July 2021
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Possibly the most heart-warming story of the week?

Here’s a link to a story that appeared in a Moroccan newspaper:

Apparently 16 of our friends from ISIL have become infected with AIDS. A couple of them caught AIDS after sex with two Moroccan women who carried the disease. They then raped a few Yazidi girls giving them the disease and it was passed to other ISIL heroes who subsequently also raped the infected Yazidi girls.

ISIL rapes

So concerned are ISIL bosses about the spread of AIDS through their ‘Army of God’ that they’re decreed that all of God’s soldiers should be tested for AIDS. Those carrying the disease suffer two consequences:

1. They are isolated and not allowed any more raping

2. They are chosen to be first in line for the next suicide mission.

He-he-he-he. Giggle-giggle. Chortle-chortle. That’s cheered me up for the weekend. So, there is some Karma after all.

Meanwhile in Germanistan

A riot erupted among asylum seekers at a refugee center in Germany leaving 15 people wounded including Afghans.

The riot reportedly erupted after a refugee tore pages from the Holy Quran prompting anger of some 20 other residents in the refugee center in Suhl city of Thuringen State on Wednesday evening.

Police say the confrontation escalated into a riot and around 100 refugees took part in it.

125 police officers were dispatched to the area to break the brawl but they also came under the attack from refugees and were pelted with sticks and stones.

Four police officers, two badly, and 11 refugees were wounded in the clash.

Seven police vehicles were also damaged during the riot that took around four hours to come under control.

According to the officials, the person who tore pages from the Holy Quran had arrived from Afghanistan. Police took him into custody for his own safety.

What a wonderful contribution these good people will make to European society!

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