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The Irish really believed they had a choice on same-sex marriages. What fools!

Huge jubilation on BBC news this morning as they announced the results of the Irish referendum approving same-sex marriages (SSMs)


But did the Irish actually have any choice?

Some readers may remember that in 2001, the Irish were given a referendum on the EU’s Treaty of Nice. The Irish made the mistake of voting ‘no’. So, in 2002, they were given yet another referendum to see if they would give the answer the EU wanted. This time the Irish got it right (in the eyes of their EU masters) by voting ‘yes’. That’s democracy in the EU.

Now, same-sex marriages;

You might have noticed an almost unseemly rush in both the British and French parliaments in 2013 to legalise SSMs. What a coincidence that two major EU countries decided to do this at almost exactly the same time!

But for those of us who don’t believe in coincidences, here’s the real explanation why both countries hurried to legalise SSMs – because their EU masters ordered them to. But our lying, slippery, deceitful politicians desperately try to hide the fact that they were acting under duress from the EU as this would outrage many ordinary people and stoke up even more resentment against our EU overlords.

Let me try to explain. One of the human rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights (to which all EU countries must be signatories) is Article 8  – “The right to respect for private and family life”. “Private Life “ was defined as including “relationships between homosexuals and their partners with or without children”. Thankfully, for the moment, “Private life does not extend to the relationship between an owner and his pet.” Though, that could change in the future.

The European Court of Human Rights has already announced that same-sex marriage would be a “human right”, as soon as a few countries had legalised it. The court found that “the recognition in national law of same-sex relationships had, by our present day, reached a degree that justified a broader understanding of family life as that term is used in Article 8 of the Convention”. In addition to Britain and France, SSMs are already legal in Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and at least five other EU countries.

If the Irish had voted ‘no’ to SSM legislation, then gays could have gone to other EU countries that allowed SSMs and then come back to Ireland and demanded that their marriage be recognised. And, of course, if the married gays took their case to the European Court of Human Rights, they would have won. This would have been hugely  embarrassing to Irish leaders as it would have exposed how little freedom and sovereignty they actually had.

So, our rulers all support SSMs, but don’t dare mention the real reason why – that this is being forced on them by their EU bosses. And when our leaders claim they’re legalising SSMs because “it’s the right thing to do” they’re lying.

Liars, scumbags and traitors the lot of them!

And if the Irish had voted ‘no’, they’d probably have been told to vote again and again and again until they got the ‘right answer’.

Don’t expect the BBC or any other mainstream media to mention the truth behind Ireland’s great ‘democratic’ referendum.

3 comments to The Irish really believed they had a choice on same-sex marriages. What fools!

  • david brown

    Which prime time TV Soap will be first to feature a same sex wedding?
    Coronation Street – reception Rovers Return
    Eastenders -reception Queen Victoria

    With major front page coverage on either TV Times or /and Radio Times

    Future species marriage – man and sheep will no doubt feature on Emmerdale

  • right_writes

    I am just wondering when the EU will include the freedom of the individual, to be permitted to live as an individual, without the need to accept whatever one is told to accept by the state?

    It might be different, were the state to really be acting in our interests, but it doesn’t, even though it charges us for the privilege.

    As I mentioned in another organ…

    Why is state acceptance of one’s proclivities regarded as so important?

    Personally, I would rather the state just “went off” and left me alone!

  • The Irish Republic voted for homosexual “marriage” because of the threats and intimidation of the pro-gay lobby and because American benefactors largely funded their brainwashing campaign. Those who voted for unnatural and abnormal “gay” marriage are the victims of mind control. Bertrand Russell said he could convince children to believe that snow was black, using mind control techniques, and the majority of Irish citizens now believe the modern version of “snow is black” i.e homosexual “marriage” is normal and natural. The EU also put pressure on the Irish Republic, I have no doubt about that. We live in Northern Ireland and we are Evangelical Christians. The LGBT lobby are determined to force their agenda on Northern Ireland and they are very threatening and menacing. You write much about the tyranny of Europe and I agree with you, but I wish you could see that the LGBT are tyrants also. I urge you to search online for the case of Pastor Chuck McIlhenny who was targeted by homosexuals in San Francisco because he fired a homosexual organist. They attempted to murder the Pastor and his family.

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