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“Uncontrolled migration is part of the plan to destroy the nation state”

Looking at my headline today, you might think I am a crazed conspiracy theorist or a frothing Little Englander. But the person who revealed that our rulers’ plans are to use migration to wipe out individual countries’ identities isn’t some raving xenophobe. He’s actually someone at the heart of the ruling establishment – Peter Sutherland, the UN’s special representative for migration – and these plans were reported by our very own BBC.

The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, Peter Sutherland, the UN’s special representative for migration said. Sutherland told Peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

He also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law.

He was being quizzed by the Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-committee which was investigating global migration.

Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.

He told the House of Lords committee that migration was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states”.

Here are some of Sutherland’s views on the desirability of unlimited immigration (click on picture to see more clearly)

peter sutherland on migration

Please note in particular the second paragraph “Governments have to lead by giving the positive news that migrants are good for a community, economically and every other way rather than constantly expressing them as a burden because they are not really a burden. Within a very short period of time they contribute positively to the community in which they live”.

Perhaps Mr Sutherland should visit the corrupt, overcrowded, Third-World hell-hole that is Tower Hamlets or the dangerous *sl*mic slums surrounding Paris or one of Sweden’s many immigrant, inner-city no-go areas ?

Mr Sutherland, who has attended meetings of The Bilderberg Group, a top level international networking organisation often criticised for its alleged secrecy, called on EU states to stop targeting “highly skilled” migrants, arguing that “at the most basic level individuals should have a freedom of choice” about whether to come and study or work in another country”.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why the ruling elites are allowing our continent and country to be invaded by (largely *sl*mic) hordes, Mr Sutherland has helpfully provided the answer. The aim is to dilute and then destroy the national identities of nation states so we all become part of an amorphous, borderless mass ruled by unelected self-serving, ‘we know what’s best for you’ bureaucrats and bankers like Mr Sutherland and his friends at Bilderberg.

Peter Sutherland is probably one of the most dangerous people in the world and a lot of lives are going to be lost as a consequence of the elites’ plan to flood developed countries with a tsunami of violent, backward, religiously-intolerant, primitive Third World human effluent.

And if you can stomach it, here are four minutes in which the (IMHO) repulsive, treacherous, lying, arrogant, elitist scumbag Sutherland explains why nation states should be abolished, why the EU should run Europe and why all national homogeneity should be destroyed by mass immigration and multiculturalism. The video starts of a bit slowly with some dopey Swedish politician introducing Sutherland at some conference or other on migration. But after about half a minute we get to hear from Sutherland about the overcrowded Third-World hell the elites have planned for us:

Now you know what our leaders have in store for us. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

And when civil war does break out in a few European countries, we can be sure that the police and military will be used to oppress the indigenous populations and force the *sl*mic takeover on us as we are terrorised into committing collective cultural suicide.

5 comments to “Uncontrolled migration is part of the plan to destroy the nation state”

  • Bernard from Bucks

    Dr. George Brock Chisholm CC (18 May 1896 – 4 February 1971) a Canadian WW1 veteran, medical practitioner, and the first Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO)., addressing the UN in 1948:- “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas. ”
    If his proposal was taken on-board, it certainly seems to explain much of what’s been happening in western society since.

  • Interesting quote. I can understand that after the disasters of WWI and WWII, our masters thought they could ensure world peace by eradicating nation states. The problem is that instead of wars between states, we are moving to a period where there will be civil wars within states. A bit of a conundrum.

  • brian ferrier

    I just read about the refuge in Beirut, who was selling pens in the street with his daughter slung over his shoulder, who some crowd funding people raised $15,000.00 for, in just three hours. AWWWW!

    I thought I would help him and buy a pen.

    When I called, his secretary told me he and his family were at this time flying first class to the U.K. to inspect their new council house and check out if there are suitable Muslim schools, take-aways, and mosques in their chosen area.

    I told his secretary that although that was very interesting, I still wanted to buy a pen I was told to “Just get in line white honkey”.

    I explained I needed the pen to draw a cartoon of the paedophile Mohammed and the kind lady ( a converted Sweedish blond) who used to be a red head, asked for my address, and told me the Blackheath Bombay Boot Boys would deliver it to me personally as soon as it was dark, Allah be praised for service !.

    So our government are now actually admitting we are being swamped by NET immigration of 330,000 per year.

    What annoys me is the use of the word NET. Why would you want to measure immigration in NET terms and not talk about the total number of immigrants swarming into our country which is more like 700,000 per year if you include the illegals ?.

    Could it be that the NET figure will always be smaller than the real figure ?

    If each year, as a result of white flight, in my town of 400 thousand, 400 thousand British people left to go abroad, and 700,000 eastern, middle eastern and far eastern people moved into my city to take their place, this would no longer be a British town. This would be a town with no roots, traditions or affinity to any of our British values. this would effectively be ethnic cleansing. Would we be told by our political masters that we are racists because the NET figure is only 300 thousand ?

  • Werner von Braun

    @David Craig. Erasing nation states is not the issue. Actually I find that very welcoming. That every one can go everywhere they like, without border controls, checkpoints etc, to live, work, or just have a holiday.

    The problem is not the erasing of the nation states, but the governments in itself. As long as we endorse those governments which do as they please and not as we (the people) want it to happen, we are doomed. With or without borders.

    Create equality for all, abandon money and live as 1 people on 1 planet. A long way to go, yes but imho the only way.

  • George Spigott

    “You might think I’m a frothing Little Englander”… Goes on to demonstrate exactly that. ????

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