim 97%

    Jordan — Muslim 92%

    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%

    Pakistan — Muslim 97%

    Palestine — Muslim 99%

    Syria — Muslim 90%

    Tajikistan — Muslim 90%

    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%

    United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic
    House of Peace — there’s supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:

    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%

    Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%

    Somalia — Muslim 100%

    Yemen — Muslim 99.9%

    Of course, that’s not the case. To satisfy their blood lust,
    Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons.

    ‘Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life.
    It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family
    against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe
    against the world and all of us against the infidel. – Leon Uris, ‘The Haj’

    is good to remember that in many, many countries, such as France, the Muslim
    populations are centered around ghettos based on their ethnicity. Muslims do
    not integrate into the community at large. Therefore, they exercise more power
    than their national average would indicate.

  • peter trenton

    Speaking of Dar Es Salaam this from 2013.

    DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) – A Roman Catholic priest was hospitalized on Friday after acid was thrown at him in Zanzibar, police said, a month after two British teenage girls were victims of a similar acid attack there.

    The incident in the semi-autonomous, mainly Muslim islands of Tanzania follows warnings by President Jakaya Kikwete that religious tension threatens peace in the nation of 45 million people.

    Zanzibar police spokesman Mohamed Mhina said Joseph Mwang’amba had been attacked on leaving an internet cafe in the Mlandege area.

  • pete smith

    He’s facing jail time for threatening to blow up a MP’s house.

    Well this is cute. Remember the Muslim convert who stood outside Parliament last week, with a sign asking people if they were brave enough to hug him since wasn’t a terrorist?
    Yeah, he’s a terrorist. He’s facing jail time for threatening to blow up a MP’s house. No, seriously…

  • george

    More about that shooting yesterday that all the Lefties were screaming about… Because the Police did their job…

    Police shot a man dead yesterday as they swooped on a suspected plot to spring a Turkish mafia boss from a London court room.

    Breitbart London reported yesterday on a police shooting in North London that left a man dead, with four arrests also made.

    It has now been revealed that the men were involved in a plot to free Izzet Eren, 32, from Wood Green crown court minutes before he was due to be sentenced yesterday.

    The Times reports that Mr Eren is a senior member of the Tottenham Boys, a Turkish gang in North London. He was arrested along with an accomplice, Erwin Amoyaw-Gyamfi, 29, in October following a police chase through the Stamford Hill neighbourhood.

    He was detained for a plot to kill a rival and admitted eight charges including possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

    Mr Eren and Mr Amoyaw-Gyamfi were riding a stolen motorbike and carrying a Skorpion vz.61 sub-machinegun and Tokarev pistol when crashed while trying to perform a wheelie at high speed. They had been on their way to kill a member of the rival Hackney Bombers gang amid a war over control of the heroin trade in North London.

    There was increased security around the court while the two were sentenced, with police officers issued stab vests as they stood guard. The men were eventually sentenced after a delay in the hearing.

  • jimmy martins Lancs

    And these people suffer greatly too.

    Yezidi Leader Tells Congress: ‘Because We Are Not Muslims…We Are Being Burned Alive’

    Chaldean and Yezidi leaders described the genocide of their people at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to members of Congress Wednesday at a hearing on assisting victims of ISIS.

    “Because we are not Muslims, and because our path is the path of peace… we are being burned alive,” Mirza Ismail, chairman of the Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International, told members of the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations.

  • Mighty Mouse

    Them poor Refugees, the ones that never made it I mean, the Christian ones.

    “Here we pray only to Allah.”

    Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

    Last April, police in Sicily reported that Muslim migrants hurled as many as 53 Christians overboard during a crossing from Libya. The motive was that the victims “professed the Christian faith while the aggressors were Muslim.” Another report cited a boy seen praying to the Judeo-Christian God. Muslims commanded him to stop, saying “Here, we only pray to Allah.” Eventually the Muslims “went mad,” in the words of a witness, started screaming “Allahu Akbar!” and began hurling Christians into the sea.

    It gets worse. When Christian refugees finally do make it to Western shores, they continue to be attacked by Muslims, or fellow “refugees.”

    According to a September 30 report, in Germany, “Many Christian refugees from Syria, Iraq or Kurdistan are being intimidated and attacked by Muslim refugees. In several refugee centers set up by the local authorities, Sharia law is being imposed and Christians—which are a minority—are the victims of bullying.”

    Gottfried Martens, pastor of a south Berlin church, said that “very religious Muslims are spreading the following idea throughout the refugee centers: Sharia law rules wherever we are.” Martens expressed especial concern for Muslims who convert to Christianity—apostates who, according to Islamic law, can be killed: “There is a 100% chance that these people will be attacked.”

    Earlier, in July 2014, the weekly Die Zeit explained how “an atmosphere of intimidation and hostility towards Christians” reigns in the refugee centers. Referred to as “pigs,” Christians have limited access to communal kitchens. According to local authorities, “The police have reached their absolute breaking point. Our officials are increasingly being called to confrontations in refugee homes.”

    In Sweden, a July report told of how two small families of Christian asylum seekers were harassed and abused by approximately 80 Muslim asylum seekers from Syria. The Christians and Muslims—described by one Swedish newspaper as “fundamentalist Islamists”—resided in the same asylum house. As in Germany, the Muslims ordered the Christians not to use communal areas and not to wear their crosses around their necks.

