June 2024

Britain’s military massacre – does anyone care?

Say, as part of its efforts to reduce the deficit, the Government decided to sack 20% (30,000) of NHS England’s 150,000 doctors and 20% (75,400) of its 377,000 nurses. Think of the public outcry. Picture the rage from Labour and the BBC lefties. Imagine the huge demonstrations that would take place. The country would become ungovernable. So this would never happen.

But it is happening – in our military. The Navy is being cut by 23% (8,500), the Army by 20% (20,000) and the RAF by 26% (11,000). In addition to the 39,500 military who are being thrown out of work to save money, there are another 18,500 civilians working for the military who are losing their jobs;

Military cuts

But there have been no howling newspaper headlines, no protests from BBC journalists and no demonstrations against the cuts.

Nobody really seems to care.

However, when the *sl*mic State moves into Jordan, Lebanon and a few other countries in the Middle East, people might start wondering why the West seems unable to do anything apart from drop a couple of bombs and firing a few missiles each week.

Meanwhile, thanks to the idiotic law passed by Parliament to set foreign aid at 0.7% of GDP, since the 2010 election our foreign aid has shot up from around £7.9bn in 2010 to over £12bn in 2014. This increase of £4.1bn that we shove into the already bulging offshore bank accounts of mainly African dictators every single year would be enough to pay for the salaries and equipment of around 39,500 military – coincidentally, rather close to the 39,500 being fired to save money.

Some people might see massacring our military whilst hugely increasing the amounts we pay to African kleptocrats as a curious sense of priorities.

Yup, our friend Mr Mugabe (estimated worth £3bn) and his mates will be celebrating as we borrow ever more money to give them while cutting back on our own ability to defend ourselves:

4 comments to Britain’s military massacre – does anyone care?

  • NoMore

    Cameron is putting all his eggs in the EU Army basket it seems.

    The Armed Forces are something you only miss when you need them. When IS are at the gates of Westminster at least there will still be plenty of doctors to sew the heads back on afterwards.

    The electorate are getting what they asked for – they had the chance to vote for a Britain worth living in, and all but 4m choose to be ruled by unelected Marxists in a foreign land and live in a country where most of the jobs go to east Europeans and most of the benefits go to a rapidly exploding M*sl*m population.

  • David Brown

    NoMore Cameron is indeed scaling down our independent military so it can be merged into the single EU military force being set up. Both Britain and France have nuclear weapons in our case Trident. At some point in the future this will become that of whatever the United States of Europe is called. With its president having the option to press he button in some future conflict.

  • John Fields

    I agree with a small well equipped military force, as long as you do not burden it with
    fighting situations beyond it’s capabilities. General Cameron has to remember that our
    days of Empire are over, and that we are no longer a major force on the world stage.

  • Barry Richards

    Some might think that we have already been invaded why do we need an army. Pointless getting involved with the middle east after Iraq and Afghanistan. Not worth helping to solve the problem of Ukraine and Russia and the Balkans. Relying on a EU army when we might vote to leave it in a couple of years. Who are these buffoons leading us (up the garden path?). An early vote of no confidence might make them think and maybe up their game. Cutting defence whilst giving massive foreign aid. You couldn’t make it up in a comedy novel. Come on leaders get your finger out.

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