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A Sikh’s view of the world’s most wonderful religion

Thanks to a reader who sent me the comment below which was written in response to a national newspaper article about the latest M*sl*m attack on a French high-speed train. It’s apparently written by a Sikh giving his/her view on the religion that our leaders are terrified of criticising. I found the comment quite coherent and articulate:

“I have to say this. No apologies.

The pattern of violence and aggressive disregard for human suffering that is persistent in M*sl*m history and contemporary attitude toward non-believers reflects the message of the Quran, which is one of personal superiority and arrogance.

In today’s world, M*sl*m dominance is characterized by the oppression and discrimination of non-M*sl*ms, while M*sl*m minorities within larger societies are distinguished by varying degrees of petulant demand, discord and armed rebellion.

Few M*sl*ms are uncomfortable with this blatant double standard, in which *sl*m either plays the victim or unapologetically victimizes others, depending on its position of power – and the reason is obvious.

*sl*m is a supremacist ideology in which the role of non-believers is subordinate to the position of M*sl*ms.

Those who resist *sl*mic rule are to be fought until they are either killed or fully humiliated and forced to acknowledge their inferior status by converting to *sl*m or by paying a poll-tax and otherwise accepting the subjugation of their own religion.

ISIL brutality

I am a Sikh and will never submit to such blatant evil, *sl*m murdered 3 of 10 Sikh Gurus because they refused to convert !

We are just 30 million but will never ever SUBMIT !

There is simply no other religion on earth that draws such sharp distinction between its own members and others, or devotes as much of its holiest text toward condemning and dehumanizing those who merely choose not to follow its dogma.

The apologists are correct in saying that *sl*m teaches love and kindness. But they fail to add that this applies only to the treatment of those within the M*sl*m community.

Loyalty to one’s own identity group is valued above all else and empathy for those outside the faith is optional at best – and even explicitly discouraged in places.

If this is a “misunderstanding” of *sl*m by modern-day “radicals” then it is an error that the founder of *sl*m made as well.

In Muhammad’s time, non-M*sl*ms were put to death merely for speaking out against the new religion and its self-proclaimed prophet.

Likewise, the Jews of Qurayza were summarily rounded-up and executed on Muhammad’s order, even though they had not even fought in battle. Since the life of a non-M*sl*m is cheap, actual physical harm to a M*sl*m is not necessary to justify murder according to the example of Muhammad. It was 50 gold coins for the head of a Sikh.

The Quran meets every criterion by which we define hate speech.

Not only does the message inspire loathing and disregard for others, but the text mandates the superiority of *sl*m, even if the means of establishment is by violent force.

One can always find apologists willing to dismiss the harsh rhetoric of the Quran with creative interpretation, tortuous explanation or outright denial. But their words and deeds almost always belie a concern for *sl*m’s image that does not extend to *sl*m’s victims – at least not with the same sense of urgency – thus proving the point.

Many immigrant groups have settled in the UK and have integrated and done well with some of their customs being adopted by the UK .

However there seems to be one religious group that refuses to and all we get is bang, bang then blame.

*sl*m moreover is a politico-totalitarian concept with many rulings that go against the fabric of this country.

In any society there must be observance of common law and values. Unfortunately many aspects of *sl*mic values are incompatible with democratic norms and the discrimination in the Quran would lead Mohammed to be prosecuted.

The European Court of Human Rights determined on July 31, 2001, that “the institution of Sharia law and a theocratic regime, were incompatible with the requirements of a democratic society.”

One must note how many perpetually offended M*sl*ms rioted and caused much damage over a cartoon or a book .

Where is the outrage and “Not in our name” protests against M*sl*m Jihadi murders in the UK or young M*sl*m men joining ISIL??”

2 comments to A Sikh’s view of the world’s most wonderful religion

  • John Fields

    An excellent blog Mr Craig. A religion of “love and kindness” , but only within the
    Muslim community. That says it all for me.

  • NoMore

    Great post.

    “A religion of “love and kindness” , but only within the Muslim community”.

    Actually it is :-
    “A religion of “love and kindness” , but only within the heterosexual male Shi’a or Sunni community”.

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