    After extensive harassment and threats, the Christian refugees who thought they had escaped “ISIS” left the Swedish asylum house “fearing for their own safety.” A spokesman for the government migration agency responsible for their center said:

    They dared not stay. The atmosphere became too intimidating. And they got no help… They chose themselves to organize new address and moved away without our participation because they felt a discomfort.

    In Denmark, according to the conclusion of a study conducted last year, “Christian asylum seekers are repeatedly exposed to everything from harassment to threats and physical abuse by other [Muslim] refugees in the asylum centers, simply because they have converted from Islam to Christianity.” An eight year old Christian boy was repeatedly bullied and beaten by larger Muslim boys on his way to school, to the point that he dropped out. And someone tampered with a Christian asylum seeker’s bicycle so that he crashed and broke both hands.

    According to Niels Eriksen Nyman, who led the study:

    There are certainly many more cases around the country than the ones we hear about in the church. I hate to say it, but I’m afraid that on some of the asylum centers there are some very unhealthy control mechanisms when the staff turns their back… I refuse to support Islamophobia, but we have a serious problem here.”

    It certainly seems so. After all, such persecution is not limited to refugees. Christians of Mideast or Asian backgrounds who have been living in the West for years are also being targeted.

    Last week in Gothenburg, Sweden, Markus Samuelsson, who is of Assyrian descent, found the walls of his restaurant covered with jihadi graffiti, including messages of “Convert or Die” and “The Caliphate is Here.” The Arabic letter ن (“N” for “Nasara,” or “Christian”) were painted on the walls of the next door pizzeria and the local bakery, though non-Assyrian businesses were left untouched. (The Islamic State is known to mark out Christian homes and businesses with this letter before attacks.)

    In Muslim-majority areas of Denmark—voted 2013’s “happiest country in the world”—Christians of Middle Eastern backgrounds experienced “harassment, verbal attacks and in some cases direct violence from Muslims,” reported TV2. One Christian, “Jojo,” born in Denmark to Lebanese parents, said Muslims sometimes surround and bully her about her Western attire. When one of them noticed she was wearing a cross, he said “Well, you have a cross on—then you are also a Christian f***ing whore. Do you know what we do to people like you? Do you know what we do to people like you? You get stoned [to death].”

    Another Christian woman of Iranian background in Denmark recounted how she and her son are harassed on the Muslim-majority block where they live—and where she stands out for not wearing a hijab, the Islamic veil: “My son is being called everything. I get called all sorts of things. Infidel. Filthy Christians. They tell me I ought to be stoned to death. My son was beaten at the bus stop. He was called pig, dirty potato (Muslim slang for Danes), and that ‘you and your mother should die.’”

    Similarly, in the United Kingdom, a Pakistani man, his wife, and their six children are suffering “an appalling ordeal at the hands of neighbours who regard them as blasphemers.” Their “crime” is converting to Christianity—over 20 years ago. Despite being “prisoners in their own home after being attacked in the street, having their car windscreens repeatedly smashed and eggs thrown at their windows” the Christian family says both police and the Anglican church have failed to provide any meaningful support and are “reluctant to treat the problem as a religious hate crime.”

    The family plans to relocate from their home city of Bradford to a “white English” area to escape the hate campaign. Nissar Hussain, the father, said: “Our lives have been sabotaged and this shouldn’t happen in the United Kingdom. We live in a free democratic society and what they are doing to us is abhorrent.”

    Other refugees who convert to Christianity are snatched back to Islam. Last year in New Zealand, friends of a Muslim convert to Christianity known as Daniel said they “fear the refugee has been abducted from his Christchurch flat and taken back to Saudi Arabia—home to the Islamic holy city of Mecca—where it is against the law for Muslims to abandon their faith.”

    Daniel arrived about five years ago on a Saudi Government scholarship to study English, eventually converted to Christianity and applied for asylum. He was granted refugee status on the grounds that he would be persecuted in Saudi Arabia, and told friends he was terrified he would be kidnapped and forced to return. According to National, “his friends … say he was last seen in the company of two strange Arab men and believe he was taken out of the country under duress, possibly by agents of the state or family members….There have been numerous documented cases of Saudi nationals being uplifted from foreign countries.” In one case, a man who converted to Christianity and was brought back to Saudi Arabia was told “more than once if he did not renounce his Christianity that he could expect to be beheaded.”

    Nor is this anti-Christian animus limited to fellow Middle Easterners or Asians who are Christians or who convert to Christianity. Europe’s indigenous Christians and their churches are under attack as well by the “refugees.” Some examples follow.


