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The “Great Rescue” – just the latest BBC lie?

It seems that the BBC has become so politically correct that if you want to know the truth about any major story, you have to take the opposite position to that promulgated by our once great national broadcaster

Israel and the Palestinians

The longest running BBC lie is probably the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. For decades the BBC has sided with the Palestinians claiming that all they want is to live in peace. Of course, this is garbage. Palestinian leaders have had many chances to sign a peace deal with Israel, but have always backed away and returned to violence because they only want one thing – the complete destruction of the Jewish state and the murder of all Jews. Meanwhile Palestinian leaders have become billionaires through stealing the billions in aid from European countries that never seem to reach the Palestinian people

The EU

For almost as long, the BBC (which gets millions of euros each year from the EU to broadcast pro-EU propaganda) has sung the praises of the EU. Anyone who has dared criticise the corrupt, undemocratic, wasteful EUSSR is immediately branded a ”little Englander” and a “bigot” and is ridiculed by BBC interviewers while pro-EU quislings are given an easy ride.

Man-made Global Warming

Then came the ludicrous myth of man-made Global Warming, which had to be quickly changed to ‘Climate Change’ when the Earth stopped warming about 19 years ago. Some readers might remember a popular botanist, environmental campaigner and BBC presenter – David Bellamy OBE. He was dropped by the BBC when he dared call man-made Global Warming “poppycock”. And now every BBC natural history presenter has to continually warn about the supposedly dreadful consequences of supposed Global Warming (sorry, I meant ‘Climate Change’) to keep their well-paid jobs. Some of our best-loved presenters have even stooped as low as planting explosives in glaciers so they could film the glaciers being ‘destroyed’ by (non-existent) Global Warming (sorry, I meant ‘Climate Change’)


After that we got immigration. Since Blair’s New Labour opened the borders fifteen years ago in order to rub the noses of the middle classes in multi-culturalism and create millions more Labour voters, probably over five million people have swarmed into Britain. They are still swarming in at the rate of around 46,000 a month as we have handed over control of our borders to the EU.  The BBC has repeatedly produced biased reports claiming that immigration has been good for Britain and that immigrants contribute much more to our country than they take from it. Anyone questioning these lies is quickly called a “racist”. But the reality is that any family earning less than £34,000 a year is getting more in benefits and public services than they contribute in taxes. And are the majority of, usually low-skilled, migrants earning more than £34,000 a year?

The ‘Great Rescue’

And now the latest BBC lie – how European navies are supposedly “rescuing” helpless migrants in the Mediterranean. Here’s how the BBC typically reports this lie “Italy’s coastguard on Saturday successfully coordinated the rescue of around 3000 migrants in the Mediterranean after receiving distress calls from more than 20 overcrowded vessels drifting in waters off Libya”.

Here’s the truth – the people smugglers now just tow boats full of migrants just off the Libyan coast and then send out distress signals knowing that we stupid Europeans will then ferry the migrants all the way to Europe for them. The supposedly ‘impoverished’ migrants are paying around €2,000 (£1,500) per person just to cross the Med. So, in just one day by picking up 3,000 migrants, European ships helped the people smugglers earn around €6,000,000 (£4,000,000). This is not a rescue. It’s a free ferry service. We are not ‘rescuing’ these people, we are helping them invade our continent. As one Italian MP protested “This must a joke. We are using our own forces to do the people smugglers’ business for them and ensure we are invaded”,

And once the mainly M*sl*m  migrant hordes get here, they will demand that their culture – hatred, intolerance, backwardness, ignorance, violence and stupidity – be respected until there are so many of them that they can take political power and use this to oppress us. As I suggested on my blog yesterday, *sl*m has only two settings – if M*sl*ms are in a minority, they play victim claiming they are being oppressed and demanding special treatment and censorship of any criticism. Once they become a majority, they oppress all other religious and social groups and there is no criticism as critics tend to end up rather dead.

Time to downsize the BBC?

There are many reasons to cut the BBC down to size – wastefulness, overpaid useless layers of pointless managers, demanding ever more money as we get ever more commercial channels taking BBC viewers and so on. But the strongest argument for cutting the BBC’s bloated £3bn+ a year budget may be that is has blatantly lied to us for decades and continues to do so as BBC bosses betray our culture and history in the interest of grovelling to the false god of “progressive multi-culturalism”.

4 comments to The “Great Rescue” – just the latest BBC lie?

  • brian ferrier

    Well said David.


  • NoMore

    The Liberal Left-wing traitors in the country that infest the media, universities, upper echelons of the Police, Whitehall, national and local government etc need to be rooted out and deported as undesirables to The EU or an Islumic country of their choice. One day.

  • NoMore

    PS. loving the low oil price today – got to be hurting the mosque building and terrorism budget!


    Just making sure you know- 4.4% of the UK is Isl*mic, but only 0.54% is in the army. 0.017% of M*slims are in the army, to Christians’ 0.22% and Buddhists’ 0.44%. Not to mention the slight cause-and-effect with Isl*m and wars.

    So, next time a Muslim twit gives you something about “Isl*mophobia”, then tell them that they are pure leeches.

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