February 2024
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History teaches us that most supremacists become mass murderers

The key word in understanding the Religion of Peace is “supremacist”.

Supremacism is defined as “the worldview that a particular age, race, species, ethnic group, religion, social class, belief system or culture is superior to other variations of that trait, and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control, or exploit those who do not”

Like the Nazis and Japanese in World War II, *sl*m is also ‘supremacist and will also lead to the deaths of millions unless we defend ourselves. But rather than defending us, our rulers seem intent on allowing an *sl*mic invasion and takeover of our continent.

Apart from the fact that the photos are now in colour, can you really spot any difference between:

The Nazis’ mass murder?

supremacist 1

The Japanese army’s mass murder?

supremacist 2

And the activities of our friends from the Religion of Peace?

supremacist 3

1 comment to History teaches us that most supremacists become mass murderers

  • right_writes

    Nail… Meet Head David.

    The socialists, national socialists, watermelons, communists, communitarians and religious zealots are all tarred with the same brush…

    Indeed, I have noticed that the only groups that might (perhaps) grant a little rope to, are their fellow travellers…

    The only supremacists that do not fit into this mould are the Jews, who are so replete in their supremacy that they don’t even bother to try to convert people, they actually make it difficult to join them, which I find to be rather endearing…

    I cannot stand being preached at by lefties and zealots…

    Which is the problem that we in the 21st century are having to suffer…

    These mobs are currently in the ascendency.

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