    Last May in Italy, a Muslim schoolboy of African origin beat a 12-year-old girl during school because she was wearing a crucifix around her neck. The boy, who had only started to attend the school a few weeks earlier, began to bully the Christian girl—“insulting her and picking on her in other ways all because she was wearing the crucifix”—before he finally assaulted her. Italian police did not charge the boy with any offense citing he was a minor. Before this incident:

    On Sunday, May 10, after church mass, a group of young Muslim immigrants interrupted a Catholic procession in honor of the Virgin Mary. They shouted verbal insults and threats as the group passed in front of the Islamic Cultural Center in Conselice, a small town in lower Romagna. Approximately 100 Catholic Christians, including several small children, were preparing to receive their first Holy Communion.
    On New Year’s Day, a 67-year-old Moroccan man mumbling Koran verses used an iron rod to hurl to the ground and severely damage five statues—including of the Virgin Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child—and destroyed the altars and baptistery in the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cles, Trentino.
    On January 9, in the chapel of St. Barnabas in Perugia, as a man was kneeling in prayer before a St. Mary statue, while holding the photograph of a loved one, five “foreigners,” described as being of North African descent, attacked him: “The first thing they did was rip the photo from his hands. Next they unleashed their hatred against the image of the Virgin Mary. They broke the statue to pieces and then urinated on it.”
    On January 17, a crucifix was destroyed in Cinisello Balsamo, a municipality in the Province of Milan, in close proximity to a populated mosque. The municipality’s Councillor, Giuseppe Berlin, did not mince words concerning the identity of the culprit(s): “Before we put a show of unity with Muslims, let’s have them begin by respecting our civilization and our culture. We shouldn’t minimize the importance of certain signals; we must wake up now or our children will suffer the consequences of this dangerous and uncontrolled Islamic invasion.”

    On April 15, a man dressed in traditional Muslim attire damaged and desecrated Christian gravestones and crosses in the cemetery of Saint-Roch de Castres (pictures here). The prosecutor said “The man repeats Muslim prayers over and over, he drools and cannot be communicated with: his condition has been declared incompatible with preliminary detention.” He was hospitalized as “mentally unbalanced.”

    Less than two months later, during the early morning of August 5 at Thonon-les-Bains, a man of about 30, described as a “young Muslim,” committed major acts of vandalism in the church of Saint-Hippolyte and in the adjacent basilica of Saint-François-de-Sales. He overturned and broke two altars, the candelabras and lecterns, destroyed statues, tore down a tabernacle, twisted a massive bronze cross, smashed in a sacristy door and even broke some stained-glass windows. (Click for images of the destruction caused in the church.)


    After reportedly listening to Muslim chants, a man, known only as Ibrahim A., went on a church vandalizing spree and desecrated four churches, including by overturning and/or destroying statues, crosses, and altars. The Archbishop of Vienna described the attack as “so far the worst act of vandalism in my time as Archbishop…. I am shocked by the devastation in the churches. I hope that the perpetrator or perpetrators did not know what they were doing.” Ibrahim A., 37-years-old, was caught in the act of vandalizing St. Stephan’s but was released at the time because police did not realize it was one of many attacks that that had been carried out that day. Police have since been unable to find him.


    A Turkish man being treated in a hospital attacked his nurse because there were “too many crosses” on the wall. According to Mainpost, a German publication, “A 34-year-old went to St. Joseph Hospital … due to a ‘gastro-intestinal flu.’ Suddenly he refused to be treated, because he thought there were too many Christian crosses on the wall. Because of the crosses, the man started insulting the nurse, calling her a bitch, fascist, and the like. Then the man, according to police report, also started becoming physically aggressive. The hospital called the police. The officers seized the man in front of the hospital and checked him.”

    United States

    Last year in Columbus, Indiana, three churches were vandalized on the same night. The words most frequently sprayed were “Infidels!” and “Koran 3:151.” The verse from the Koran states, “We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve [or “infidels”] for what they have associated with Allah [reference to Christian Trinity] … And their refuge will be the Fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers.”


    Last year, “Church-goers in Sydney’s west have been left shaken after a stranger shouted death threats from a car bearing the Islamic State flag. The car drove past Our Lady of Lebanon Church at Harris Park on Tuesday and witnesses claim it had a flag similar to those brandished by Islamic State jihadists hanging out the window.” A church official said the people in the car threatened to “kill the Christians” and slaughter their children: “They were strong words and people were scared of what they saw.” Witnesses saw a flag outside the window with the words, “There is only one god and Muhammad is the prophet.”

    As it was from the start, Islamic hostility for Christians remains the same. Just as they are hounded in Muslim majority nations, Christian refugees from the Middle East and even longtime residents of Europe continue to be persecuted by Muslims—Muslims who are being allowed entry into Europe on the pretext that they are being “persecuted.”

    In accordance with Islam’s Rule of Numbers—which holds that as Muslims grown in numbers, so too does their “anti-infidel” hostility—all those European nations that have sizable Muslim populations are experiencing what it means to live side-by-side with Islam.

    As millions of more Muslims continue to flood the continent, they will not be limited to expressing their anti-Christian hostility on the unprotected dead in cemeteries, or on inanimate church buildings, statues, and crosses. Rather, as in the Islamic world, native Christians themselves will be hounded and persecuted, possibly into extinction.

    That is, after all, exactly how the “Muslim world”—most of which rests on lands that were once Christian but were taken by the jihad—came into being.

  • mark evans

    Just keeps happening!!

    Swiss arrest two of Syrian origin suspected of making explosives or gas
    Two people of Syrian origin were arrested in the Geneva region on Friday on suspicion of making, hiding and transporting explosives or toxic gas, Switzerland’s Attorney General said on Saturday.

    Criminal proceedings have been opened against the two under a law prohibiting groups such as al Qaeda and Islamic State, a statement from the Attorney General’s office said. It did not give any names or other details about the two, but said more information would be released later.

