May 2024

Did you know that 81% was “a tiny minority”?

For years our rulers have told us that M*sl*ms have made a huge contribution to our country and that the majority of M*sl*ms were peaceful and law-abiding. Though, as I’m extremely stupid and clearly a “waaacccciiissssttt”, I can’t think of what M*sl*ms have contributed to Britain apart from intolerance, hatred, FGM, oppression of women, homophobia, censorship, what is politely called ‘economic inactivity’, widespread sex abuse, massive pressure on schools, hospitals and the police, voting fraud and terrorism.

Moreover, since the rise of the *sl*mic State, we’ve been repeatedly assured that only a “tiny minority” of British M*sl*ms support ISIS’s actions. But what exactly is a “tiny minority”? Five per cent? Three per cent? A bit less? Do we know? Well, there are two possibilities. Either no opinion poll has been conducted to explore the attitudes of British M*sl*ms to ISIS and religiously-inspired violence. Or else, our Government has conducted extensive research into the attitudes of British M*sl*ms to ISIS and religiously-inspired violence, but doesn’t dare tell us the results. I suspect the second option is the most likely.

So, if our rulers refuse to let us know what our M*sl*m friends think, how can we find out?

Fortunately the Arab TV news channel Al Jazeera recently conducted an opinion poll to see what percentage of its viewers supported ISIS. Here are the screenshots of the results in Arabic and English (click to see more clearly)


Now, the Al Jazeera poll is not scientific and it includes M*sl*ms from many countries, not just Britain. But the results are clear: the “tiny minority” that supports ISIS is just over 81% – 31,227 out of 38,554 respondents. That’s not exactly a “tiny minority”. Some people, even those without qualifications in advanced mathematics, might be tempted to call 81% a ‘huge majority’.

As for the percentage of British M*sl*ms that would actually resort to killing us in the name of the Religion of Peace, how large is that? Could it be 1% (one in a hundred)? Perhaps 0.1% (one in a thousand)? Or even as small as 0.01% (one in ten thousand)?

Assuming there are around 3 million M*sl*ms in Britain, if just one in every ten thousand wishes us harm, then that’s around 300 people who would like to kill a few of us Kaffirs. Official estimates suggest that about 500 British citizens are fighting with ISIS, though a senior M*sl*m MP has stated that the figure is nearer to 2,000. So, somewhere between 0.02% and 0.07% of British M*sl*ms hate us so much that they would willingly kill for their religion of peace.

That may be a ‘tiny minority’, but it’s also an awful lot of people who want to murder us.

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    Check out youtube video

    Cameron helped ISIS in Libya and wanted to do the same in Syria.

    Of course the security threat posed by any returning ISIS so called British will be used for whatever laws the Government wants to put in place against the people of England.

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