    On Friday, Swiss television and the local newspaper Tribune de Geneve had reported that two Syrian men were arrested and traces of explosives were found in their car.

    Geneva’s public prosecutor and chief police said they would hold a news conference at 1700 on Saturday, without giving details.

    Police in the Swiss city, home to the European headquarters of the United Nations, the Red Cross, and many banks and trading houses, moved onto a high state of alert earlier this week after a suspicious Belgian-registered vehicle fled from a late-night police check and crossed the border into France.

    Geneva’s Le Temps newspaper reported on Thursday that one of the two occupants was a friend of Salah Abdeslam, the man wanted in connection with the Paris attacks on Nov. 13.

    On Friday Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga said federal authorities had been tipped off by foreign authorities about a suspected Islamic State cell in the region.

    Read more at Reuters

  • mark evans

    Obama’s revolving door for Islamic terrorists.

    Sure we could have kept him locked up, but that’s “not who we are”. Also it would be “giving in to fear”. And it would be Alqaedaphobic. So here he is, footloose and fancy free. And gunning for us.

    Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a new video featuring a former Guantanamo detainee, Ibrahim Qosi, who is also known as Sheikh Khubayb al Sudani.

    In July 2010, Qosi plead guilty to charges of conspiracy and material support for terrorism before a military commission. His plea was part of a deal in which he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors during his remaining time in US custody. Qosi was transferred to his home country of Sudan two years later, in July 2012.

    Qosi joined AQAP in 2014 and became one of its leaders. Qosi and other AQAP commanders discussed their time waging jihad at length in the video, entitled “Guardians of Sharia.”

    Maybe we can capture him again and let him go using Obama’s patented revolving door for Islamic terrorists.

  • raplh ventor

    EXCLUSIVE: THOUSANDS of Calais migrants to take over idyllic English tourist hamlet

    AN IDYLLIC English tourist hamlet is set to be over-run by thousands of male migrants from Calais after the Government announced plans for an asylum seeker centre.

    Shockingly the men – largely from war-torn and morally corrupt nations in east Africa and some parts of the Middle East – will OUTNUMBER the horrified villagers.

    The 150 residents of Earnley, near the popular Witterings beaches in West Sussex, have overwhelmingly voted against the Home Office plans for Earnley Concourse, a former educational holiday home for foreign students, to be turned into a temporary home for men fleeing their war-torn homelands in the Middle East and Africa.

    Louise Chater, clerk at Earnley Parish Council, said residents were concerned the refugee centre would be the first thing tourists heard about Earnley which would put them off.

    She said: “Tourism is the main source of income in the parish and people are very worried this would put holidaymakers off and employment would be affected.”

    Well thats the end of their tourism businesses..

  • raplh ventor

    Preacher Anjem Choudary to enter plea over charge of encouraging support for ISIS

    PREACHER Anjem Choudary will appear in court today accused of encouraging support for the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.

    The 48-year-old will be brought from custody to the Old Bailey where he is due to give his plea alongside his co-accused Mohammed Rahman.

    They are both accused of inviting support for the depraved militant group, also known as Daesh, on social media between June 29, 2014, and March 6, 2015.

    Choudary, of Hampton Road, Ilford in east London, and Rahman, 32, of Sidney Street in Whitechapel, east London, will appear before Mr Justice Holroyde.

  • raplh ventor

    As the petition to ban Donald Trump reaches 500,000, here’s who has been let into Britain

    THE petition to ban Donald Trump from Britain comes despite violent Islamic extremists being allowed to peddle their hate-filled mantras here for many years.

    Shady Al-Sulieman

    Muhammad Al-Arifi

    Zakir Naik

    Omar Bakri Muhammad

  • ricardo


    Muslim persecution of Christians: A 1,400 year tradition
    Muslim persecution of Christians exists in 40 nations today as part of a continuum — or “tradition” — that started nearly 14 centuries ago. A new study shows a horrific reality that you just won’t read in our mainstream media.

    The one glaring fact concerning the persecution of approximately 100 million Christians around the world today is that the overwhelming majority of it is being committed by Muslims of all races, nationalities, languages, and socio-political circumstances.

    Muslims from among America’s allies (Saudi Arabia) and from its enemies (Iran); Muslims from economically rich nations (Qatar) and from poor nations (Somalia and Yemen); Muslims from “Islamic republic” nations (Afghanistan) and from “moderate” nations (Malaysia and Indonesia); Muslims from nations rescued by America (Kuwait) and Muslims from nations claiming “grievances” against the U.S. (fill in the blank __).

    This fact is underscored in Open Doors’ recent 2015 World Watch List — a report that highlights and ranks the 50 worst nations persecuting Christians.

    It finds that “Islamic extremism” is the main source of persecution in 40 of the top 50 countries — that is, 80 percent of the nations where Christians are persecuted are Muslim.

    As for the top ten worst countries persecuting Christians, nine of them are Muslim-majority — that is, 90 percent of nations where Christians experience “extreme persecution” are Muslim.

  • ricardo

    And again::

    Muslim Turkey always meddles with Christian Armenia and Christian Greece. When it comes to Armenia’s nuclear energy, Erdogan’s Islamist government has suddenly turned western liberal, objecting that Armenia’s advance into nuclear energy is ‘bad for the environment’.

    When Turkey says it has a “zero conflict policy,” in reality, this means, zero conflict with conditions: to do what they deem fit for their interest and never for the interest of Christians.

    Firstly, there is a conflict between two South Caucasus countries regarding territorial claims between Christian Armenia and Muslim Azerbaijan.

    Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said yesterday that it will do everything possible to achieve peace in the South Caucasus and that Azerbaijan is “a fraternal country for Turkey and Ankara will always support this fraternal country”. “Turkey will continue supporting Azerbaijan as not only the economic projects, but historical roots connect us,” Davutoglu said.

    Nine of the 10 countries with the worst records for persecution of Christians have populations that are at least 50 percent Muslim, according to the assessment of persecution in the Open Doors USA’s World Watch List (WWL) 2015 and population information published by the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency.

    The WWL is an “annual survey of religious liberty conditions for Christians around the world” that was released Wednesday.

  • ricardo


    The Islamic future of Britain
    Britain is in denial. If population trends continue, by the year 2050, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation.

    Britain is in denial. There is no real public debate on a historic event that is transforming the country. Mention of it occasionally surfaces in the media, but the mainstream political class never openly discuss it.

    What is that historic event? By the year 2050, in a mere 37 years, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation.

    This projection is based on reasonably good data. Between 2004 and 2008, the Muslim population of the UK grew at an annual rate of 6.7 percent, making Muslims 4 percent of the population in 2008. Extrapolating from those figures would mean that the Muslim population in 2020 would be 8 percent, 15 percent in 2030, 28 percent in 2040 and finally, in 2050, the Muslim population of the UK would exceed 50 percent of the total population.

    Contrast those Muslim birth rates with the non-replacement birth rates of native Europeans, the so called deathbed demography of Europe. For a society to remain the same size, the average female has to have 2.1 children (total fertility rate). For some time now, all European countries, including Britain, have been well below that rate. The exception is Muslim Albania. For native Europeans, it seems, the consumer culture has replaced having children as life’s main goal.

    These startling demographic facts have been available for some time (see ‘Muslim Population “Rising 10 Times Faster than Rest of Society”’, The Times, 30 January 2009. Also the work of the Oxford demographer David Coleman). But on this historic transformation of the country there is silence from the political establishment.

    Not everyone agrees with these demographic figures. Population projection, some say, is not an exact science. Perhaps the Muslim birth rate will drop to European levels.

    But this seems to be wishful thinking. For years it was believed that Muslims would enter what is known as “demographic transition”, with European Muslim birth rates falling to native European levels. But that demographic transition has not happened. In Britain, for example, the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities continue to have significantly higher birth rates than the national average, even after more than 50 years in the country.

  • ricardo

    UK Muslim population of 26 million by 2051?
    No-one but a fool engages in scaremongering. But using the statistics and analysis of the Muslim Council of Britain, there is a real prospect of a UK Muslim population of 26 million by mid-century. Whatever your politics, serious people need to debate this, sensibly and honestly. No problem there, right?

  • ricardo

    And I thought it was just ME!

    Britain wants its guns back
    A Daily Telegraph online poll has revealed that over 80 percent of Brits would rather a repeal on the hand gun ban over various other “new law” choices

    While the poll continues, so far over 80 percent of the 11,000+ respondents have told the Telegraph that they want to see the handgun ban repealed. The news comes as America contemplates its own new laws on gun ownership, with British talk show host Piers Morgan claiming to back a UK-style ban for the United States.

  • ricardo

    Does socialism work? A classroom experiment
    Most intelligent people realise that socialism could never work. Here is why, in the simplest fashion.

    There are five morals to this story:

    1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

    2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

    3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

    4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

    5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

    Lets get the H*** out of the EU Socialist doomed experiment.

  • Help

    5000 have signed since yesterday, tell others to sign please.
    Remember what has happened to Earnley the Hamlet listed in a contributors comment above.It will never be the same again, ruined for ever ,after centuries unchanged.Intentionally ruined to destroy our identity so that the EU can rule over the remains of what was once a Continent rich in culture.

    Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated.

  • First World

    George Soros letter reveals globalist plan to destroy the First World by eliminating national borders with global migrant blitzkreig invasions.

    As the Left continues to lose the battle for America’s soul, its greatest champions are going full-out in an attempt to turn the tide any way they can – even if it means destroying the country.

    One of the vilest among them is billionaire George Soros, a Hungarian-born U.S. citizen who now seeks to demolish the country that gave him his riches along with its allies.

    As reported by Breitbart London, Soros recently publicly confirmed that, yes, he seeks to essentially wipe out all European borders following an accusation made last week by the prime mister of his birth country, Viktor Orban (who, unlike Soros, actually has to deal with the tens of thousands of second- and third-world migrants streaming into his country and other European nations – while Soros lives free of such inconveniences in his $10 million mansion/castle outside of New York City).

    In recent days, Orban has accused Soros of deliberately encouraging the migrant crisis now engulfing the continent.

    “This invasion is driven, on the one hand, by people smugglers, and on the other by those (human rights) activists who support everything that weakens the nation-state,” Orban said. “This Western mindset and this activist network is perhaps best represented by George Soros.”

    ‘Let’s take down all borders’
    Following Orban’s statement, Soros sent an email to Bloomberg Business, in which he claimed that his foundations actually help “uphold European values,” while Orban’s actions in bolstering the Hungarian border and thus impeding a huge influx of migrants “undermine those values.”

    “His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle,” Soros added. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

    In October, Orban accused pro-immigration non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of “drawing a living from the immigration crisis.” He singled out those funded by Soros, who is a strong supporter of transnational bodies like the European Union and the United Nations. Also, his Open Society Foundation (OSF) provides assistance for pro-immigration activists, and he is well-known in the U.S. and internationally for supporting “progressive” (read far-Left) causes like the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation and the Center for American Progress.

    In fact, the OSF website notes: “We believe that migration and asylum policy should be grounded in economic and demographic realities, not driven by temporary political considerations or popular misconceptions.

    “In Europe, many of our civil society partners are raising their voices demanding a common European approach in line with international human rights commitments.”

    In a recent interview, Orban said that immigration and multiculturalism were working in tandem to change the face and traditions of Europe, it’s “Christian roots” in particular, all while creating “parallel societies” (just like mass immigration in the U.S. – and isn’t it peculiar that President Obama and Lefty Soros have the same view on mass immigration?).

    ‘No one has voted on this’
    As reported by Breitbart London, Orban said that Europeans should “stick to our Christian values” and “Europe can be saved,” but only if citizens “take seriously the traditions, the Christian roots and all the values that are the basis of the civilisation of Europe.”

    “What sort of Europe do we want to have? Parallel societies? Muslim communities living together with the Christian community?” he asked, adding that there is also an anti-democratic aspect to what’s taking place.

    “Nobody has voted for what is going on, so the quality of European democracy is in question.”

    “Millions of migrants are coming to the European Union,” he said, noting that European countries are neglecting various treaties that respect national boundaries.

    In recent days, has reported that the migration policies of Germany were so upsetting the country’s population that some analysts are predicting widespread anarchy or even civil war.

    Hansjoerg Mueller of the Alternative for Germany party also said the country may be on its way to becoming a “banana republic without any government.”

    Learn more:

  • ron

    Bangladesh: Muslims set off bombs in Hindu temple, shoot at people fleeing.

    Nine injured in attack on Hindu temple in Bangladesh – police,” Reuters, December 11, 2015:

    Two people suffered gunshot wounds and seven others less serious injuries in a bomb and gun attack on Thursday at a Hindu temple in northern Bangladesh, a senior police official said.

    Humayun Kabir, deputy inspector general of police for the northern region, told Reuters that three unknown attackers had arrived at the temple in Dinajpur district, 415 km (260 miles) north of the capital Dhaka, by motorbike.

    They detonated several homemade bombs and then shot at people who were fleeing the building in panic, he said. About one hundred people were gathered in the temple.

    Two people with gunshot wounds were taken to hospital.

    Kabir said two people had been detained following the incident, which he said was similar in nature to a bomb attack on Saturday on a Hindu religious gathering in the same area in which at least six people were injured, three critically.

    Police suspect banned militant group Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) may be behind the attacks, Kabir said.

    Muslim-majority Bangladesh has suffered a rising tide of Islamist violence over the past year although attacks on Hindu religious gatherings remain rare.

    Four online critics of religious militancy have been hacked to death, among them a U.S. citizen of Bangladeshi origin….

    Hmmm. They were critics of what kind of religious militancy, Reuters?

  • ron

    A Jihad Army Walking into Europe.

    If the Syrian quoted in the following article is correct, roughly 10% of the “refugees” pouring into Europe are mujahideen for the Islamic State or other terrorist outfits. That would mean that 100,000 terrorists have arrived this year in Germany alone.

    Many thanks to JLH for this translation from Schweiz am Sonntag:

    “I Met Many Radical Islamists Along the Way”

    A 23-year-old Syrian who has come to Switzerland estimates that every tenth refugee is an extremist. The business in fraudulent passports is flourishing — and the borders appear porous.

    by Shamiran Stefanos
    November 21, 2015

    “We will conquer Rome,” is the blustering announcement of the adherents of the Islamic State (IS) which has turned up in video form on diverse networks. The alleged strategy is revealed: Thousands of jihadists should use the present stream of refugees to be funneled into Europe as asylum seekers.

    One thing is established: Investigators found a Syrian passport — apparently forged — with one of the Paris suicide killers of November 13th. The authorities presume that he and at least one other perpetrator were able to reach Europe by the Balkan route. So the question is: How simple is it for potential terrorists to mix in with the asylum seekers?

    The ID that was found was in the name of Ahmad al-Mohamed, who is supposedly 25 years old and comes from Syria. On the following day, the responsible ministry in Athens announced: “The holder of the passport found on October 3rd at the scene of the crime (in Paris) was registered on the island of Leros (as a refugee) in accordance with the regulations of the EU.”

    Shortly thereafter. Serbian police announced that another man with an almost identical passport was being detained. Only the photo was different. Thereupon, news agency AFP announced that the genuine passport presumably belonged to a Syrian army soldier who had been killed fighting for President Bashar al-Assad. It is not yet clear whether the passport found Paris had been left behind accidentally or purposely by the perpetrators.

    The independent journalist Simon Jacob knows how hassle-free it is to get a Syrian identity. On his walking trip in the Near East, he was in the southeast Turkish province Mardin. “I was offered a genuine Syrian passport for 2,000 US dollars,” he says. Anyone could have ID made. He was told: “Just bring us a passport photo of yourself and $2,000, and you will become a Syrian.”

    Previously, the price was $1,000. Since it became known that the German chancellor was opening the way to central Europe to every Syrian refugee, demand had doubled. Business was booming along the Turkish-Syrian border: weapons sales, smuggling, shakedowns. “You can get an AK-47 for $500-600. Militias from Iraq and Syria also stock up here,” says Jacob. From dependable sources, he also knew that several businessmen from Syria have smuggled entire printing presses over the border with the necessary rough documents. So it was possible to produce genuine ID.

    Francis Mamdouh, a 23-year-old Syrian, is certain that extremists using the refugee routes is no isolated incident. Mamdouh left his home province of Hama across the Turkish-Syrian border. First he got to Greece and used the usual route from the Balkans to Austria, arriving in St. Gallen, Switzerland after a three-month odyssey. He traveled part of the way perched with other refugees in a truck trailer. The rest was by difficult sea route and on foot.

    You met many, said Mamdouh, who wanted to go to Europe for a variety of reasons: “Controls are not very tight. At the Turkish border, you got through mostly by paying. Anyone who could not pay enough — the Turkish military took their luggage and clothing Border authorities do not really inspect the travelers — it’s all about money. People who tried to run away because they didn’t want to pay, were shot down by Turkish soldiers.” There are many who use the chaos to turn a profit. “There are also other places and crossings to Europe where it is about financial transactions and not real inspection. Refugees excepted.”

    Mamdouh says that he met a not inconsiderable number of potential extremists in these three months: “If I had to estimate based on my personal experience traveling, I would say that there is an Islamist in every ten refugees.” As a former police officer, he is familiar with such things. In the battle against terrorist organizations, he was stationed in Damascus, among other locations. He was captured in battle by the IS and held as a hostage for ten days, until a ransom was paid. Another time, he was so badly wounded by jihadist fighters that his torso was full of fragments. A visible scar on his neck testifies to this time.

    Since the attacks in France, gruesome stories like this no longer seem so far-fetched. Shock has set in deep, and the West, which has been so coddled by security, must re-orient itself. What to do with the fear, grief and rage? Old debates are re-ignited. The answer at the political level is in a sharper tone. After countries like Poland and Slovakia announced as early as summer that they would accept only Christians from Syria, since the Paris attacks 34 governors in the United States have announced that they will not accept any more Syrian refugees. According to Francis Mamdouh, it is already too late: “Daesh has already reached Europe. I don’t know exactly what they have planned, and I don’t want to fuel any anxieties, but they are here. I met many of them of the on the way who are now in Germany.”

    Since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, the UN counts 4.6 million Syrians who have fled their homeland. 8 million are living in Syria as displaced persons. From last January to September, the EU has registered 700,000 new asylum seekers, of whom most want to go to Germany. From the beginning of September to the middle of October, 2015, according to the EU, the number of refugees entering Germany alone was 409,000. The stream does not stop. Greek authorities predict that the arrival of 3.7 million people from Turkey can be expected in the coming months.

    A long-term solution to the growing problem is not in sight. Quite the contrary. The terror militia has reached such proportions that the political rift is growing evidence of a deep chasm riven into Western society. Diverse opinions about refugees, religious extremism and security measures are clashing more strongly. Mamdouh is apprehensive: “That is exactly what IS wanted. That we should mistrust the real refugees who are themselves fleeing these kinds of extremists. That free people begin to hate one another.”

    Europe seems exhausted, and Turkey is proving to be a dubious partner in monitoring refugees. There is no universal formula for accepting masses of people who need protection and sifting out the dangerous extremists. The fact that the Paris terrorists included French and Belgian citizens raises other questions which extend far beyond the subject of refugees.

    Who, really, is financing the arming of possible attackers? Who supports them? What groups are they picking to use as cannon fodder for their ideological madness?

    It is in Germany that the phenomenon of the sect-like network of known Islamists exists — at the top are Pierre Vogel and Ibrahim Abou-Nagle — whose ideology hardly differs from that of IS and al-Nusra. Financially and ideologically supported by the Arabic Gulf States, they are active on the internet as proselytizing demagogues, they distribute “READ!” copies of the Koran on European streets or explicitly call in their lectures for despising the freedom-loving Western lifestyle.

    Several hundred adherents have gone from the fog of these groups in Germany to jihad in Syria. Groups with similar attitudes and dubious connections are found in other European countries. And isn’t it the Gulf States who accept no refugees, but equip terrorists in Syria? — draw what conclusions you many from that. In Switzerland as well, there are connections to diverse extremists.

  • ron

    Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace “Mohammed is Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh
    to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

    2015.12.11 (Kolofata, Cameroon) – Islamists strap a 13-year-old girl with explosives and send her into a house, killing at least eleven inside.
    2015.12.11 (Kabul, Afghanistan) – A Spanish guards are killed when a Taliban suicide bomber detonates at their embassy.
    2015.12.10 (Kamuya, Nigeria) – Religion of Peace activists bicycle into a village and massacre fourteen civilians, some by decapitation.
    2015.12.10 (Mosul, Iraq) – A female teacher is dragged before a caliphate firing squad and executed.
    2015.12.10 (Tal Tamr, Syria) – Three suicide car bombers take out scores bystanders at a hospital and market square.
    2015.12.09 (Baghdad, Iraq) – A holy warrior with a suicide vest detonates at a Shiite mosque, sending eleven worshippers straight to Allah.

  • ron

    Scottish university contributes to Shariah Finance as “Ethical” Propaganda Ploy

    Heriot-Watt’s School of Management and Languages in Edinburgh, Scotland will be home to the new Scottish Ethical Finance Hub (SEFH).

    The problem with this “ethical” finance operation is that it has its roots in Shariah Finance, which is decidedly UNETHICAL in a variety of ways.

  • ron

    Jihadists Poaching Elephants, Tigers and Rhinoceroses from Mali to India to Raise Money.

    Poaching is also a major issue in the northern Indian region of Assam, which lies on the border with Bangladesh. Separatist rebels and jihadist militants from al Qaeda-linked outfits like Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami and Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh are among the groups poaching tigers, elephants and rhinoceroses in the region.

    Islamic State Pulled in $1.5 Billion from Oil, Bank Looting
    on OCTOBER 31, 2015

    Banned by Lawfare Jihad, A Book You MUST Read: Alms for Jihad
    by Christopher W. Holton

    In 2006 an important book was published by Cambridge University Press: “Alms for Jihad,” written by J. Millard Burr and Robert O. Collins.

    Alms for Jihad contains the most detailed, exhaustive investigation into the role that Islamic charities and NGOs have played in financing and supporting violent Jihad and terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda.

    Not surprisingly, when the book was published it was not received well in Islamic circles, Saudi Arabia in particular. Wealthy Saudis, with the support of the Saudi regime and other organizations, launched a massive “lawfare” campaign against the book.

    Tragically, the threat of expensive law suits backed by virtually limitless oil wealth terrified the publishers and not only was the book withdrawn, but Cambridge Press shamelessly destroyed existing copies and took the extraordinary measure of asking book stores and libraries to return their copies of the book.

    digital copy here.

  • ron

    Bill Warner – A Taste of Islam

    Us Kafirs need to watch this from 16 minutes in.

    “Kafir can be tortured , raped ,enslaved,deceived and murdered.”

  • Trevor Yates

    Ron, More from Dr.Bill Warner. maybe the Lefties should watch that video clip and this one. If they dont get it then, then they deserve whats coming to them.

    The professors still teach Islam without jihad. The press will not offend Muslims. Police do not study the doctrine of jihad. Politicians cry out for more Muslim refugees.
    We are losing a civilizational war because of political correctness. To win we must start using the language of Islam. We must start conversations that about the ideology and doctrine of political Islam.

    Only a day after the November 13 jihad attacks in Paris we see the usual politically correct responses. Ironically Obama and Kerry had pronounced Islamic State “contained” and its “days are numbered” earlier in the day.

    Merkel of Germany says that the proper response to jihad is tolerance and European values.

    The politicians do not use the word jihad, but terror and terror networks.

    The left of center press says that the rhetoric of the right causes terror and that poor Muslims will suffer from being associated with terror. They should be worried about being associated with jihad.

    The professors still teach Islam without jihad. The press will not offend Muslims. Police do not study the doctrine of jihad. Politicians cry out for more Muslim refugees.
    We are losing a civilizational war because of political correctness. To win we must start using the language of Islam. We must start conversations that about the ideology and doctrine of political Islam.

  • Trevor Yates

    Dr Bill Warner again, very sobering viewing, essential reading actually .

  • tony potts

    It is true Trevor, Dr Warner does talk about our Apologist Dhimmi leaders like Cameron and Merkel and Media in the West.They cannot face up to the truth unfortunately, “they know not what they do”.

  • tony potts

    Nor do they know of the “Tears of Jihad “

  • mike jones

    Persecuted Pakistani Christians burnt alive.Having to flee Pakistan as Refugees because of Muslims.

    In this video we are warned about bringing Muslims into Europe, we have made the gravest mistake, ever. Shame on you Cameron for what you have done and the consequences we now face.

  • ron

    EU should forgive returning Jihadis. What makes them think “I will not eviscerate people or bomb them”, lying in the name of Islam is a core tenet?

    EU Should ‘Rehabilitate’ Returning Jihadists: Anti-Terror Chief.

  • Joe Schmo

    Gambia Declares Itself ‘Islamic Republic’ as Radical Jihad Spreads in Africa.

    Europe next ,

  • Joe Schmo

    Sweden accelerating into chaos ,we will follow them sooner than you think.

    In Sweden, only the people who say they are not applying for asylum are checked.

    To avoid having to show any papers, a terrorist going to Sweden to commit acts of terror only has to tell the border police that he is seeking asylum. He will immediately be driven to the closest Immigration Service facility. And while the Immigration Service tries to figure out who he is, he can plan his attacks in the peace and quiet of the Swedish countryside.

    “The truth is that persons with evil intent know exactly what to do when they come here. That information spreads like wildfire. These new border controls are there for the sole purpose of reassuring the public. They have absolutely no effect on the influx of migrants.” — Border policeman at the Öresund Bridge (between Denmark and Sweden).

    Despite many Swedes drawing a sigh of relief when the government announced that immigration was to be limited, the new policy does not really entail any difference at all.

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